Could you be the next Lucky Break teammate?


We’re hiring!  The Little Team That Could is searching for a new teammate to join our spunky crew of passionate peeps with a deep + abiding love for entrepreneurs.


This is a remote position open to those in the eastern half of the United States, averaging 30-40 hours per week. You’ll be working from the comfort of your living room, communicating daily via email, Slack, and phone with other members of the Lucky Break team.





• Getting to know Lucky Break classes + services like the back of your hand.

• Supporting Lucky Break clients via email + phone. They’ll need you to help them navigate offerings to determine what will serve them best.

• You’ll also field more traditional customer service queries: locating + updating customer accounts, handling billing questions, scheduling private strategy sessions, etc.

• Managing my work schedule: booking clients, meetings, interviews, etc.

• Proofing line sheets, curriculum slides, blog posts, and handouts.

• Conducting detailed internet research for new projects.

• Helping match our Wholesale Matchmaker members with “good fit” stores that might be interested in carrying their work.



• Live in the Eastern or Central time zones of the U.S.

• Have access to your own phone line, computer, internet connection, and printer.

• Be willing to travel domestically 2-3 times per year for up to 5 days at a time for team retreats + company events.

• Have an eye for detail, a killer work ethic, a patient spirit, extraordinary communication, ninja-like organization skills, and a heart for people.

• Be a motivated self-starter capable of managing a robust workload while working independently.

• Enjoy being part of a small team of highly motivated women who have a deliciously low threshold for B.S.

• Be flexible. You’ll need to continually prioritize projects + learn new skill sets.

• Be capable of striking a healthy balance between professional + personable. We pride ourselves on delivering knock-your-socks-off customer service.

• Possess better-than-average writing + editing skills.

• Be ridiculously trustworthy. You’ll be signing both no-compete + non-disclosure agreements.

• Know how to have a good time. We work hard, but we play hard, too!

*** Some experience as a maker or product designer is strongly preferred. Our community has unique challenges and strengths that are easiest to relate to if you’ve traveled this path yourself! ***



Oh sugar, we can’t wait to connect with you! Please dispatch an email to with the subject line: NEW TEAMMATE. Include your resume with salary history. Additionally, please answer the following questions…

• How did you discover Lucky Break?

• What are you most excited about with this opportunity?

• What facet of this opportunity gives you the greatest pause?

• Which of your past employment opportunities brought you the most joy + why?

• Have you ever owned your own business?

• What did six-year-old-you want to be when you grew up?


Applications are open through December 15, 2017. We’re looking for a start date in the third week of January. Please, no phone calls. We’ll be in touch if it feels like a good fit for us, too!


The Lucky Break Calendar – November 2017


It’s here! It’s here! November has started, and that means we’re officially into the beginning of the retail holiday season. All of that hard work you’ve been doing to prepare is about to pay off. I know many of you are in the final stages of finalizing your Black Friday / Cyber Monday offerings, and, well, you know me. I’m never one to shy away from sharing my thoughts on discount promotions.Just. Don’t. Do. Them.


Need a few ideas on what you can do to still attract those clients like bees to honey? I’m sharing my ideas here, and I hope they’ll prove useful to you.


Whatever you’re working on this month, know that I’m cheering you on! And that the entire Lucky Break team is forever thankful for you.


The Lucky Break Calendar – October 2017


It’s hard to believe October is already here. Summer has officially wound down, and we’re into the season of changing leaves and dropping temperatures and all things pumpkin spice. Let’s see a raise of hands – who here has a pumpkin spice product that is flying off the shelves this month?

While the initial holiday pitch period is also over, there are still plenty of buyers placing orders, so follow up! Follow up! Follow up! You still have a good 30 days to get your name into their inbox and to get your products onto their shelves.

This month you should also see retail sales begin to pick up, too. So pour another cup of coffee, or tea, or go pick up one more PSL, and remember that I’m always cheering you on!


Lucky Break October 2017 Calendar

Click. Print. Hang up. Build that empire.



The Lucky Break Calendar – September 2017


Adios, summer! Hello school year. Many maker mamas I know are raising a toast to the return of school days, and if that’s you, I’m raising a toast to you! The days may still be warm, but come September we’re in the thick of transitioning into holiday mode for our businesses, and by now your plan should be in full swing for both wholesale and retail sales.

This month my team and I are welcoming our last semester of BHB, preparing for the next open enrollment period of BHB, and getting things ready for our annual retreat in October.

Whatever you’re up to this month, know that I’m cheering you on!



The Lucky Break Calendar – June 2017


Mercy! May was quite the month + in many ways, I think my entire team is still recovering (did you see that we threw ourselves off of a building together)? I’m spending June welcoming new members into the LBU Cohort, graduating my spring semester of Brick House Branding, and, oh yes, preparing to move my entire life to a new state. No rest for the weary!


I hope you’re spending some time this month getting ready to begin your holiday outreach. I know it’s only June, but I pinky promise it’s time! If you need some help with your wholesale game, then take a peek at my LBU Cohort. Enrollment is open through June 10 + I’d love to reserve a seat for you! If you’re already a member of Wholesale Matchmaker, make sure you look at your My Resource tab and download your Developing Your Holiday Game Plan PDF, and dig in!


Whatever you’re working on, I’m cheering you on!