Anyone remember this?

Oh yea, I went there...

just effing do it screenprint

Oh yes, I went there!
Limited edition. Hand-pulled screenprint. Eco-friendly inks.
I’m playing for keeps with this one. Landing exclusively at the Lucky Break website on Monday, January 14th.

Just Added: Live Call In Option for my January 12th Beauty Regulatory Bootcamp


Heads up beauty entrepreneurs! My IBN Regulatory Bootcamp is going down January 12th in Charlotte, NC. A full-day of GMP+labeling goodness and a volume of information that will blow your mind. Our brilliant host Donna Maria has just added a live audio call-in option to registration. Dozens of you said you wanted the information but couldn’t be with us that day in North Carolina. Well, here’s your chance! Early bird registration ends Monday, December 31st at midnight.


Do not pass “go.” Do not collect $200. Register now and let me whip your beauty business into shape in the new year! If you attend in person, I invite you to join both Donna Maria and I for dinner the night before. I’d love to share a glass of wine with you! We have attendees flying all the way down from New York and it’s going to be one hell of a good time…have you sent in your RSVP?


Bonus Points: I’m bringing presents for all of our “live” attendees. Join us physically on the day of the event and enjoy your choice of:

• $100 off my virtual class Romancing The Press


• $100 off my upcoming virtual class Imitation Is NOT The Sincerest Form of Flattery


• A signed, limited edition 18 x 24″ silkscreen JFDI poster (coming to the Lucky Break website in January)


I’ll bring all my goodies to the event on January 12th and you can browse through my treasure box to pick your favorite!


#IndieCruise: Conceive. Believe. Achieve.


As some of you may know, in February, I will be speaking at #IndieCruise, a 5-day Caribbean cruise hosted by Donna Maria Coles Johnson, founder and CEO of Indie Business Network. I have attended each #IndieCruise so far and it is consistently one of the highlights of my year. The time away, the inspiration and education, the friendships and networking (and the chocolate cake) always prove to be some of my most cherished memories and I’m thrilled to be heading back for my third cruise. This year I’ll be speaking on How To Get More Retail Stores To Buy Your Products and I’d love to have you join us!


Recently, I had an opportunity to interview Donna Maria about #IndieCruise. Check out what she has to say about this amazing event, and see why you should join us for some sun, fun, and MasterMinding this February!



May I Introduce You To: the Watch Her Thrive Project


Last month, I became aware of the Watch Her Thrive project and I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.  My essay about my travels in Uganda will appear in WHT’s upcoming book, slated to hit bookshelves this spring. Today, I want to share the project with you- in hopes that it will either inspire you to find a way to leave your own fingerprint on the world or that it will become a source of inspiration + support as you navigate your own business (or maybe both!)


Watch Her Thrive is a team of women on a mission to inspire + empower their peers and women around the world. The organization is the brainchild of Kimberly Riggins, who’s coordinating the effort and curating the book.


Tell me about your original inspiration for the Watch Her Thrive project.  What triggered that initial spark?

Honestly, believe it or not, my inspiration for the Watch Her Thrive Project came to me after one of the many pity parties I threw myself last year. I will never forget that moment. There I was, feeling sorry for myself, shedding tears over my many misfortunes, wondering “why me?”

And then it hit me.

Why me? I was looking at my situation all  wrong… I was viewing it from the “life sucks” perspective. As in “the glass is half empty.”  What if I viewed it from the perspective that the glass is half full?

Yes! These events were supposed to happen. It wasn’t random that I endured a rape, an eating disorder, anxiety issues, bankruptcy, no job, a foreclosure and a dwindling bank account.  I needed to learn these life lessons. Because without them, I never would have had the courage or the strength to take a stand for women everywhere who feel like they don’t have a voice, who feel like there is no way out. I now know it is my destiny, to help these women cultivate a voice that is loud, irrefutable and full of hope, courage and strength.