The Lucky Break Calendar – June 2017

Mercy! May was quite the month + in many ways, I think my entire team is still recovering (did you see that we threw ourselves off of a building together)? I’m spending June welcoming new members into the LBU Cohort, graduating my spring semester of Brick House Branding, and, oh yes, preparing to move my entire life to a new state. No rest for the weary!


I hope you’re spending some time this month getting ready to begin your holiday outreach. I know it’s only June, but I pinky promise it’s time! If you need some help with your wholesale game, then take a peek at my LBU Cohort. Enrollment is open through June 10 + I’d love to reserve a seat for you! If you’re already a member of Wholesale Matchmaker, make sure you look at your My Resource tab and download your Developing Your Holiday Game Plan PDF, and dig in!


Whatever you’re working on, I’m cheering you on!




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