4-Day Handmade Business Bootcamp
February 27- March 2, 2015
The Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA (SF Bay Area)
$695 for 4 days of workshops (price increases to $750 on December 31st!); individual day passes are available

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy building your business empire, then there's no better place to be than The Nova Studio this October! My Spring 2014 bootcamp sold completely out and I'm thrilled to be returning to San Fransisco for round two. I'm leading a series of workshops over 4 days which are designed to completely transform your business. We're covering a wide range of topics: how to price and pitch your products to wholesale buyers, strategies for protecting your intellectual property, strategies for garnering free press + building media buzz, innovative ways to build philanthropy into your business, building your brand + identifying your ideal customers and more. This is a comprehensive curriculum that will yield results for creative entrepreneurs of all stripes and the 4-day ticket price is unbelievably reasonable. Join me in the gorgeous SF Bay area and let's infuse your business with energy + wisdom!

This event has met it's minimum threshold and there are just a few seats left...seating is very, very limited!

Indie Cruise 2015
February 7-14, 2015
Sailing in the Caribbean
Prices begin around $650, inclusive of meals + accommodations

My favorite week of the year is almost here: the week I sleep on the balcony of a gorgeous cruise ship, awake to the sunrise, enjoy a room service breakfast and then spend the day in mastermind sessions with an intimate group of savvy, indie entrepreneurs. Throw in a pedicure, a few bottles of wine and a day of snorkeling, and Indie Cruise is my personal version of heaven.

Donna Maria of the Indie Beauty Network is hosting the fifth annual Indie Cruise and this time we're bound for St. Thomas, St. Maarten and a private island for seven days of community-building, masterminding and cocktail-ing (perhaps the most important “ing” of all). I'll be leading a workshop which teaches all about the power of live events to build your brand. It's a good time and you'll be kicking yourself if you miss it. Wherever you live, February is cold as hell. Come play in the Caribbean and build your business while your friends are freezing their tushies off back home!

Central Soapers Workshop
March 21, 2015
Kansas City, MO
Tickets begin at $200

Kenna Cote of Modern Soapmaking has created the mother-of-all-single-day soap conferences. I'm heading back to Kansas City for an encore engagement at CSW 2015 and I'm ridiculously excited about it. Why? Oh, let me count the ways.

One: There are two tracts this year: soapmaking and business. Marinate in more of what you love with two laser-focused programs happening simultaneously. Want to learn the latest swirl techniques? Hit up the soap lab? Want to learn empire-building from some of the brightest minds in the biz? She's got you covered.

Two: I'm teaching two 90-minute workshops on two of my most favoritest (yes, that is a word) subjects; GMP and wholesale. I'm going to be giving you a serious push in the right direction on both subjects, so you can build a smart, successful bath and body business in 2015.

Three: There's now a virtual ticket option if you can't make it to Kansas City. No, I can't deliver cocktails to your front door, but you could totally pour a glass of vino and snuggle up in your pajamas and capture all the workshops from the event at your leisure.
Four: Have you seen that speaker lineup? No seriously, HAVE YOU SEE THE SPEAKER LINEUP? Donna Maria Coles Johnson, Anne Marie Faiola and Kayla Fioravanti are some of my favorite people on the planet and some of the sharpest minds in the industry. You won't catch that speaker roster at any other event in 2015, so I highly recommend getting yourself to Kansas City.

HSCG Annual Conference
April 17-20, 2015
Indianapolis, IN
Tickets begin at $549

450 beauty brands will gather in one of my very favorite cities (hello, Indy!) for 3 days of product formulation and business workshops, interspersed with swanky dinners and networking parties. This is my fifth conference and it's always a treat to see hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs come together.

This year, I'm teaching a new 90-minute workshop entitled “The Anatomy of a Compelling Brand,” where I'll dissect enormously successful brands to discover what makes them tick and teach you to apply those same principles to your brand, no matter how deep your wallet or how far you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

Even better? I'm also teaching a special half-day seminar on the 17th (separate ticket required) which dives even deeper into brand architecture. Even even better? They let me call that half-day workshop Branding for Badasses, which I would have bet money they'd never let fly. But they did… hooray! Come play.

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