Lucky Break- 2019 February Calendar

February Calendar

The 2019 February calendar is here. The sweet smell of roses, the taste of artisanal chocolates, and hopefully the¬†sounds of your bank account going “cha-ching!” as new wholesale orders come rolling in!


2019 February Calendar


The first BHB semester in 2019 kicked off the last week of January, and we start February off with our first group call.¬† Open enrollment for GMP continues through the month with the live class dropping March 2nd. If you are a beauty brand thinking about enrolling, now is the time because we won’t offer this course live again this year.


And one final note. . . while the Lucky Break team will be holding it down, I will be on a boat in the Carribean with Mr. Barker for some much needed R&R.


You can download this February Calendar, along with all our calendar, to help you keep track of what we have going on, as well note some focuses for the month.


Make sure you are following along on all we have cooking this February via our mailing list as well as on Instagram! @lelabarker and @luckybreakconsulting


february calendar


Make 2015 the Year Of Your Business: Live Webinars and More


If you’ve got big plans for 2015, then I’d love to help you make those happen! Lucky Break has a pretty jaw-droppingly-awesome roster of live webinars, independent study classes, book club calls and LBU semesters, each designed to help you up your game in 2015 but hustling smarter, not harder.


We’ve designed some fun new calendars to help you plan a full years of strategy with Lucky Break. These print-ready calendars include:


  • The 411 on all the empire-building-efforts we have on tap each month, including live webinars and self study classes
  • An update on the each month’s #LuckyBreakBookClub selection
  • A morsel of inspiration from one of my favorite business books
  • A time-sensitive action item, designed to ensure that your business is always on track
  • Space for you to jot down your “big picture” goals for the month + track your social media growth from month-to-month


We’ve got everything sketched out all the way through June of 2015. Three cheers for forward-thinking + organization, eh? Download your copy of the Lucky Break 2015 calendar and let’s make 2015 the year of your business!