The Lucky Break Calendar – April 2017


That’s a wrap! Quarter 1 of 2017 is done + dusted and we’re full speed ahead as we dive into April. If you set monthly or quarterly goals, this week is a great time to look back to see what did and didn’t work, so that you can adjust your plans as you move into April and beyond.


This month is a big month for the Lucky Break team. We’re gearing up for some heavy travel + we’re set to launch the cloud-based version of Price-O-Matic later this month. That’s been a project a long time in the making and I cannot wait to deliver this gorgeous update filled with both new designs and new functionality into your pretty little hands. I pinky-promise it’s been worth the wait.


What’s on tap for you this month? Whatever you’re up to, I’m cheering you on!



The Lucky Break Calendar – March 2017


2017 is on a roll, isn’t it? It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of Quarter One, but here we are, welcoming in March.  This month I’m cheering on my BHB and LBU graduates as they set sail on their post-graduation journeys, while at the same time ushering in some new things for LBC.

March is a great time to breath some freshness into your brand, be that new social media photos, some fresh blog posts, or some updated product descriptions. I’ll be unveiling some new things on the Lucky Break site later this month, and I hope you’ll take a peek!

Whatever you’re working on this month, know that I’m cheering you on!

Lucky Break March 2017 Calendar



Missed the Wholesale Matchmaker Screen Share tour?

Wholesale Matchmaker Screen Share Tour

Earlier this week, I hosted a live screen share tour of my Wholesale Matchmaker service. I invited visitors deep into the belly of the software and behind the curtain of my matchmaking process in a candid peek at this powerful wholesale tool, which is designed to streamline buyer outreach efforts while keeping you focused and accountable.


I captured the tour on video in case you couldn’t make it to the live event. I hope you’ll pour a mug of something delicious and dive in for an intimate peek into the biggest project in Lucky Break history…


I’m proud of the way that Wholesale Matchmaker has helped hundreds of creative, product-based brands save time while building their confidence and building smart business systems, too.


If you’ve been thinking about joining my Wholesale Matchmaker community, then there’s no time like the present. Last week, I announced that I’m retiring LBU Live, the intimate wholesale mentorship that I’ve taught for the past three years. I’ve merged the LBU curriculum with the matchmaking power and software tools of Wholesale Matchmaker to help my members create unstoppable retail programs.


I’m calling this new membership tier the “LBU Cohort” and it’s designed to amplify the education and support within Wholesale Matchmaker in a big way. This video explains more about the LBU Cohort, but here’s what you need to know right now: the cohort is open for enrollment twice per year for just ten days.


The doors are open right now, and I’ve rolled out the red carpet for members through Monday, February 13th. There is a cap on participation so that I can be absolutely certain that I serve each of my members well. And if we reach capacity before February 13, then I’ll need to pull up the drawbridge and seal off the cohort early. Long story short: I wouldn’t dilly dally.


Have questions? Reach out to my Client Concierge team and they’ll be happy to get you squared away. Ready to reserve your seat in Wholesale Matchmaker? I’d love to have you!

The Lucky Break Calendar – February 2017


Whew! Those first 31 days of the year flew right on by, didn’t then? I hope you’ve been busy refining your collections, reviewing your pricing, and pitching your hearts out to wholesale buyers, and I encourage you to keep going as we roll into February.


It’s been a busy month for Lucky Break, too. I welcomed in a new semester of BHB, LBU Live, and my only live GMP class of the year + my team has been busy putting the finishing touches on some other H-U-G-E projects to boot… a podcast, LBU Cohort, and design services, oh my! I hope you’ll stay tuned to see all of the goodness I have coming down the pipeline for you. I pinky promise it’s worth it!


Whatever you’re working on this month, know that I’m cheering you on!


Lucky Break February Calendar

A look back at 2016…


Life often flies by in a blur, but I love the process of closing out a year and taking two steps back to look at what I’ve accomplished and how I’ve grown over the last twelve months. After feeling like I’ve been in the weeds, it’s helpful for me to zoom out and gather insights into the year that was. Each year, I compile a little retrospective here on the Lucky Break blog about the year that was…. here’s how 2016 shaped up for me!



look back 2016


LOTS OF NEW CLIENTS: Over the course of the last twelve months, I had the pleasure of working alongside 561 brands who tagged Lucky Break in to help in one capacity or another. This year saw notable growth in a few particular product categories: I’m working alongside more apparel + accessory designers and stationers than ever before. I’m excited not only by the size of my community these days, but by the diversity in the products we make, too.


HEAPS OF FREE BUSINESS COACHING: I streamed live on Periscope 72 times this year, offering more than 80 hours of free business coaching. In the process, I amassed a following that’s 20,130 people strong and those lovely people thanked me by offering 1,889,056 hearts for the effort (thank you!). In 2017, I’m parking Periscope for a bit to launch a new podcast created especially for makers + product designers. More on that soon…


A BRAND NEW CLASS: 28 savvy brand owners joined me for the maiden voyage of my new semester-long brand development program. And I popped the bubbly for 49 more brand owners as they graduated from Brick House Branding throughout the year. In 2017, I’ll be making space for 90 more brands in BHB. Heads up: my next enrollment period opens on January 10 for the spring semester!


RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME GROWTH: I grew the Lucky Break email list by 27%, the company’s overall revenue by 60%, and my team by 33% this year. I was thrilled to welcome Eileen to my motley crew of empire builders last May. That means that there are now four of us working full-time to help you hustle smarter and leaner. Woohoo!


MY BIGGEST BUSINESS PROJECT IN 14 YEARS: I launched my most ambitious project to date with Wholesale Matchmaker. The technical logistics were 837 times more complicated than I ever imagined and I had to temporarily freeze enrollment after 100+ brands joined within the first twelve hours, but… hot damn, that was a good time! Since that launch in June, my team has built a mind-boggling amount of technical scaffolding to support new members, which proved to be a necessity as an additional 100+ members poured into the Wholesale Matchmaker community.  To date, my team has built comprehensive profiles for 2,498 awesome shops that adore artisan goods, and rolled out more than 100 new software features in six waves of software upgrades. We’re a special kind of exhausted, but we’re also incredibly proud of what we’ve built.


TRAVELING + TEACHING + COCKTAILING: I talked my way across the country (again). I was invited to speak at business conference from coast to coast… Ventura CA; Nashville TN; Tampa FL; New Orleans, LA; Greenville, SC; and a few other spots. Meeting entrepreneurs face-to-face is incredibly energizing for me and I look forward to meeting many more of you in 2017. I logged 67,178 miles on Delta this year and I plan to log a few more in the coming year!