LBU Sold Out in Less than 48 Hours


Whaaaaat… ’tis true! Wishing you had snagged a seat? Email my lovely assistant Jenn at jenn (at) and ask to be put on the waiting list. We’ll head there first  if any seats open up in the summer semester. We also offer that waiting list a 48 hour headstart on enrollment for the January 2015 semester (which opens this October). I’d love to move mountains with you!



LBU Summer Semester 2013: Registration Is Now Open



LBU: Secrets To Wholesale Success is now accepting new students! Beauty entrepreneurs, ceramic artists, stationary girls, jewelry makers, cupcake bakers and apparel designers who are ready to step up their game and crack the wholesale code are invited to join me in my premier mentoring program, designed to radically transform your business and build your community over the course of seven weeks.


Every last seat in my spring semester sold out in just five days and more than half of the seats in this session were claimed by those on the waiting list, but I’m keeping a desk warm for you! The course returns July 15th and it’s bigger + better than ever. I’ve fine-tuned the curriculum, added an Implementation Week to help students keep pace with the program an raised the total number of live coaching hours to ten (!).  Plus, every LBU student will also receive a copy of my Price-O-Matic software (valued at $199) to assist as they create pricing strategies that are both profitable and competitive.

LBU is officially CLOSED for enrollment!


LBU is Sold Out


All 20 seats in my “LBU: Secrets to Wholesale Success” course were claimed within 5 days of the launch announcement (f-i-v-e days… I am gobsmacked!) Wanna hop on the waiting list or be first in line for the next session? Click here, read through and then send us a message… I’d love to have you join us!

Just 5 Spots left in my “Secrets To Wholesale Success” Class

LBU Live Secrets to Wholesale Success

LBU Live Secrets to Wholesale Success


No joke… we are at 75% capacity for my “Secrets To Wholesale Success” class, just a little over 48 hours after the launch! I have been transfixed by my laptop for two solid days, a look of awe on my face as I’ve witnessed the incredibly warm reception this program has received. Thank you all so very much…this week has been incredible (and it’s only Wednesday!)


If you’re waiting for my launch call to save a seat, there’s a better-than-even chance that these last 5 spaces will be filled with savvy entrepreneurs before the call even takes place. I will start a waiting list, but it will be short and I don’t anticipate drop-outs, so I encourage you to light a fire and get a move on! The entrepreneurs filling the ranks are amazing- they’re cultivating varying business models, but the sheer volume of talent is mindblowing.


Regardless of current capacity, my live call will go on as schedule this Friday. Here’s the 411 you need to know to join me:

Friday, March 1st
2pm Eastern/ 11am Pacific
Dial: (605) 475-6150
Access Code: 609-6454


I just put the polish on the agenda today and I am sharing some juicy wholesale tips so I hope you’ll join me an bring any questions you might have about LBU. Chat soon!


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