The Secret + Powerful Language of Color

the secret and powerful language of brand colors


Color is essential to our perception. It can effect our mood, the clothes we wear and the things we eat. It can evoke pleasant or awful memories, make us more or less desirable and – yes, can even influence how we spend money. Studies from web analytics firm, Kissmetrics, report that a whopping 85% of shoppers say that color is a primary reason why they buy a particular product. So if you ever doubted the power of color in your packaging, branding and marketing collateral, you shouldn’t now.


In this two-part series, I’m going to delve into the secret language of color. I’ll be sharing tips + best practices for selecting colors that boost sales, including my secret weapon for creating winning color palettes that stir positive emotions (read: make customers fall in love with your brand + buy lots of products). I encourage you to meditate on the topic of how your brand’s colors are playing a hand in building your empire.


The Secret Language of Color Part 1: Building Powerful Color Palettes


The Secret Language of Color Part 2: Color Meanings



  1. I absolutely love this! Colour is a huge thing when it comes to customers buying and I think us product entrepreneurs have to be mindful of it. Can’t wait to see your blog series on it 🙂

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