In the process of building your empire, have you ever thought to yourself: "Damn, I wish I had a..." or "It would be lovely to know how to..."? Me, too. Behold! What you see before you is my answer to those seemingly-infinite moments on your entrepreneurial journey when you long for a co-captain of your fine ship.  Lucky Break's Digital Tool Box is an arsenal of entrepreneurial goodness. Stocked with my book, pricing software designed especially for makers and hard-to-find but ready-for-prime-time templates and forms, it's your secret weapon for navigating choppy waters while keeping your cool.  Smart, eh? Dive in... your empire awaits.

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It's book form. With pretty graphics and chic fonts and oodles of business wisdom. "155 Words You Need to Know: Practical Wisdom for Creative Entrepreneurs" is my awesome new print book (Hold it in your hot little hands! Mark it up with highlighters! Dog-ear your favorite passages!) It's the culmination of all the times I longed for a mentor to help navigate the dizzying maze of entrepreneurship. It’s the wisdom that sprung from the countless times someone asked a question during a meeting using a term I'd never before heard. Furiously scribbled foreign words were scrawled across paper and evenings were spent knee-deep in Google® searches to give them context and meaning. This wisdom didn’t come from textbooks or sitting through a class; it was hard-won and personally developed through years of trial and error, victories and stumbles, triumphs and tribulations.

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Intense, content-rich bursts of wisdom and resources distilled down to convenient fifteen minute sessions at an ultra-attractive price. Wondering how to tackle a particular obstacle facing your business? Need quick contract, copyright or pricing advice? POP sessions are best suited to laser-focus, help-me-quick-before-I-lose-my-sanity-over-this types of issues. POP consultations allow me to whip out my ninja skills and dazzle you with how quickly I can move. Ask anybody and they’ll tell you: I speak at the speed of light. True story.
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- $99.00
This is my white-hot HR arsenal and I’m packing major heat. Fab interview questions, a sample application, scripts for gently declining an applicant, plus a myriad of tools to standardize policies and get your new teammate(s) up and running in record time. Culled from my own research, consultations with employment lawyers and my decade of experience managing a team of more people than you have fingers on both hands, this knowledge has been simmered down to its essence and compiled for your convenience. 46 pages of solid-gold wisdom + templates + forms to empower you to build a dream team and take over the world.

- $149.00
Price-O-Matic is an innovative software package for makers and creative entrepreneurs, developed exclusively by Lucky Break Consulting. It takes the guesswork out of product pricing by crunching the numbers for you to create a systematic pricing strategy that ensures profitability across multiple distribution models. It was developed by my wicked smart husband (a product architect with over a decade of experience at one of the world’s leading tech companies), who answered my entrepreneurial clarion call with a piece of knock-your-socks-off software that will save the livers of makers struggling to successfully price their products. The all-new, Mac-compatible Price-O-Matic is here!

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You and me…mano-a-mano. Sixty solid minutes of my undivided attention that you can apply to virtually any entrepreneurial subject you choose. Life+work balance completely out of whack? Need help designing a PR strategy? Not flattered by a competitor’s imitation? Struggling to keep up with your own success? Dazed and confused by pricing strategies? Let’s put our heads together and tap into my decade of experience in the entrepreneurial trenches to right your ship, chart your path and get you on your way!
All of our consultations for 2014 have been reserved. The appointment book re-opens on January 6th!

- $269.00
For makers looking to crack the wholesale market, product presentation is everything. Whether you'd like to see your work in spas, shops, galleries or department stores, wholesale buyers are looking for smartly styled product presentations which answer all the essential questions about your body of work and how you do business. My Buyer's Packet Design Service blends wholesale education (culled from my decade as a successful maker) with professional design skills to create line sheets and order forms that elegantly present your brand, boost efficiency and up your wholesale game. Bonus? I've made the entire process blissfully simple. Just launched!