The Lucky Break Calendar – October 2017

It’s hard to believe October is already here. Summer has officially wound down, and we’re into the season of changing leavesĀ and dropping temperatures and all things pumpkin spice. Let’s see a raise of hands – who here has a pumpkin spice product that is flying off the shelves this month?

While the initial holiday pitch period is also over, there are still plenty of buyers placing orders, so follow up! Follow up! Follow up! You still have a good 30 days to get your name into their inbox and to get your products onto their shelves.

This month you should also see retail sales begin to pick up, too. So pour another cup of coffee, or tea, or go pick up one more PSL, and remember that I’m always cheering you on!


Lucky Break October 2017 Calendar

Click. Print. Hang up. Build that empire.



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