The summer semester of “LBU: Secrets to Wholesale Success” is officially underway!

LBU Live


Today, I’m thrilled to welcome the Summer 2014 class of LBU! As of 10am this morning, 33 students have gathered in our Virtual Classroom to immerse themselves in the first of six curriculum modules in my “how to wholesale” program. Every last seat in this summer semester was claimed within 48 hours of opening registration + this amazing collective of creatives is proving to be the most diverse yet. Here’s a peek at LBU by the numbers:


6 Product Categories Represented
Beauty (skincare, soaps, bodycare, hair care, mineral makeup)
Photography + Wall Art


18 States Represented
California is once again the best-represented state with 6 students, followed by New York, Texas and Georgia (3 each).


2 Countries Represented
I’m thrilled to welcome another Aussie to the group. This is my third consecutive semester which has included an Australian student. I adore the international participation!


Here’s what my LBU peeps are learning this week:

  • The differences between wholesale + drop shipping + consignment
  • What special wholesale considerations need to be kept in mind during the product development process
  • All about UPC codes (and which types of stores will require them)
  • What types of price points wholesale buyers need to see
  • How to increase the perceived value of a brand (so you can get those price points up!)
  • How + when to make price adjustments
  • How to understand the emotional end benefits of a product collection so that we can more effectively design our marketing language


Module 1 is accompanied by seven unique handouts:
Reference: Module 1 Progress Tracker
Reference: Module 1 Resource List
Worksheet: On My Radar
Worksheet: Product Pricing Audit
Worksheet: Wholesale Readiness Checklist
Script: Notice of Price Adjustment
Script: Notice of Product Discontinuation


I’ve spent the last several months hard-at-work on this detailed curriculum. The most obvious change is that the latest incarnation of “Secrets to Wholesale Success” has been rebranded from top-to-bottom to match our new brand identity (coming this fall!). I’ve also added more than a dozen new handouts, expanded the curriculum and designed eight (!) awesome new bonuses, from website + social media strategy to branding resources and interviews with some of my favorite makers on the move. It’s been heaps of hard work but I’m so incredibly proud of how comprehensive + meaningful this curriculum has become and the difference it’s making in the lives of my LBU alumni.


Best of luck to the Summer 2014 Semester!


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  1. Don’t forget that the category of “Skincare” is also represented in your LBU class this summer. Zweena Argan Beauty Elixirs has an Argan Rose Rejuvenating Face Serum and launching our Argan Ultra-Nourish Eye Serum in a couple weeks. Super excited about the course, Lela!

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