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** UPDATE: My Line Sheet Design Service is now LIVE. Find more here **


Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of helping a small army of makers learn the ropes of wholesaling their creative products. Through my LBU: Secrets to Wholesale Success program and private consultations, I’ve proclaimed the need for carefully planned wholesale programs, neatly detailed wholesale terms and knock-their-socks-off wholesale literature.


When my clients have asked for a resource to help pull their line sheets together, I’ve answered with: “I’m happy to share the names of some of my favorite graphic designers.”


Which is often met with: “I spoke to the designers. Gorgeous work. But holy smokes! I don’t have that kind of money to spend on this project.”


Talented designers are worth their weight in gold, hence their hourly rates.  But line sheets and order forms are a special design genre with rather specific parameters and there’s a learning curve to putting them together in a format which is sleek, succinct and compelling. I’ve been meditating on a win-win solution for months now and I’m thrilled to announce that Lucky Break Consulting will launch a new design service in November, tailored to makers who want to crack the wholesale market or up their wholesale game. I’m delivering drop-dead-gorgeous Buyer’s Packets for makers who are on a deadline (and a budget).


I’m on a mission to transform catalogs and websites into chic, gorgeously designed line sheets and order forms that bring wholesale buyers to their knees. I’m on a mission to teach makers how to build wholesale terms that make sense so they can grow their empire while staying profitable (and sane). I’m determined to deliver order forms that are so elegantly simple, they single-handledly lower blood pressure and ease ordering.


One of 16 professionally design templates offered in the Lucky Break Buyer's Packet service. Choose from among a dozen customization options for each template to create a fully-branded line sheet.

One of 16 professionally design templates offered in the Lucky Break Buyer’s Packet service. Choose from among a dozen customization options for each template to create a fully-branded line sheet.


Lucky Break’s Buyer Packet Design Service will include:

a. Video Workshop #1: How to Develop Effective Wholesale Terms

b. Video Workshop #2: How to Style Your Product Images

c. Your choice of 16 professionally designed line sheet templates with an array of customization options (think: fonts, colors, the frames around your product images, swatch styles, etc.)

d. A coordinating, fully-branded, uber-professional order form to accompany that line sheet.

e. A simple submission form to collect your information and beam it to my team of professional designers, plus a “How To” guide with a numbered template and a short checklist.


I’m making this process as blissfully seamless as possible, and I’m committed to delivering this service at a cost that’s significantly less than what you’d pay a designer to initiate the work “from scratch.”

You watch the video workshops, format the information, choose your customization options and viola! In seven days or less, we deliver digital files containing a swoon-worthy, fully-branded buyer’s packet ready for West Elm, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, your local gallery, and that spa on the West Coast you’ve been dreaming about.


Each Buyer’s Packet will
include a fully-branded line sheet and a matching order form.


The service is designed for:

• Stationery and paper goods

• Ceramics and housewares

• Textiles arts + accessories

• Soap + bath and body + mineral makeup

• Gourmet foods

• Clothes + textiles + toys for the wee set

• Jewelry

• Virtually any other creative product that you can imagine


The designs are finished, the submission forms and guides are complete. We’re in beta mode with a handful of gracious designers and I’m putting the finishing touches on the video workshops that will provide the know-how you need to build a successful wholesale program. Look for our launch in mid-November. I’ll circle back with an exact launch date as soon as we make sure it’s positively perfect in every way!



  1. Hello,
    I am a jewelry designer and am very interested in purchasing a line sheet template. I’d love to hear from you about how to make this possible.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,

    • Hi Christan, This is Melissa from the LBC team. Please stay tuned to your inbox – more information is coming your way!

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