Meet the Makers: Becky & Lisa of the Organic Quilt Company

This week in our ongoing Meet the Maker series, we’re excited to introduce you to Becky & Lisa of the Organic Quilt Company.


Organic Quilt Company

Becky (left) & Lisa from Organic Quilt Company


LBC: When did you start your business and what inspired you to take the leap as an entrepreneur? 
Becky: I began quilting 17 years ago and started Organic Quilt Company in 2007, when my kids were 7, 5 and 3. As I became more aware of the impact the cotton and textile industries have on the environment, I began to feel less enamoured with conventional cottons and went in search of alternatives that would not compromise my environmental principles. Being both a passionate quilter and a mom of young children, it was a logical step to make environmentally responsible goods for babies and so Organic Quilt Company was born. Never in my wildest dreams did I suspect that my business would have grown to what it is today.


LBC: How would you describe what you create?
Becky & Lisa: We make beautiful, yet functional handcrafted goods from carefully sourced organic cotton fabrics for babies. And, so no one feels left out, we also make custom quilts and bedding for people of all ages.


Organic burp cloths handmade by Becky & Lisa of the Organic Quilt Company.

Organic burp cloths handmade by Becky & Lisa of the Organic Quilt Company.


LBC: Where can we find your products?
Becky & Lisa In our Etsy shop or our Canadian online store, as well as in select retailers across Canada and the US.


LBC: What inspires you? 
Becky & Lisa Colour, pattern, texture, fabric, thread. There are so many quilts yet to be made that we often dream of quilts at night! Luckily for us, organic cotton fabric designers are very talented and producing more and more wares every year – so inspiration is always at hand!


Adorable organic knotty hats by the Organic Quilt Company.

Adorable organic knotty hats handmade with love by the Organic Quilt Company.


LBC: Tell us about a few of the best business decisions you’ve made.
Becky:  The best business decision I have made so far was to ask my friend Lisa to be my business partner. It is such a delight (and relief) to have someone to share the ups and downs, victories and defeats, of small business ownership!


LBC: What’s been one of the biggest obstacles you’ve encountered during your journey as a maker and how have you managed to conquer or mitigate it?
Becky:  Time, or rather lack of it, has long been my biggest obstacle! I always, always, always underestimate how long it takes me to complete various projects and tasks, which leaves me racing against the clock every day! Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to extend the hours in each day so I am trying to stop over-scheduling and train myself to give longer lead times – but, truthfully, this has been a very hard learning curve!


Beautiful custom organic quilt by Organic Quilt Company.

Beautiful custom organic quilt by Organic Quilt Company.


LBC: Suppose we had a time machine. If we blasted ourselves forward a few years, where would we see your company?
Becky & Lisa Hopefully still ticking along with two happy, joyful, and satisfied partners at the helm!


LBC: Please share one of your favorite resources: a book, a website, an app, a gadget, an event… anything that’s helped save time, money or sanity!
Becky: Lisa uses Stitchlabs for our bookkeeping and she swears by it. It saves us oodles of time!


Sweet organic burp cloths by Organic Quilt Company.

The sweetest elephant burp cloth by Organic Quilt Company.


LBC: Tell us about a pearl of wisdom someone has shared with you. Who said it and how did it help propel you forward?
Becky:  My Dad told me that the customer is always right, even when they are wrong, and I have made customer service my top priority from the very beginning. We do everything we can to ensure that our customers are delighted, not only with our products, but with us! As an online retailer we have to work harder to make a connection with our customers and we do that well. The high number of repeat customers we have shows that our efforts are worthwhile.


LBC: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Becky:  I would love to add a few more hours to every single day …


LBC: Do you have a favorite quote?
Becky & Lisa “Begin at the beginning… and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” – Lewis Carroll.


What is your favorite food?
Becky & Lisa We both love Chocolate – and Earl Grey tea!


Essential organic baby blankets made by the talented Becky and Lisa.

Essential organic baby blankets made by the talented Becky and Lisa of the Organic Quilt Company.


Connect with Becky & Lisa + Organic Quilt Company all around the web:

Company Website


Thank you, Becky and Lisa, for sharing your fabulous talent with us. Wishing you much continued success.


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