The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Artisan Gifts from Makers + Product Designers

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We were coming off the heels of a big election cycle in America as I sat down to design our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. After a year that saw an tremendous divide come to light in this country, many months of side-eye as increasingly acrimonious political ads blared across our screens, and wave after wave of hurricanes and wildfires seemed to wash over us… I was ready to submerge myself in a happy bubble by curating some of my favorite products from among the Lucky Break client community.




This project became cathartic in some sense, and as I started pulling together beautiful collections of design-centric products made with heart by some of the best small businesses I know, I was once again reminded of how incredibly grateful I am for artisans. For small businesses. For communities. And for courage. The Lucky Break roster of clients has all of that in spades. It drips from our pores and its’s what drives us when we’re on our eleventh work hour of the day.


As I dug deeper, this project evolved from the Holiday Gift Guide to the Holiday Gift Encyclopedia Britannica. What began as an idea to recommend 48 gifts ballooned into 55 page catalog featuring 230+ suggestions. Forgive me… for I have a hard time editing myself when it comes to singing my clients’ praises.  I was again reminded of the magic we make together and I’m incredibly inspired by how many of these brands have moved the ball forward this year in big, big ways. You peeps have been busy!


Open the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide to discover hundreds of unique offerings from some of the amazing small businesses I have the privilege of working alongside. Whether I’ve helped them nail down their pricing strategy, or get their work into more shops, or dig deeper into their brand to better communicate the value they deliver, I’m honored to help amplify their voices.


The Holiday Gift Guide for Makers + Product Designers



7 Client Appreciation Gifts that Don’t Suck


Hi there! It’s Elea here. I’ve been scouring the internet and nosing around a few offbeat boutiques to uncover some clever, creative and inexpensive ideas for client appreciation gifts. I’d like to share some of my favorite finds with you. This eclectic assortment of goodies comes straight from the heart of creative small businesses and a few are diy ideas that you can quickly assemble yourself. Best of all, you won’t find these gems in big box stores, either. So without further ado, here is my top 7 finds for 2013 holiday gifts for those clients, vendors and colleagues we adore.




For the chocolate connoisseur.

Who doesn’t love chocolate, right? But, if a simple of box of chocolates just won’t do, how about some chocolaty goodness that offers so much more. Gift your clients the experience of Chocomize. Say what? Yep. Chocomize offers personalized, made-to-order chocolate bars from over 300+ million possibilities. Chocolate-lovers everywhere are rejoicing! Chocomize also offers branded, custom chocolate bars for client gift-giving as well.



For the client who seems to have everything!

Why not sock it to those hard-to-buy-for-clients in a big way this year. Here’s a gift that is comfortable, reusable and totally unique. Meet Sockprints – the only U.S. company offering custom socks designed by you. Add a branded design, favorite quote or quirky motto to a cushy pair of fun socks and let your clients know they’ve knocked your socks off all year!



For the foo foo drinker with a heart for cocktail umbrellas.

If sugared cocktail rims and delectable garnishes light up your client’s face, then this next gift idea will have her smiling through the holidays with a pinky in the air. Roll up your sleeves and make some quick and easy, branded cocktail kits in a flash. I’ve compiled some of my favorite diy cocktail kits on the Lucky Break Pinterest page to get started. Check them out and feel free to add your own, too.



For the baker and merrymaker.

These cookies had me at hello! Let me introduce you to Parker’s Crazy Cookies for a gift that is off-the-charts-unique. A leader in clever edible favors, this handcrafted cookie company designs and bakes custom caricature or logo cookies that surprise and delight. Design a caricature cookie of your client or your logo, maybe even you? The possibilities are endless and so is the fun.



For the photographer and photo enthusiast.

Remember those fun, little red View-Masters from childhood? Well, now you can gift that same retro fun to your clients customized with their own photo reels for viewing. Brandable and imprintable, these personal View-Master style reels and viewers will certainly not be forgotten and neither will your business.



For the observer, writer and notetaker.

May we never tire of pretty journals. The go-to for quick notes, lists and doodles – a lovely handpicked journal is both a personal and thoughtful gift your client will cherish. Since my stack of journals runneth over, I’ve gathered up a few of my favorite sources for handcrafted, unique journals. Among the favorites, include Rag and Bone Bindery, offering exceptional designs and handcrafted products for over 20 years, and May Designs, with their awesome collection of colorful, personalized design options. Both companies also offer custom manufacturing and brandable options, too. and



When you just need to spread a little good karma.

As said by the great Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change we wish to see in the world.” Now, that thought takes gift giving to a whole new level. Or does it? Let me introduce you to Good Karmal and you’ll discover how the marriage of caramels and wisdom collided to make delightful babies your clients will eat up, literally. Good Karmal offers handcrafted flavored and salted caramel gifts that are wrapped in positive quotations. These bite-sized flavorful gems deliver a positive message to your client with every sweet bite.


What special gifts have you uncovered this season? Please do share! Or, if you’re a creative business offering gift items this holiday season, leave a link to your website, too, so we can visit!