The Lucky Break Calendar – April 2017

That’s a wrap! Quarter 1 of 2017 is done +┬ádusted and we’re full speed ahead as we dive into April. If you set monthly or quarterly goals, this week is a great time to look back to see what did and didn’t work, so that you can adjust your plans as you move into April and beyond.


This month is a big month for the Lucky Break team. We’re gearing up for some heavy travel + we’re set to launch the cloud-based version of Price-O-Matic later this month. That’s been a project a long time in the making and I cannot wait to deliver this gorgeous update filled with both new designs and new functionality into your pretty little hands. I pinky-promise it’s been worth the wait.


What’s on tap for you this month? Whatever you’re up to, I’m cheering you on!




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