Lucky Break Calendar – January 2019

January Calendar 2018

Huzzuh! Give yourself a huge pat on the back because you have officially made it through 2018! We at Lucky Break have taken a breather from the big holiday rush and hope you have too.

However, it is now time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work. It’s a time to examine what worked, what didn’t, and how we can improve to grow our business for 2019. If you are feeling stuck and aren’t sure where to start, be sure to snag our Master Plan for My Best Year Yet. It’s the perfect guide to get you organized and ready to tackle your business smarter.


And if you are diving into wholesale, now is no time to rest. Now is the time to gear up for a big buying period starting mid-January. How are you preparing your outreach strategy?


Whatever you’re up to this month, know the entire team is cheering you on! Cheers to the start of a successful 2019!


January Calendar 2018

The Lucky Break Calendar – November 2018

Lucky Break November 2018 Calendar

This is it, friends: November 2018. We’re down to the last two months of the year and many of us are ramping up for the full holiday swing of the retail market! If you’re a wholesaler, then you’ve likely been swimming in holiday goods for the last few months. Your friends may have been giving you the side-eye for whistling holiday tunes since the middle of summer, but they’ll be joining you soon enough.


This month, get ready to make the most of that holiday rush. Plan your promotions, social media and blogs ahead of time to avoid that last-minute scramble of figuring out your game plan. Need some inspiration for those Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday offers? Don’t worr,y boo. I’m sharing my thoughts with you right here.


It’s also a great time of year to offer ready-made gift sets to your customers. And don’t forget to be thinking about your wholesale buyers. The end of the year is a great time to send them a little thank you for their business.


There are other ways you can support your stockists, too, and I’m talking all about them on my free Facebook Live training on November 7. You can catch it right over on Facebook on the Lucky Break page. I hope to see you there!


Whatever you’re working on this month, know that the Lucky Break team is cheering you on!


Lucky Break November 2018 Calendar

The Lucky Break Calendar – September 2018

Happy September! Did you miss me, kittens? Because I missed you! This summer was spent takin’ care of business … personal business, that is. My gracious boss <wink> granted me some extra time this summer to spend with my family, and while that time was much needed and very much enjoyed, I’m doing-cartwheels-excited to hop back into full-time work mode.


September is full of calls with my favorite alumni and soon-to-be alumni Brick House Branding students. Wishing you were one of those BHB students? Enrollment for the first semester of 2019 opens next month on October 2, and I’d love to save a seat for you.


Be sure to mark your calendars for September 27 so that you don’t miss my next FB Live biz workshop. I hope to see you then!


Whatever you’re working on this month, know that I’m cheering you on!



Sept 2018

The Lucky Break Calendar – June 2018


Oh hey there, June. It’s hard to believe, but we’re only thirty days away from the official halfway mark of 2018. And while the sun may be shining + the beach may be calling your name, I need something else to be calling your name too, sugar. The holidays.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to plan your holiday feast or to get a head start on shopping (but high five to you if you do). June is the perfect month to plan your wholesale holiday outreach. Store buyers will begin buying their holiday inventory this summer and it’s important you have an outreach strategy planned out and ready to go. Have a question or two on that? Join me for a free Facebook Live training, where I’ll share my best tips and tricks.


Whatever you’re working on, I’m cheering you on!


The Lucky Break Consulting Calendar – April 2018


Oh hey there Quarter 2. I see you! Warmer weather is just around the corner and it feels like everyone is waking up from their winter hibernation. April kicks off a busy few months for the Lucky Break team + I’m filling this month with two team trips, BHB open enrollment, and a free Facebook Live on how to recognize – and avoid – some of the branding pitfalls that I see time and time again.


If you’ve been patiently waiting to snag a seat in Brick House Branding, then be sure to mark your calendar for April 17! Enrollment will open for the last semester of 2018 and I don’t want you to miss your chance. And if you have some questions on BHB, be sure to mark April 18 for my Facebook Live. I’ll be answering questions live, and I’d love to answer yours.


Whatever you’re working on in this beautiful first month of spring, I’m cheering you on! And if you’re attending Craftcation, too, drop me a note below, and I’ll see you there!