You're overwhelmed by a flood of dizzying choices about your brand. You design beautiful products, but the business "stuff" leaves you baffled. It's almost as if you're stumbling blindfolded through a maze of decisions about product development, pricing, branding, marketing and scaling, crossing your fingers with each verdict and whispering a silent prayer into the universe that you made the best decision to propel your company forward. Wouldn't this whole entrepreneurship gig be infinitely easier if you had a sage mentor by your side to help you navigate those decisions?

Or maybe you're a maker whose overwhelm has devolved into frustration and burnout, which serves neither you nor your brand. You're working like a mad woman, keeping a myriad of balls in the air, as you tell yourself to double-down, dig deeper and push through the self-doubt. If you can get laser-focused and infuse your business with fresh energy, then perhaps you can turn a corner and finally get some momentum going.

Perhaps you've enjoyed awesome success, but the business has hit a plateau and you're unsure of how to reignite the spark and coax it into a roaring bonfire. What you've been doing clearly isn't working anymore but you're not certain what strategies to employ next or what steps you can take to "level-up." Or maybe your brand's rocket ship is clearly taking off, but you're so busy pumping jet fuel into the ship that you need a seasoned co-captain to help direct that momentum so it's sustainable in the long term.

I've spent the last 15 years as a maker, selling my apothecary products through more than 1400 retail accounts, from Los Angeles to Dubai and New York to Nairobi. During that time, I've carefully designed, tested, and analyzed specific strategies that help my brand stand out in a densely crowded marketplace. The entrepreneurial journey hasn't always been easy, but it's absolutely been worth it.

In addition to building my own award-winning, international beauty brand, I also help makers and product designers infuse their passion with critical thinking and seasoned business wisdom so they can do more, with less, to build sustainable creative brands they're damn proud of.

I've been honored to join stationers, apothecary + beauty brands, jewelers, ceramicists, apparel + accessory designers and even a cupcake baker on their entrepreneurial journeys. Through my LBU Live program, I've helped more than 275 creative brands step more fully into their potential.

My flagship teaching program, LBU Live is a comprehensive 8-week business accelerator which will empower your product-based brand to...
• Build wholesale programs that capture the attention of buyers while playing to your brand's unique business model.

• Develop products that appeal to wholesale buyers, who can purchase in quantity to boost your company's cash flow.

• Build clear, succinct wholesale policies that attract buyers, streamline operations, and protect that pretty little tush of yours.

• Understand the logistics and buying power of various types of wholesale accounts, empowering you to elegantly serve the right markets for your brand.

• Design compelling line sheets, order forms, and product bundles that give your brand a competitive edge in densely crowded marketplaces.
• Identify and connect with wholesale buyers who will be excited to learn about your work, so that you can convert interested buyers into buyers who make out checks in your name (because they're the very best kind!).

• Prepare your brand to work with sales reps who can take the task of selling off your plate, enabling you to focus on designing and creating your next big thing.

• Wisely select trade shows to increase your brand's exposure and collect hundreds of leads without tears, curse words or tequila.

• Establish a knock-their-socks-off customer service program that supports your stockists so they reorder more product, more often.

• Move forward and make important decisions with confidence + clarity.
Click below to explore the curriculum module-by-module and discover how LBU Live will help you launch or refine a uniquely tailored wholesale program.
Mastering the wholesale marketplace involves much more than selling your product collection at half off retail. In this introductory module, you'll come to understand the mindset shifts and business systems which hold the keys to sustainable success in the world of wholesale. We'll explore the process of refining your internal processes so they can scale effectively. Your brand's self-awareness will increase as we work to define its context in the larger marketplace and hone in on your competitors to unearth vulnerabilities and discover market opportunities. Through a series of thoughtful exercises, you'll build a language toolkit to confidently and succinctly communicate the value of your brand to buyers.

• Understand what it takes to succeed in wholesale
• Edit your product collection for maximum brand cohesion + market traction
• Effectively package + merchandise your products for the wholesale market
• Discover how to communicate your brand value in a compelling 20-second pitch
• Implement business systems that position your company to scale up
• Determine if you need UPC codes (and- if they do- you'll know the smartest way to secure them)

• Module 1 Progress Tracker (manages workflow)
• Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook (simplifies note-taking)
• Reference>> Roadmap to Wholesale
• Reference>> Wholesale Ordering Wish List
• Worksheet>> Wholesale Readiness Checklist
• Worksheet>> Brand Positioning Mad Lib
• Worksheet>> On My Radar: A Competitive Analysis
• Resource List>> UPC codes, printing + packaging resources, email newsletter services

I'll introduce you to Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics, a bustling apothecary brand hailing from Brooklyn. Her skincare philosophy is "simpler is better" and each of her natural formulations contains just five ingredients or less. The products that Adina originally launched from her kitchen table have become darlings of the media and can now be found in boutiques and retail chains all over the world, including your neighborhood Target. Adina will share why she eventually chose to outsource the production of her products, how she manages a rapidly expanding creative brand and what it's really like to work with a retail giant like Target.

BONUS: My list of Rockstar Apps + Tech Resources
This is my go-to list of apps + tools designed to boost efficiency, maintain sanity and get your tentacles wrapped around oversized workloads. This collection of more than 100 recommendations includes: social media management, DIY graphic design apps, smart blog plug-ins, free SEO tools, financial management, customer management software, intellectual property management, and heaps of fun tools to improve your customer's experience and make your workday fly by.
As we dive deeper into LBU, it's time to put your product pricing under the microscope. We'll walk through pricing expectations and develop strategies for clearing handsome profits while selling your work at price points that attract buyers like bees to honey. Need to adjust your prices? We'll tackle how to do that without tears or tequila and in a way that protects your brand equity. One of the most fundamental components of wholesale success is the synergistic partnering of brand + buyer, and our exploration of the differences you'll encounter when working with various store types will illuminate the way forward. You'll emerge with clarity around the types of wholesale accounts you want to pursue, the tools to vet those accounts to ensure they're a good fit for your brand, and a system for discovering new buyers you're eager to work with.

• Analyze anticipated wholesale pricing expectations
• Learn strategies for clearing healthy profits on wholesale margins
• Study how to see your product pricing in "3D"
• Understand the types of relationship support wholesale buyers need
• Discover the nuances of working with independent shops vs. corporate accounts
• Explore new ways to connect with "best fit" wholesale buyers

• Module 2 Progress Tracker (manages workflow)
• Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook (simplifies note-taking)
• Sample Script>> Product Discontinuation
• Sample Script>> Price Adjustment
• Worksheet>> Pricing Backwards
• Worksheet>> Product Pricing Audit
• Worksheet>> Store Synergy Checklist
• Worksheet>> My Top Ten
• Resource List>> Open-sees and designer casting calls, entrepreneurial networking groups, connecting with potential buyers, corporate vendor compliance manuals

I'll introduce you to Padraic Ryan of Ryan Design Studio, an ecommerce expert who's built more than 500 websites. Over the years, he and I have collaborated together on five different sites and he's my "go-to guy" for all things ecommerce, thanks to his encyclopedic knowledge in online commerce and his ability to stay on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving world of SEO. In this interview, Padraic details what to look for in an ecommerce platform + how to design successful wholesale and retail-oriented websites.

BONUS: Free Website Review + Action Plan
Enjoy a complimentary website review by Padraic Ryan with actionable plan to boost SEO, increase conversion rates and improve the user experience. You'll also receive a checklist designed to streamline the process of building an ecommerce site which elegantly serves wholesale buyers while creating efficiencies in your internal processes.
It's not especially challenging for wholesale buyers to spot a newbie in the crowd... the wholesale policies and product presentations typically betray them right out of the gate. In this module, we'll discover the core components of evolved wholesale polices that elegantly serve both you as the brandowner and the buyer. We'll build some strategic protections around your operations by drafting a uniquely tailored set of policies that play to your company strengths. Finally, you'll discover the art of building swoon-worthy line sheets and order forms so you're armed + ready to put your best foot forward when presenting your work.

• Establish smart order minimums that maintain your profitability while attracting buyers
• Learn why wholesale contracts are a thing of the past (plus: a better way to protect your tush)
• Understand the when + why + how of offering trade credit to wholesale buyers
• Minimize lead times for wholesale orders
• Develop effective sample programs that lure buyers (while protecting your wallet)
• Discover how to design compelling line sheets + order forms

• Module 3 Progress Tracker (manages workflow)
• Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook (simplifies note-taking)
• Reference>> Sample Order Form
• Reference>> Sample Line Sheet
• Worksheet:>> Build a Better Order Form
• Worksheet>> Build a Better Line Sheet
• Worksheet>> Building My Wholesale Policy Set
• Template>> Credit Application
• Template>> Trade Reference Request
• Resource List>> Explore a sneak peek at the marketing materials of more than a hundred of today's top creative brands, including: jewelry, apothecary, paper + gift, apparel + accessories, gourmet food, housewares, and more. Prepare for your inspiration cup to runneth over!

I'll introduce you to Erica Weiner of Erica Weiner Jewelry, another beloved Brooklyn brand. Erica launched her line in 2005 and it's since found a home in hundreds of independent boutiques around the globe. Her work is also featured through ModCloth, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Wild Fang. In this interview, she'll offer a refreshingly transparent peek at how she garnered the attention of those accounts and her secrets for successfully managing a thriving team of 10.

My product photography workshop helps you understand the type of imagery needed to present your brand in the very best light. We'll examine various image types and review examples of compelling product shots. I marry that video workshop with a rich resource list of DIY photography tutorials, suggested lightbox studios, referrals to professional product photographers, and links to dozens of creative brands with exceptionally beautiful photography.
Want to be successful in business? If so, you can't be shy. While we always want to remain grounded, the simple fact remains: you have to put your work "out there" in order for it to get noticed. But pitching that work can leave you feeling terribly vulnerable. Are you saying the right things? Approaching buyers in the right way? Is your product presentation as strong as it can be? In this module, I'll demystify the art of buyer etiquette while giving you the tools you need to feel deliciously confident about that pitch (and the tools you need to hit it out of the park!). We'll also explore how to keep buyers happy after the sale and discover specific strategies that help them move through the ordering process with ease and keep them coming back often.

• Learn how to confidently present your work to new buyers
• Understand the fatal etiquette mistakes that make buyers run in the opposite direction
• Discover best practices for pitching your work by mail, phone, email and in-person
• Build product bundles to simplify ordering + increase revenue
• Explore strategies for delighting stockists after the sale + netting quick reorders
• Examine product release cycles to ensure that your launches are always timely

• Module 4 Progress Tracker (manages workflow)
• Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook (simplifies note-taking)
• Template>> Sample Pitch Email Script
• Project Dossier>> Creating Shelftalkers
• Project Dossier>> Creating Branded Postcards
• Project Dossier>> Featuring Stockists on Your Blog
• Resource List>> Peek at the shelftalkers of more than a dozen creative brands!

I'll introduce you to Jessie White of Youngblood Boutique, one of the hottest maker-centric shops in the South. Youngblood had long been a staple in one of Atlanta's most beloved neighborhoods, but Jessie assumed the reigns in 2012 and transformed the shop into one of today's most sought-after retail outlets for maker brands on the move. She thoughtfully curates a delightful selection of handmade jewelry, ceramics, art prints, and apothecary goods from makers large and small for her hip + airy shop. She'll share her process for scouting new work and tell us how brandowners can rise above the market noise to capture buyer attention.

Getting your product featured in blogs, newspapers, and magazines inevitably drives both retail + wholesale interest in your collection. In this week's bonus, I'll offer a detailed handout which walks you through the process of building an effective media kit so you can score free coverage. Even better? I'll share a few dozen media kits from beloved creative brands to get your wheels turning.
Do you loathe the task of selling? Or perhaps you prefer to focus more of your efforts on designing and creating your products? If so, sales reps might be an answered prayer. These seasoned professionals connect your brand to new buyers, facilitate ordering and help support stockists after the sale, to secure reorders and engender brand loyalty. Unfortunately, these elusive creatures can be difficult to locate and harder still to charm. You and I will roll up our sleeves to understand how reps work, how they benefit your brand, how they impact profitability and how you can ensure that you're connecting with passionate pros who can radically increase your brand exposure and help your business scale at a rapid clip.

• Understand the pros + cons of working with sales reps
• Discover the criterion that indicate you're ready to begin working with reps
• Learn the difference between showroom reps + independent "road" reps
• Determine how to vet potential sales reps to ensure they're a good fit
• Know how to attract reps + stir their interest in your brand
• Gain the tools to successfully manage sales rep relationships

• Module 5 Progress Tracker (manages workflow)
• Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook (simplifies note-taking)
• Worksheet>> Vetting a Sales Rep
• Worksheet>> Independent Contractor vs. Employee
• Worksheet>> Identifying Your Core Strengths
• Template>> Sales Rep Agreement
• Reference List>> Discover some of the best rep groups in the U.S.

I'll introduce you to veteran sales rep Cherilyn Swenson. She's enjoyed virtually every seat at the table: she's owned a retail shop (meaning she's been a buyer herself), she's served as an in-house rep for a cosmetic brand and she's currently a showroom rep for several major rep groups in the housewares, jewelry and paper + gift categories. She'll give us the "inside scoop" of what reps are really looking for and elevate our understanding of how to successfully work with these savvy salespeople to get the task of selling off your plate!

As you scale your company and add team members, this week's bonus video training (and accompanying handout) will clarify the difference between company employees and independent contractors, empowering you to correctly distinguish between the two and stay on the right side of the law.
Let's be clear: trade shows are no joke. These wholesale opportunities amplify your brand recognition, garner media attention and can net a flurry of wholesale orders in the span of a few days. But they're serious commitments and I've heard from more than a few makers who have devoted months of their lives and invested substantial sums of money in a show, only to walk away exhausted, jaded, and searching for the nearest bar. Trade shows done well can put a brand on the map in a big, big way. Trade shows done poorly make for intensely painful (and expensive) lessons. This module is dedicated to getting you in fighting shape so you can run with the big boys and dance home pleased as punch (and busy as hell fulfilling orders!).

• Know how to vet potential shows to ensure they're a good fit before you spend a penny
• Design a realistic trade show budget
• Understand what to do pre-show to drive traffic to your booth
• Learn post-show strategies for following up + closing orders
• Explore compelling booth design: walls, flooring, signage, displays, lighting
• Recognize where to spend + where to save + what to take with you

• Module 6 Progress Tracker (manages workflow)
• Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook (simplifies note-taking)
• Reference>> Trade Show Packing List
• Worksheet>> Trade Show Fit or Flop
• Worksheet>> Designing a Tradeshow Budget
• Worksheet>> Building a Trade Show Timeline
• Resource>> The LBU Trade Show Directory
• Resource List>> Where to purchase all the essentials (walls, flooring, signage, displays, lighting)

I'll introduce you to Kristen Ley of Thimblepress, a smokin' hot stationery brand featured in hundreds of shops from NYC to Australia and in some "lesser known" retailers, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Paper Source, Urban Outfitters and a few other mom + pops. *wink* Kristen will give us a behind-the-scenes peek at what it's like to participate in some of today's largest trade shows and we'll talk show awards, pre-show mailers, booth placement strategy and more. She's delightfully Southern, incredibly savvy and passionate about sharing her knowledge with up + coming brands.

I took one for the team (I give + give, don't I?) and flew to Manhattan to take you on a little walking tour of NY Now, the mother-of-all-gift-shows. In this detailed video, I highlight great booth design, innovative display ideas, and interesting signage to jumpstart your mental engine. This insider's look at what does (and doesn't work), will enable you to step into the world of trade shows with confidence, poised for success and certain that you're making a smart investment.

I'm proud to have graduated 275+ creative brands from the program and even more proud to share that 100% of all LBU grads say that LBU Live proved to be a wise investment for their business. Creative brands blossom through this unique incubator program and today my alum are making serious waves in their respective product categories.
LBU alum are routinely selected into some of the most selective makers shows in the country, including: Renegade Craft, Unique, Urban Craft Uprising, Jackalope Arts, Porter Flea Market, Indie Craft Parade, West Coast Craft, and Crafty Bastards. Through LBU, I encourage them to carefully edit their product collections so they're regularly chosen from among "the best of the best" and I teach them how to maximize wholesale opportunities at these shows, too.

An Australian apparel designer raised $10,000+ on Kickstarter, exceeding her fundraising goal. Several LBU alum have successfully closed crowdfunding microloan programs through Kiva Zip for as much as $10,000. These funds are empowering them to make quantum leaps forward in terms of branding, packaging, and buyer outreach.

I'm thrilled to have more than a dozen LBU alum named as finalists in the Martha Stewart American Made competition (out of 14,000+ entries, no less!). LBU alum have been handpicked by Etsy's Wholesale Open Call coordinators as national finalists in both 2015 and 2016. Those winners flew to NYC to present their collection to major buyers + editors. My youngest alum, at just 16 years old, was recently named the top "kidpreneur" in America by Nickelodeon.
I have dozens of LBU alum selling through some of today's highest-profile retailers, including: Anthropologie, West Elm, Urban Outfitters, Uncommon Goods, Whole Foods, Paper Source, TJ Maxx, and more. One alum just shipped 50,000 units to Anthro and another recently received a $7,000 purchase order from Uncommon Goods! One of my apothecary brands just processed an order for 202,000 units and became the first beauty brand to debut at ModCloth and another shipped an entire pallet of greeting cards to a major national retailer. These LBU graduates come from the houseware, paper + gift, and apothecary categories.

You might have seen their work in Vogue, Southern Living, Refinery 29, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Living, In Style, Lucky Magazine, Every Day with Rachel Ray, The San Francisco Chronicle, Sunset Magazine, Daily Mail, Natural Health, House Beautiful, E!, Black Enterprise, Organic Spa, Wired, Vice, Les Nouvelle Esthetique and dozens upon dozens of other magazines, blogs, and newspapers.

It's rare that a week passes that I don't hear from an LBU graduate or two that they've quit their day job, finally moved their business financials solidly into the black or that they're expanding into a larger workshop space to accommodate growing demand for their products. Those are some of my very favorite emails to receive and I'm always cheering on my alum!
The saying "you don't know what you don't know" certainly applies here. I was on the fence before taking this course, thinking I knew it all (because I spent 10+ years in high-end retail). So I knew I would get something valuable, but this class oh-so-humbled me and I have to say looking back, it has saved me thousands of dollars in mistakes I would have otherwise made.
Jennifer Waller
Celtic Complexion

Lela Barker will change your life! I feel honored and blessed to have access to so much information and I've never been so inspired to push toward greatness in my business.
Zandra Beauty

Why oh why didn't I sign up for this class sooner? Through many, many tips, anecdotes and interviews, I gained so much insight about how to manage my business more professionally. After years of flying blind and not knowing how best to allocate my time and money, I feel like I now have a step-by-step plan to create the business I want.
Stewart & Claire
I share my coveted techniques with savvy makers and product designers who are keen on launching or refining uniquely tailored wholesale programs that increase cash flow, grow product demand, and allow for infinitely more flexibility than traditional retail models. Even better? You learn from the comfort of home! Get cozy in your favorite pair of PJ's, pour a glass of vino, and dive in on your schedule. Here's how LBU Live works...

On Saturdays throughout the semester, I release a series of information-rich video trainings, each singularly focused on a critical building block of wholesale success. Every module is accompanied by a packet of curriculum support materials, including detailed resource lists, done-for-you scripts, and worksheets designed to help you tailor the information to your unique business and put it into immediate action.

On Wednesdays I introduce you to my inner circle of entrepreneurs, each of whom shares wisdom and insight in a spectacularly transparent fashion through my Expert Interview video series. These entrepreneurial powerhouses provide information and inspiration in spades!

On Fridays, we gather together for 90 minutes of Q+A on my weekly Office Hours call, providing an opportunity to build community, tailor curriculum, and review coursework to ensure that you're on the right track.

Throughout the entire eight weeks, we roundtable daily in a private Facebook community, reserved exclusively for LBU students.

LBU alum also enjoy an invitation to join my special coaching community to continue learning and building a network with laser-focus and accountability. Upon graduation, you're welcome to hop into the coaching program to enjoy "sneak peek" access to new LBU curriculum as it's developed, along with two monthly Office Hour calls, a private Facebook group with alumni from all previous semesters, and a special monthly project. Together we'll implement pieces of the LBU curriculum and focus on timely tasks to keep your business moving forward. Through this coaching group, I continue adding new tools to your entrepreneurial toolbox long after you graduate from the core curriculum. This is the most cost-effective option for working directly with me in a sustained fashion and the only way into this exclusive coaching community is through LBU.
• You have a tangible product currently in the marketplace (or if you have a creative product that's already in the development process).

• You're ready to stretch yourself as an entrepreneur by exploring new ideas + getting outside of your comfort zone.

• You're committed to working hard. LBU is a phenomenal system, but it won't work itself!

• You crave practical information + actionable advice.

I recommend taking a pass for now if you're unable to commit 8-10 hours per week for two months in order to infuse your brand with wisdom + strategy. The LBU Crew are people of action and we move through the coursework as a group. The real magic happens when we work in unison, so please be ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy with an active tribe of serious entrepreneurs!

If you don't yet have your brand on lock, then I have a program that's likely a better fit. Brick House Branding is my 8-week brand development accelerator and it's a special kind of awesome. LBU Live is designed to pour gasoline all over a product collection + brand that are ready to level up. If you feel like you have some brand development work left on your plate, then I strongly suggest working through my Brick House Branding program before diving into LBU. Enrollment for Brick House Branding is open right now and I'd love to save a seat for you!

Finally, it's important to note that the program isn't designed for service-based businesses. But makers + product designers? Oh, yes.

Enrollment in LBU is limited, enabling me to answer your questions and come to know your brand intimately. You + I enjoy the opportunity to tailor this curriculum to your specific business, and I'm passionately committed to tag-teaming your way through the program.

When you reserve a seat in LBU Live, you enjoy the opportunity to tap some of today's brightest business minds. Each week, I introduce you to another superstar in my entrepreneurial circle and together we roll up our sleeves and dive deep into their area of expertise. These in-depth, exclusive video interviews support and expand key areas of the curriculum, providing inspiration, information, and fuel for your business journey.

Curriculum Videos + Expert Interviews are available 24/7 at the LBU Virtual Classroom- learn at your own pace any time of day or night. That classroom is accessible anywhere in the world and from virtually any mobile device. Watch videos while parked in the carpool line, while riding the subway, while strolling through the grocery store, while sweating it out on a treadmill or while watching soccer practice from the sidelines.

New curriculum modules drop on Saturday mornings, enabling you to dive in on the weekends or work in the evenings. Either way, you'll be prepared for the Office Hour call at the end of each week.

The schedule for all eight Office Hour calls will be published months before the semester begins, so you can mark your calendar + plan ahead to join me!

Office Hour Calls are recorded + uploaded to the LBU Virtual Classroom as MP3 files, so you can catch the action, even if you can't join the live call.

• I have local dial-in numbers for more than sixty countries to minimize the cost of participation for international students.

• The program includes two "Implementation Weeks" - opportunities to catch your breath and put into action all the awesome things you've been learning.

Because I want to ensure that LBU Live is within your reach, participants may elect to spread the tuition over four monthly payments. Reserve your spot with a deposit today and I'll bill your final three payments through PayPal's recurring billing program. Claim a V.I.B. (Very Important Brand) spot and the payment plan is complimentary!

Tuition for the 2017 LBU Live program is $1400. The next semester kicks off on April 29 and graduates on June 23.

My normal hourly consulting rate is $299, but LBU Live students enjoy...
• 20+ hours of video teaching
• 12+ hours of small group coaching by phone
• 60+ handouts
• Access to a series of wisdom-filled Expert Interviews
• A supportive community
...for a fraction of what working together one-on-one would cost.

Please note that my Price-O-Matic product pricing system is required for participation in LBU. Already have a copy? Fantastic! Don't yet have your hands on the best product pricing tool in the universe? No worries. We'll get you squared away after registration... and at a very special price, too. Price-O-Matic is just $99 for my LBU peeps.

If I were to deliver LBU to brands one-on-one, the program cost would top $9300. By assembling a small-but-mighty collection of makers + product designers who are able to work through the program together, I can group-teach and keep the investment deliciously low without sacrificing the efficacy of the curriculum or the value of the experience.

Space is limited + I can't promise that I can make room for you in the semester after that date. If you know you want in to tackle wholesale in 2017, then I recommend claiming your spot now! The next LBU enrollment period will open in 4 months for the fall semester.
I'm fervently committed to ensuring that LBU is worthy of your investment. How committed? If you reach the half-way mark in LBU Live and feel as though it's not served you well, then I'll refund 100% of your tuition. Simply submit all of your completed coursework for weeks 1-4 and tell me why it's not working for you and I'll promptly return your moolah.

This class pushes you beyond your comfort zone, but into a wiser comfort zone, if you're serious about having a better business. Lela, I feel like you're someone that I should have known long before now!
Jeannell Darden
Coco Curls

Lela, you are a force. You have answers to many questions from the ridiculous to the sublime. You are honest about your experiences and transparent for new business people to have an honest look into "how it should be." You have a no-nonsense approach to business and such a positive outlook and attitude that it's contagious. LBU was so very helpful!
Kara Brook
Waxing Kara

I definitely feel clearer and more confident in what to do now with my business.
Mable Tan
Happee Monkee
Each semester, I make just a handful of V.I.B. (very important brand) spots available, for serious brands on the move who are poised to make a quantum leap forward. Those V.I.B.s enjoy a host of special benefits, including...

• Three 45 minute one-on-one sessions with me at the beginning, middle, and end of your LBU semester. These private sessions enable us to dive deeper into your business and work with sustained focus on your individual needs. Many LBU participants choose to work on brand developments projects in tandem with working through the LBU wholesale curriculum.

• V.I.B.s enjoy 6 months of complimentary participation in my Alumni Coaching Community for sustained access to small group coaching and regular masterminds with savvy, action-focused entrepreneurs.

• I deliver awesome gifts direct to your doorstep. I kickoff the semester with a fun package of custom swag and conclude it with a special talisman for good luck as your brand moves forward.

• Enjoy a complimentary payment plan to stretch your tuition over four months...the longest available payment plan.

Think the V.I.B. program is a good fit for you? I carefully hand-select the brands whose ball I'm confident I can move forward in a big, big way and the application process is blissfully simple! Once I receive your application, I'll review it and be in touch within 24 hours. This semester, there are just 5 of these coveted V.I.B. spots available and they'll quickly be claimed. Each V.I.B. seat is $2500, paid in four equal monthly installments of $625 each.

Before enrolling in LBU, many of my brandowners were trying to piecemeal their business by collecting information from around the internet, but all of that information doesn't necessarily apply to your company, creating frustration as you attempt to implement. And you might well be listening to a chorus of voices offering advice via forums or friends. The problem? It's either cookie-cutter advice which doesn't help you stand out from the crowd or experimental strategy that may or may not prove successful in the end game. In contrast, LBU Live is a comprehensive, proven roadmap for wholesale success which is custom tailored to your brand. One more thing: If you think that selling wholesale means being a slave to the grind or exporting the creation of your soulful products to a soulless factory overseas, then I'd love the opportunity to prove that theory wrong. If you believe that you're "too small" to succeed in the wholesale marketplace or that wholesale delivers meager profits, then I'd love to share with you how I bootstrapped my way to 7-figures as a single mom without a trust fund, a sugar daddy or small business loans. And I did it through wholesale.

Because access to LBU is limited to a select number of brands per semester, your reservation for an LBU Live seat cannot be cancelled or transferred... we're saving it especially for you! Please visit the Client Concierge page for complete details.
1400 for the entire 8-week program

The current semester of LBU Live is closed for enrollment. We regret that you missed it! The program is open for enrollment twice per year and if you hop on the Lucky Break mailing list then you'll be the very first to know when spots become available. We would be honored to have you! In the meantime, come say “hello” on Instagram!

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10/23/2016 - 12:40:32 AM
You need this class if you want to scale your business!!!!
I went into this class thinking that I knew a lot about my business and that I just needed the knowledge that this class would provide to have the confidence in approaching stockists in a professional manner. Well , I got that confidence boost and so much more. Within the first 2 weeks , there was so much valuable info, I thought to myself, what else could Lela teach me and then Boom, week after week of amazing information, tutorials, templates....and the list goes on. There is no fluff in this class and you have to be prepared to dig in and do the work. I promise if you do, you will bring your business to a new standard that you didn't even know you weren't at.
Lela is an amazing mentor. I truly enjoyed and looked forward to the coaching calls each week. I learned so much from the questions that she answered and the interaction in the Facebook group was priceless. Lela truly wants you to succeed and she empowers you with knowledge to make you do just that. I highly recommend this class, it was one of the best investments I have made for my company.
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10/21/2016 - 02:00:43 PM
Lela is the real deal! Fantastic business decision.
Lela is a generous and genuine woman with a wealth of knowledge to help empower you and your business. I enjoyed LBU immensely and am excited for the work ahead implementing everything I've learned. I’m not afraid to do the work but before LBU I felt somewhat lost as to where and how to make changes, what to focus on and best practices for working in the wholesale market. I have worked as a professional artist for over a decade but after having kids, my business needed to shift from a bricks n’ mortar shop to online and wholesale focused. Much of the information will benefit my entire business not just the wholesale aspect. I loved the level of detail and minutia the course goes into, the sample letters, forms etc. and the expert interviews are great as well and fun to watch. The resources are also amazing and doing the class with a group of other entrepreneurs makes it fun and pushes the information much further than doing the course on your own. LBU is definitely a worthwhile investment.
Reviewed by
10/17/2016 - 09:44:39 PM
This is the best business investment I have made for my product-based business. Lela is beyond knowledgable on wholesale (and a million other business topics) and I highly recommend taking this course. This is the one and only course you will need for wholesale.

Lela truly shows how much she cares about every single student that takes this course. She dedicates so much time and thought to every question presented to her. She truly is a wealth of knowledge.

If you're questioning if you really need this information about wholesale the answer is a resounding YES!
Reviewed by
10/17/2016 - 12:16:01 PM
I'm so pumped up and haven't even had my coffee yet!
I'm so ready to tackle my wholesale strategy like a tiger pouncing on her next meal. I had been selling via wholesale for a few years now, and previously I had worked for "The Man" as a Buyer for a national retailer. You'd think I'd have my ish together, but I still felt fuzzy about my strategy, and wasn't sure of the impression I was giving to retail buyers. Lela and her team provided me clarity and focus in my wholesale strategy- more than I could ever muster in a decade if I had continued to flounder around on my own.

LBU is chock-full of SO much information that it could be paralyzingly overwhelming, but Lela and her team have organized it in such a way that you don't even think about just how much info you're getting until you're done, and then you're absolutely gobsmacked about how much information has been tightly and smartly packaged in an eight week course.

I am so so excited to implement all the changes to my business and am so optimistic (but realistic) about next season that I can't even stand it. I've gone through enough maker education courses and have experienced some that provide info, but no actionable way to implement that info to improve your business. LBU throws that concept on its ear, and there's SO much info that you can easily boil down into actionable tasks that you just wanna Marie Kondo the crap out of your wholesale strategy and get started already (were you itching to organize and purge your wardrobe as you read The Magic of Tidying Up? Cuz I sure was. LBU has that same effect).

BUT--and there is a but- Lela and her team provide the info, but YOU have to be committed to do the work. You definitely, definitely get what you put into it, and while yes, you could coast through the content in eight weeks and review it later, but will you really? And when you review it later, you're not gonna have the expertise of Lela Barker on retainer, nor the Facebook group to ask questions. So commit. Do the work. Listen and participate on the calls. Throw yourself into this program and you'll never regret you did. It will do wonders for not only your wholesale strategy, but your business overall.
Reviewed by
10/17/2016 - 12:49:57 AM
This progam is a game changer!!!
Lela and the whole lucky break team have created an awesome program! I feel I have learned an immense amount of information, and I am so much more confident in my wholesale strategy and approach. LBU created a comfortable environment to share ideas, and I got lots of valuable feedback from the other members in the group. I also really enjoyed the structure and flow of the program. It enabled me to take the material in at my own pace.

I am grateful to Lela, and the energy that she extends through this program. She did a great job at making each individual feel special and appreciated. Lela was extremely giving of her time and effort in answering individual questions, and making sure people in the group were heard and respected.

I would highly recommend this to anybody who sells products, and wants to improve their knowledge of how to sell wholesale. I feel I got great value from the program, and I look forward to working with Lela and the lucky break team in the future.
Reviewed by
10/15/2016 - 06:34:48 AM
Business + Life changing!
Lela has designed a a wonderful course that helps you navigate the wholesale waters with ease. The 8 week course packs a punch; I was amazed at how much time Lela spends guiding, answering questions and supporting the group. If you are looking to grow your business using wholesale then LBU is all you need....sign up...strap yourself in ....and get ready to soar!
Reviewed by
04/28/2016 - 04:37:20 PM
Top Shelf All The Way!
WOW! LBU was exactly what I needed to move my business in the absolute right direction. Lela does not coach from the sideline- she gets right in the trenches with you and doubles as a cheerleader. Before LBU was even over with, I was able to utilize the coursework to land my first wholesale customer (who is on their third wholesale order)! Lela doesn't water down the information or sugarcoat, although she is sweet as pie. She offers REAL solutions and I graduated with all the tools necessary to grow my Empire! CHEERS to Lela Barker, you are the best!
Reviewed by
04/27/2016 - 04:52:55 PM
Mindblowing content + amazing support!
Taking this class was the best thing I've ever done for my business. Period.

Lela has taken a complex subject and unpacked it into clear, understandable and actionable steps. Each step is organized into information-rich modules that contain videos, workbooks and assignments that make the information easy to absorb while also keeping it interesting and challenging. Additionally, there is support and camaraderie among classmates in the private Facebook group and weekly conference calls where Leah personally answers everyone's questions. (I admit I was shocked that I could learn so much from Lela's answers to my classmates' questions!) And last but certainly not least, Leah shares her Expert Interviews with entrepreneurs from other specialties to provide even more information, advice and business knowledge.

Lela is an incredibly wise, patient and generous teacher. She is generous with her time, with her vast wisdom and experience, and with sharing her resources. She makes it her personal mission to be certain each student has an absolute understanding of the material and that every last question is answered. While her terrific sense of humor is very apparent, Lela's underlying tone is always kind and encouraging. She (and her small but mighty team of Melissa and Shannon) make everyone feel comfortable in asking questions or seeking further information and provide a genuine atmosphere of support and encouragement. My only regret is not having found Lela five years ago!

While I absolutely adore Lela and her team, make no mistake, LBU is not a cakewalk or a picnic in the park. It can be at times tough and mind-boggling. But if you have a product you want to wholesale - or if you're already wholesaling your product but not seeing the traction you expected - LBU will equip you with EVERYTHING you need to build (or transform your product into) a thriving, profitable business.
Reviewed by
04/26/2016 - 06:38:56 PM
A great investment!
LBU turned out to be such a great investment! It blew away my expectations. This program is PACKED FULL of information and guidance (really, mind-blowing!).

And it is far more than just a "class" - you work very closely with Lela and your classmates to work through and fully understand the material and apply it to your own business. There are no questions unanswered.

Yes, it is an investment of time and money, but you will avoid MANY costly pitfalls down the road by setting things up correctly from the start. You will leave the class with a solid foundation and armed with the knowledge you need to get out and succeed in the wholesale market.

Reviewed by
04/25/2016 - 09:21:07 PM
Not Just Another Program
Yes, I also admit to a bad case of "Bright Shiny" Syndrome and am convinced the next course, the newest system, that other fabulous planner will make my business successful beyond my wildest I'm not a business course virgin by any means. Plus, I have a thriving business that was doing pretty well already. But...Bright! Shiny! The siren call...

I'd heard about LBU and it looked interesting, but part of me wondered if it could possibly live up to the buzz. Well, it lived up to all the buzz, blew past it and moved on into that next stratosphere of way cool classes FAST. EVERY. SINGLE. MODULE was packed full of valuable info, thought provoking exercises and knowledge galore.

If you have a product based business and are in doubt, so what you gotta do to take this course - hock something, throw stuff on eBay, call your rich aunt. I promise you will NOT be disappointed! I learned so much and equally importantly had a lot of validation on some things I was already doing. Patting self on back. I am out of adjectives for how fab LBU is, so sign-up and prepare to be wowed!
Reviewed by
09/29/2015 - 10:29:25 AM
An Action Packed Roadmap!
LBU was one of the biggest investments I made in my business to date. About a half hour into Module 1 I knew I would absolutely not regret it. Every single word that Lela so eloquently shares is filled with actionable advice. You can scour blogs and read books till your head explodes with information, but this…this is distilled down to the most important pieces of info that you can ACT ON – hello confidence booster I can get this empire of awesome kicking some butt!

Please do not hesitate to dive into LBU, it is worth twice the price! Lela is patient, knowledgeable, and engaging. No question goes ignored and she truly is hell-bent on helping you succeed! One takeaway to share - when Lela says clear your calendar for the duration of LBU, she’s not joking :)
Reviewed by
09/28/2015 - 12:25:12 PM
The kick in the butt you need.
Amazing course, everything Lela says its going to be and more, because of the group dynamic. Loved the expert interviews, had several eye-opening realizations just from listening to them alone. If you are ready to dig in and do the work, this is the outline you need. Lovely class, would highly recommend it to businesses who want to take wholesale seriously.
Reviewed by
09/27/2015 - 01:29:53 PM
All you ever wanted to know about wholesale!
I've been impressed with Lela's LBU throughout the entire course, starting with the Price-O-Matic, which reveals the true cost of the products we make. Each module is chock full of valuable information, and Lela makes herself available for questions and gives insightful answers in the weekly calls and Facebook group.

The wealth of information is almost overwhelming, but Lela breaks it down and makes it easy to understand. The more time consuming part lies ahead in implementing all of the changes I need to make for my business over the course of the next year. Now I have a clear vision of what I need to do, and the tools to be able to make it happen.

To get the very most out of the class as you are going through it, I recommend having your branding down before venturing into LBU. I didn't realize how much branding work I needed to do before taking LBU, but I am confident that I will be able to successfully (profitably!) wholesale my products once I solidify and tighten my brand.

I've really enjoyed this class, and look forward to bringing all I've learned to fruition. Thanks, Lela!
Reviewed by
09/27/2015 - 10:23:52 AM
A Business Must
If your brand new or even an old dog like me....and wholesale has been a little bit iffy for you...then take this course. DO IT. This course really got A LOT of things, such as wholesale, my pricing, my website, my pictures(still working on that!)on point and I found that LBU made me think about my business in totality...not just the wholesale function. Spend a little time and money on yourself and your business and give yourself an seriously will not be disapointed.
Reviewed by
09/25/2015 - 01:49:14 PM
Hard work, but so worth the investment
In LBU, Lela channels her powerhouse of wholesale knowledge into manageable chunks through blissfully organized videos, workbooks, and amazing expert-interviews. LBU has been a treasure-trove of tools for me as a maker-entrepreneur who is just starting out and desperately in need of some know-how and confidence to guide my steps moving forward.

Don't expect Lela to sprinkle fairy-dust on you and tell you what to do. On the contrary, as the intense 7-week curriculum is winding down I feel like my work is just beginning! But now I have a plan, a wealth of resources, and a firm confidence that I am on the right track. So worth the investment.
Reviewed by
06/01/2015 - 06:28:23 PM
Wonderful Investment
I just graduated from LBU this past semester, and I have to say that it was amazing. I had taken a live class from Lela before that briefly covered wholesale, but this was a whole other level. I'm so grateful to really get my wholesale policies in place, and to have my branding seriously defined. LBU inspired me to get my business running on a tighter ship, and I am so happy that I signed up for this wonderful course. If you have no experience in wholesale, be sure to take LBU: it is worth every penny.
Reviewed by
06/01/2015 - 12:32:44 AM
LBU saved my "Business" life!! Formerly, I was focused on the direct retail experience, and didn't fully understand the value of Wholesale for my business, or the many components it would take to be successful in that arena. After taking this course, I was able to identify the changes I needed to make (and still making) to be market ready. Lela is a SUPERB strategist, engages through intellect, personal experiences and little personal life lessons, and demonstrates a virtual open door policy. This was the biggest "intellectual" investment I made for my company, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. If your budget permits, I STRONGLY recommend the Premier or VIP package -- you WILL NOT regret it!!
Reviewed by
05/30/2015 - 11:21:54 AM
Absolute Business Accelerator
I really don't know where to start about this class. But all I can say is that if you are serious about propelling your business in the right direction in the most efficient and effective way possible, than taking this class is a no brainer. Seriously! I've been in business almost 4 years and already had a large handful of wholesale accounts before taking the class, however my whole wholesale mindset has shifted. And to be honest, I almost wonder if she should change the name of the class to Secrets to Business success. It's so much more than wholesale. I feel even more equipped to not only put my wholesale business on steroids but also my retail business. I have at least 9 months worth of projects that I will be employing after this class. This is not for the faint at heart, and if you don't really want to earn more money, then don't sign up. If you know that you have a lot going on that you can't clear from your plate, then you'll do yourself a favor by waiting for when you can truly focus, because this stuff you don't want to miss. I will be backing up my files in 3 different places to ensure they're never lost. Oh and last thing, if you're worried about the price, then find a way to make it happen, during the class I received wholesale orders that were twice the cost of the program! It's just that serious :)
Reviewed by
05/29/2015 - 03:39:51 PM
Ready. Set. GO!
Lela Barker‘s "Secrets to Wholesale Success" class changed the course of French Bailey's wholesale program! Not only did the modules provide us with practical, money-saving knowledge, but her encouragement and belief in our success inspired us to keep going and to trust in the practices and procedures she taught us.

The resources and bonus materials Lela provided are hands-down phenomenal. Period. Who needs Google? Lela and her team have done all the work for us! It’s also been incredibly helpful and motivating to share this experience, on Facebook and in Office Hour Calls, with classmates from varied industries. The opportunity to share successes, ask questions, and check-in with one another was valuable.

The class is about so much more than just wholesale; it’s also about building a business with passion and integrity. Without a doubt, French Bailey has already seen tangible results from putting what we’ve learned into practice. We are excited to take our business to the next level thanks to Lela and the Lucky Break team. Ready. Set. GO!
Reviewed by
05/29/2015 - 11:16:15 AM
Why oh why didn't I sign up for this class sooner? I've been in business for about four years and have a respectable number of wholesale accounts. The problem? I just wasn't managing them very well. Through many, many tips, anecdotes and interviews, I gained so much insight about how to manage my business more professionally. After years of flying blind and not knowing how best to allocate my time and money, I feel like I now have a step-by-step plan to create the business I want. Yes, the class is an investment, but if you do the work, you will learn how to make more money. I found that upgrading to be able to have access to the Facebook group was well worth it. A number of valuable conversations happen there that really enhanced the curriculum. Also, a word about Lela herself: I really appreciate the sass she brings to this class along with her expertise. At no point was I ever bored, even when she drilled down into the most minute details. LBU is an excellent class for any independent business that wants to get into or ramp up its wholesale program.
Reviewed by
05/28/2015 - 11:30:18 PM
Wholesale Empowerment
This course will give you the confidence to wholesale to anyone. Lela arms you with the paperwork to back you up, information to understand how to approach your "dream" stockists and explains the ins and outs of wholesale in an easy to understand no nonsense way.

The time difference for me (Australia) and Lela (USA), has meant that I was unable to attend any of the live calls, however I have been active in the Facebook group and that has been a Godsend. Any question I have posed has been answered extremely quickly and nothing has been off limits. Melissa, the client concierge has been fabulous and has performed well beyond her duties. I wish her every joy with her new bundle of joy soon to arrive.

I would highly encourage everyone to attend Lela's LBU program - it is worth every cent.
Reviewed by
05/28/2015 - 10:01:51 PM
Well Worth Every Penny!
LBU is well worth your time and business dollars. Lela has stripped down the mystery of wholesaling into very carefully planned out modules, giving you the tools needed to grow your business to the next level. Lela is a fabulous teacher (she'll make you laugh, too!) and is refreshingly open and honest about what she has learned in her years of growing her own business. I personally feel that I will look back over my business timeline to see that LBU was the turning point of my career. What I love about Lela, is that she genuinely wants you to succeed. To anyone who is contemplating signing up for LBU, roll up your sleeves and prepare to work hard! Lela will be by your side guiding you and encouraging you all the way!
Reviewed by
05/27/2015 - 11:28:56 PM
Lela unlocks the mystery of selling wholesale in an easy to follow, well-presented program that is well worth the tuition. You'll work your "tushy" off but the benefits are well worth it. Think of LBU as a gym membership for your business. Thanks Lela for getting Girly Goats fit for the wholesale experience
Reviewed by
05/27/2015 - 10:17:20 AM
Do This Now - it's a WIN-WIN
LBU is the best business decision you can make! I wish I had done this FIRST. Lela is a great Leader, Teacher, Mentor and all of the interaction with classmates from all over the country & world offers phenomenal support.

The Handouts & comprehensive teaching materials are easy to follow, thoughtfully produced and provoke personal and professional insights. The entire process has been so enriching. Business growth is a natural outcome of this truly intensive process.

Trust the excellent reviews you read about LBU. It really is a Win-Win for you and your business.
Reviewed by
03/20/2015 - 11:25:17 AM
Rock solid!
So wishing I had this course four years ago! Lela is a fine communicator and motivational speaker and causes you to want to get up and starting working/building your empire! The information provided is solid and easy to implement into an existing business. Clarity for goals and the ideal customer are things that escaped me among so many other things. I know I am well equipped now to move forward with my eyes wide open. The future looks grand. Thank you, Lela.
Reviewed by
03/11/2015 - 11:37:17 AM
Just do it!
If you are on the fence then jump off, sign up and buckle in for one hell of a ride! It is impossible to describe the depth and width of material. It is impossible to describe how much Lela cares about your success. It is impossible to describe how much this course will change your business. If you want your business, no matter how big or small, to go the distance then you need this class. LBU is Pure Gold!
Reviewed by
03/09/2015 - 10:22:24 AM
How to become a force to be reckoned with!
I have been in business for over 10 years (and doing wholesale for almost as long), and believe it when I say that even if you think you already know it don't. I was already selling 6 figures consistently year after year, but now I can see 7 figures in my future!

Before I signed up for LBU, I dipped my toes in first with one of Lela's other classes. I was so blown away by the value of what I got that I knew that I had to sign up for LBU. If you aren't sure, maybe take one of Lela's other classes to see what she's all about. You will be on fire after that. I feel unstoppable right now!
Reviewed by
03/07/2015 - 11:42:16 PM
LBU Gave Me A Roadmap
Before LBU I feel I was floundering around. I didn't really know what needed to be done, I knew where I wanted to be, but I didn't know how to get there. LBU gave me a roadmap, very well organized, explained, and it made perfect sense. Lela began at the beginning, things one should have tightly nailed down before moving forward with the business. Each Module built beautifully upon the module before. Each exercise created the foundation for the next level of my business. The entire LBU experience was very well thought through and presented.

I would wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend this class to anyone who wants to move forward in an organized and thoughtful way. I will be taking more of Lela's classes.
Reviewed by
03/06/2015 - 07:23:40 AM
Money Well Spent
Having already been selling wholesale for a number of years, I wasn't sure if this course would be too basic. Not to worry! The course really helped me to solidy things I already had in place, revisit tactics that I had used early in my launch and sort of lost sight of in the day-to-day business of production, and reaffirmed ideas that I thought would be helpful, but just wasn't sure. I recommend this course to anyone selling wholesale, no matter where you are in the cycle.
Reviewed by
03/05/2015 - 10:50:03 PM
LBU Will Empower You!
LBU is essential for anyone thinking about wholesale. It will save you time and heartache as Lela takes your hand and navigates you through this intimidating world.

LBU is brilliantly put together every detail has been thoroughly thought out. Donâ
Reviewed by
03/04/2015 - 08:35:03 PM
LBU - a clear path for success
I tried to come up with a clever analogy to describe LBU - an educational roller coaster, or a turbo charged engine for your business, or an intricate puzzle laid out piece by piece. Then I realized that you don't need an analogy - you just need this:

LBU is the best money you will ever spend on your business. (You can stop reading now if you want.)

Lela has designed a program that teaches not just the fundamentals of wholesale, but presents a holistic, incredibly well thought out approach to elevating your business. She provides a wide range of tools, resources, insights & interviews that flow together to educate, inform, enlighten & amuse. She's like a guide who gives you a treasure map of how to navigate turbulent waters on your way to wholesale success.

I knew an analogy would slip in somehow.

But seriously, LBU rocks - Lela has an encyclopedic knowledge of the wholesale market & lays it out clearly & concisely, with each module building naturally off of the last. Along the way she'll share her own experiences, introduce you to valuable industry experts & colleagues, and never leave a single question or concern unanswered. If you want to take your business to the next level but aren't sure how, don't wait another second... take LBU.
Reviewed by
03/04/2015 - 07:20:44 PM
Learn from Lela
Lela's Secrets to Wholesale Success course contained an incredible amount of content, and spurred (pun intended) so many projects and ideas to help crystalize my brand and promote my business. In the 8 weeks of this course I learned *so* much and undoubtedly saved a tremendous amount of time not having to invent my own templates, scripts, checklists, and I'm sure that I have avoided several pitfalls and struggles that I might have faced had I opted to go it alone. I'm grateful that Lela is there offering her heart and soul, guiding us on this journey, and look forward to other course offerings. So worth it. Loved every minute! Lela, you truly rock it. Thank you!!
Reviewed by
03/04/2015 - 04:00:56 PM
Amazing Course, Amazing Instructor!
I feel incredibly fortunate to have discovered Lela Barker and her courses for "maker" entrepreneurs. Lela's courses will take you to the next level of professionalism and help you to navigate the sometimes murky waters of the wholesale business world. With the Secrets For Wholesale Success Course I now feel empowered to move forward in this arena with insight and confidence that I simply didn't have before taking the program. I'm still amazed that this terribly specific information is available and I'm terribly grateful to Lela for this offering. You're a fun, inspirational and talented teacher Lela! Thank you!!
Reviewed by
03/04/2015 - 11:27:18 AM
Reviewed by Wishbird
I cannot say enough about how this course has saved me... money, time, blood, sweat and surely tears! The coursework is outstanding and taught me so much about things I didn't even know I didn't know! Not to mention the things I thought I knew but didn't. The referrals and resource guides have helped me in every aspect of starting a business and have given me the confidence to move forward in the wholesale and tradeshow arena. Thank you, Lela for sharing your vast wealth of knowledge and experience to help each of us become successful entrepreneurs. It was not easy, but it was worth it and then some!
Reviewed by
02/26/2015 - 01:07:55 PM
Lela Barker is the real deal
Lela is an authentic guide for "makers" of all sorts into the world of wholesale programming. She specializes in providing huge amounts of information in easy-to-digest chunks. I was able to get my head on straight around our wholesale program.
Reviewed by
02/24/2015 - 11:35:15 AM
So Much Bang for your Buck
Lela gives you so much more than you even ask for, let alone, pay for. She is unbelievably organized and detailed and a great communicator. This has been the best investment I have ever made for myself. I have also taken her class, Good Manufacturing Processes and it is also exceptional. I look forward to taking more of her classes in the future.
Reviewed by
02/23/2015 - 12:57:45 PM
Money Well Spent!
If you think that you cannot afford this program...think again. You can't afford to NOT to take this program if you want to take you business to the next level. You will save yourself more money from the knowledge rather than making mistakes as you go AND we all know time is money.

I personally loved every minute of this and learned a ton. It was challenging, but in order to take my business to the next level, it had to happen. I've applied many of the lessons and look forward to implementing the rest.

Also, I appreciate Lela's wisdom and highly recommend her for LBU and any other class/consult.
Reviewed by
02/23/2015 - 12:43:02 PM
Education is Power!
Why do a majority of small businesses fail? Because they don't focus on the business side of the business! Sometime you just didn't know what you didn't know!

Lela gave me all the tools and information to make my passion for making handcrafted products a successful wholesale business in the LBU program. To figure out all the pricing strategies, sales channels options, legal considerations, marketing strategies, etc on your own would cost thousands of dollars in both time and money. The amount of educational information received in this class is abundant to say the least. I was quite surprised having worked with other consultants in the past. I never seem to get what I paid for with them but that is not the case with LBU. You will walk away with a detailed plan to put into action immediately not to mention a plethora of resources and contacts that have already proven valuable.
If you want a sustainable business, take this class! Thank you Lela and the Lucky Break Staff!
Reviewed by
09/19/2014 - 01:47:05 PM
My best investment yet!
When my online sales weren't cutting it, I decided wholesale was the way to go. I'm so happy I came across this program because I saved SO much time and money by learning all of Lela's secrets before attempting it on my own. Wholesale can be tricky but after taking this course I am confident I can + WILL be successful in wholesale!
Reviewed by
09/02/2014 - 02:20:18 PM
Another Stratosphere!
This program has propelled me into another stratosphere! I'm flying so high on this LBU cloud! Every day I have to contain myself because I want to implement and experience everything taught at Lucky Break Consulting. This difinately was my big break!
Reviewed by
09/02/2014 - 10:10:13 AM
Best Business Investment I've Ever Made!
LBU Secrets to Wholesale success is the best investment Iâ
Reviewed by
08/30/2014 - 02:29:42 AM
Clear your schedule and make it happen
I can't say enough good about LBU and the attention to detail Lela has given this course. This is not one of those cheerleading courses full of fluff but no real direction or backbone. Lela gives the information, tools and instructions on how to make your business successful. Clear your schedule, sell your piano if you need to come up with some cash and make it happen. You will be glad you did. This is an investment in your business and your future. LBU has without a doubt saved me time and money in the mistakes I could have made along the way.
Reviewed by
08/29/2014 - 06:37:20 PM
LBU Wholesale Success Course
I took the LBU Wholesale class without actually having had any retail transactions under my belt. At first, I thought that I had made a mistake by registering too soon. Turns out...that this was indeed a lucky break for me. I can now see how I have advantaged myself in many ways. I don't think I'll be making to many rookie mistakes now. The insight the class has given me has blown my mind.

Yes, it has been a bit overwhelming at times as this is definitely a time intensive class...but isn't that what you're paying for? Anyway, the material is invaluable. This woman is truly a saint for sharing her secrets of success. God bless you Lela and thank you so very much!!!
Reviewed by
08/29/2014 - 03:00:19 PM
Hard work, but really fun!
I'm so happy that I signed up for LBU. Lela's teaching style is incredibly thoughtful and she's very thorough as she goes over the coursework. It's a lot of work (and the work won't be done at the end of 8 weeks), but I signed up for this course hoping to grow as a business person, and I know I have. Working along with my classmates and sharing our triumphs and questions in the facebook group has been really motivating and also a lot of fun! I'm still surprised by just how much has been covered and the amount of time Lela has dedicated to prepping the material and interacting with us daily in the facebook group and weekly answering our questions during the office hours call. She must not sleep!
Reviewed by
08/29/2014 - 06:07:25 AM
Game Changer!
There have been a few times in my life when things didn't go as I was hoping...or completely failed. In retrospect, I realized I didn't the get answers and results I wanted because I didn't even know the questions to ask to begin with. At this time and place in my life, I can't afford to make too many wrong decisions, so I've been hesitant in opening my business and have moved slowly and cautiously. Somehow I wagered that wholesaling from the very start would be the answer for me. So I took a leap of faith and enrolled in LBU. I feel 100% confident that this was definitely not another bad choice. This program is packed with 100's of answers to questions I'd never even thought of! Lela has loaded this program with an incredible amount of information, presented in a very orderly fashion. And if you're really lucky, you'll also get a laugh from a guy in a gas mask, a bug-eyed cat, and you'll fall in love with Willow, the dog. "Is he cuddling you??" I'm not a dog person, but that was precious!

So. Take a leap with the gracious, funny and sharp-witted Lela Barker, who jumps out of perfectly good planes for fun. Hang on to your pantyhose though, ladies. It's a very quick ride, but you'll be ready to hit the ground running!
Reviewed by
08/28/2014 - 11:54:27 AM
Clover Luxe Co.- Holly Kelley
LBU gave me SO much more than just some insight on wholesaling! Lela is a phenomenal leader and business woman. She goes above and beyond in not only creating the material for this program but in guiding you through every step and leaving no question unanswered. The support system she creates for the class is AMAZING! I came out of this program feeling enlightened, prepared and and empowered. The best part is that I not only have the blueprint now to get my show on the road but also the opportunity to continue receiving guidance as I build my own empire brick by brick! Thank you Lela for what you do!
Reviewed by
08/28/2014 - 11:30:30 AM
Just When You Think You Know It...
This was by far one of the most valuable investments to our business. Just when you think you know pretty much what you think you know about entrepreneurship, this course greatly enhances that knowledge. Lela is very hands on and the FB group is very supportive. Our eyes have been opened to an entire new world of awesomeness and greater awareness of honing our brand and vision for our company. I highly highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to take their business to the next level.
Reviewed by
08/28/2014 - 10:36:22 AM
Nancy Ihlefeld - I H L E
I am building a new company, not already existing, so before LBU the wholesale world just seemed so much bigger than me and was intimidating. I would google things like line sheets and order forms that I heard was needed to approach wholesale stores, and I could see how to layout information but I didn't know how to come up with my own information. I really felt unstable like I was shooting from the hip, and it would halt all my efforts. The confidence I have now after only 8 weeks is just amazing. I know I'm still green, and stores may know this too, but at least it will show that I've put in effort into learning the ropes and being professional.
I could go on and on about the knowledge you gain, it's massive. Many may know this information, but not all can organize it and teach it. Lela not only has a knack for teaching, she loves to see you succeed and does everything to give you more than she promised. An amazing woman! It's no wonder she's a success. She goes above and beyond for the class. You get more than bargained for, for sure.
I researched Lela before I took the class. Contacted a few of the Alumni, to ask if their testimonials were legit, and if they could enlighten me on their experience. I got nothing but positive feedback telling me "it's so worth it! Take the class." I would be more than happy to reiterate my positive experience to anyone. If you're on the fence, don't be. You found this class for a reason. You will benefit from it.
Reviewed by
08/28/2014 - 12:17:53 AM
Luck is when Opportunity meet Preparedness
By this definition, be prepared to GET LUCKY when you take the opportunity to enroll and participate in this program. It brings clarity and instruction in vital areas of a maker's business. From honing in on your ideal customer and retail partners to product photography, website design and supporting wholesale documents such as line sheets, order forms and catalogs. Also covered is information on hiring sales reps, trade shows and expert interviews which inspired me to continue to go forth and create MY success. In my opinion, it's a Master's Level Class with the added benefit from the synergy of maker's from varied backgrounds and industries. I'm so proud to have invested in a more successful future for my company by implementing the tools from LBU: Secrets To Wholesale Success!
Reviewed by
08/27/2014 - 08:15:16 PM
Hard work, but really fun!
I can't believe the level of dedication Lela puts into this program. She's gone far above and beyond anything I ever expected. Each week she lays out the coursework so thoughtfully and thoroughly. In addition, she's created a welcoming community for all of the students - a place where it feels safe to share work in progress and ask really personal business questions and receive helpful and encouraging feedback. I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to grow with other entrepreneurial women and to get to know Lela! One more thing: this course is hard work if you want to get anything out of it, but it's so fun to feel empowered!
Reviewed by
08/27/2014 - 04:05:21 PM
Waaay more than just a course on wholesaling!
Lela's course has been by far the best investment I've made in my business!

And, while the focus is on wholesale, Lela delivers so much more! She teaches important, foundational principles that are absolutely crucial in order to run a successful business.

This is an intensive and thorough course. You understand right away that Lela takes it very seriously. She wants you to get all you can out of it. You really feel that you are being taken under her wing and mentored by someone who has walked this road before you.

One of the awesome benefits is meeting all of the wonderful people taking the course with me. It is so important to be part of a supportive community of those taking the same journey!

I am SO glad that I had the opportunity to take this course! I feel energized, encouraged and inspired to really go for it and take my business to the next level!

Thank you, Lela! You truly are an inspiration and an amazing person!

(Hey - anyone who jumps out of a plane to de-stress once in a while has to be amazing, right?)
Reviewed by
08/27/2014 - 02:49:30 PM
LBU Secrets to Wholesale Success is the best investment Iâ
LBU Secrets to Wholesale Success is the best investment Iâ
Reviewed by
08/27/2014 - 02:04:20 PM
Just a beginner? Come on in!
If you are literally just starting your business and you're thinking about taking this course but then bookmark this site and leave thinking you'll sign up when you're more established, noooooo! That would be one of the worse business decisions you could ever make. :)
As a "newbie", the LBU program takes your hand and walks with you along all the thorny paths to getting your business where it needs to be so that you can confidently and successfully dive right into the world of wholesale. The program literally maps everything out for you and most importantly, equips you with so many tools I promise you will not find anywhere else.
I'm just starting out in my business and taking this course has been one of the best investments, if not, THE best investment I've made.
Reviewed by
08/27/2014 - 01:24:20 PM
So worth it!
I am on my last week of LBU! I have to admit that I am a bit sad. I have so loved this program!! All the learning, all the friendships formed, all the giant leaps forward in my business! Lela knows what she is doing, and she teaches so much more than how to wholesale. I can not recommend LBU enough!

Suzanne Seagren
Lost Creek Soaps
Reviewed by
08/27/2014 - 12:21:56 PM
Thank Goodness I Took This Course!
I'm so glad that this course came across my path while I'm in the early stages of developing my brand. While I couldn't complete every single exercise as we came to it, because I just wasn't there yet, each module has provided me tremendous insight and a whopper of a road map that will guide me through everything I need to do as I get to the next step in the process. I'm 100% confident that when I finally do launch my wholesale program, I'll have everything I need to be successful. Lela does an absolutely amazing job at providing an in-depth, well-rounded, interesting, and easy to follow program - I'm incredibly impressed. I have no doubt that having taken this course will save me thousands of dollars and many, many hours worth of mistakes, so it is worth every single dime from a practical standpoint. The interactions with the other makers in the class has been wonderful also. I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who is serious about conquering the world of wholesale - you'll be so glad you did.
Reviewed by
08/27/2014 - 12:18:41 PM
Above & Beyond
From new businesses to established businesses this course is absolutely a stunner!
I felt like I had a good hold on our business, but there was actually so much more out there! I love the fact that now I'm so revved up and excited to get to that next level and to just be an awesome business owner.

I've learned so much! It's amazing! I just love this course.
It's opens the door for so much more, and goes above and beyond my expectations.

Thank you Lela for being so generous, wonderful and YOU :)

Love, Khadija
Reviewed by
08/27/2014 - 12:12:50 PM
Secrets to Wholesale Success is a "MUST" for Women Entrepreneurs!
Lela is a wholesale goddess! She delivers on her promise for sharing all the most important information you need to take your wholesale business to the next level. The coursework is replete with real world examples, expert interviews and the nuts and bolts of wholesaling. The worksheets are priceless and her upbeat personality makes everything feel do-able. She's truly a pleasure to learn from. If you're a woman on a mission, get ready to go on a wholesale ride with Lela Barker! -Jayme Barrett, Founder
Reviewed by
08/27/2014 - 12:10:09 PM
Best Class So Far in the Lucky Break Consulting Program
It's a really thorough program. She's not kidding when she says to clear your schedule. I STAYED enthralled, waiting with baited breath for the next video. I'm so glad I took this class, even more thankful that Lela makes it available. A lot of info I thought I might already know because Bill does trade shows with his moving business, but his view has always been from the dredge side of trade shows. This is the VENDOR side and well worth every penny I paid and more. I've learned so much it's incredible. Everything is laid bare and open for discussion. There are line sheets, Business sheets, Website, Facebook, Word Press, etc, etc, tutorials and examples galore. She even includes referrals so you won't have to spend precious time searching for someone to do a great job and they ALREADY know what you're looking for so it's a no brainer. Then there's Price O Matic, which that alone is worth the ticket. The list just goes on and on. You will just have to take the class and see for yourself. You will be dazzled and amazed weekly. There is a call in Q&A on Fridays. EVERY question you can think of is answered in concise, easy to understand answers, complete with examples. And then there's the Alumni~ An awesome group of friends you will cherish forever. Take it~ don't be stupid~ Just Take It! Trust me.
Reviewed by
04/22/2014 - 09:28:51 AM
This program is a game changer.
This investment completely changed the way I thought about doing business. I own a small local bath and body company and when I invested in this business last year, I could have never anticipated the amount of growth I would experience in my business after implementing the strategies that Lela taught.
Now, a year later, I'm in a very different place with my business. I got 3 more wholesale accounts for Tehacha-Bee Farm in just the last month, and I was thinking about how last year this time I knew so little about what the heck I was doing. I would have had no idea what to do if I had an honest-to-goodness inquiry about wholesaling my product! Now I can send them line sheets and order forms, am clear on my terms, and have a system for following up with them and making sure they're taken care well as planning for my own growth. I'll always be so grateful for this program and will sing its praises from the rooftops to any growing entrepreneur that I meet.
Reviewed by
04/16/2014 - 10:15:14 PM
Saved Me Thousands of Dollars in Mistakes
The saying "you don't know what you don't know" certainly applies here. I was on the fence before taking this course, thinking I knew it all (because I spent 10+ years in high-end retail).. so I knew I would get *something* valuable, BUT... this class oh-so-humbled me and I have to say looking back, it has saved me thousands of dollars in mistakes I would have made (if I hadn't taken the course). Lela's style is down-to-earth and she doesn't leave anything out.. the good, the bad and the ugly. Her own stories of failures and successes were such amazing learning tools. One of the most surprising things I gained from this class was the camaraderie I now share with the other students. It's a bond that will last a lifetime. I now know I am not alone in my fears and that no dream is too big!
Reviewed by
04/16/2014 - 05:38:38 PM
The best investment I've made in myself and my business
This course was soooooo worth it. Almost immediately, I was changing my business -- refining it to be better and more true to our brand. We re-did our photos with an eye towards catalog-readiness, re-did our line sheets, created a wholesaler portal, got accepted to Unique LA (a prestigious juried show), learned how to create leads and talk to stockists (retailers), and so much more. We have had dozens of compliments, several hundred dollars in orders (and I'm sure there are more to come), and have built our credibility among retailers.

I think of all the potential pitfalls that I was able to sidestep because of this class... all those tears and expensive mistakes and burned bridges that I didn't have to go through... it's SO WORTH IT.

Not only that, I made friends with dynamic, creative, interesting, driven, inspirational, honest, helpful peers.

I can't recommend this class enough. These are lessons that you couldn't learn for free if you scoured every blog in the world... and it's all right here in one handy class.

Plus, Lela is amazing. Like, truly amazing. There are kinda not words for how amazing she is.
04/15/2014 - 02:51:06 PM
LBU has changed my businesses future!
I could not wait to get into class, and yes, it exceeded all my expectations. The tools, expert advise, resources and worksheets are clear, concise and compelling. I have a awesome peer group to boot, they are always so helpful and giving. Lela Barker and her staff are the best! The whole experience has been exciting and wonderful!
Reviewed by
04/15/2014 - 12:26:39 PM
What you don't know you don't know!
That sums up this course for me. I thought we were doing okay... plugging along doing our thing, living in the isolation of a maker doing their best to build a business. I signed up for this course for the last week's lesson on scaling, thinking that what I really needed to learn was how to better scale our business. Gob-smacked at the first week's lesson about what I didn't know I didn't know! Where I thought we were solid, I was rocked to our core. From reassessing our brand (which we were solid on using, but didn't really express who we are - imagine?!?) to re-evaluating our product offering and who our target customer is. No, who that person really is, not just who I think it kind of is - put a face on it! Exercises, exercises, exercises. You work through each lesson and apply laser focus on how it applies to your business. I will be working the course for the next six months (at least) applying it to our business. One word: transformational. So, you think you know your business? Really? Really?? Push up the sleeves on you lab coat and find out. {Silk boxing gloves. I think that what Lela the coach, teacher, mentor, kickbutt entrepreneur wears. She beats the fluff out of your business, but somehow it feels good? And that, in and of itself, is pretty remarkable.}

Lynn Elko
Emma's Friends Soaps & Lotions
Reviewed by
04/14/2014 - 11:45:29 PM
LBU is a NO BRAINER for anyone who wants to excel in Wholesale!
I don't think I would be able to adequately express just HOW MUCH value this course has been to me. I feel blessed to have met Lela Barker and am blown away by just how much of herself she dedicates to her students and this course. I transformed from an absolute novice with no idea about the wholesale market to someone with unbelievable confidence and professionalism rearing to build my wholesale empire in just a couple of months.

The material has been well structured to move in the most wonderfully logical takes you from the most basic foundations all the way to running a very successful empire. The information provided is also really detailed with lots of handouts and resources but still easy to comprehend and act upon. I totally loved the module on building my brand and also learning to work with sales reps. The module on different payment methods was invaluable.

Last but definitely not the least is the amazing community that Lela manages to build around the course. With only 25 students at a time, the kind of relationships you build is invaluable. I was the only jeweler in my batch, but Lela always went an extra step to include me and my business in her teachings to keep the information relevant to me too. I cannot thank her enough for it :)

For anyone who is struggling with establishing a wholesale business, and even if you are already well established... believe me when I say that this is absolutely the BEST investment you can make to take your business to the next level.

Karpagam Gobalakrishna
Reviewed by
04/14/2014 - 11:39:58 PM
So Much More Than I Expected
This class was so much more than I had ever expected and I expected A LOT! I would have been pleasantly satisfied with the attention to every detail Lela Barker puts into every single second of her training and the motivational "mamma bear" way in which she approaches her course. I would have walked away fully prepared with the easy to follow and well thought out handouts, videos and expert interviews. What I didn't expect was the support, community and invaluable friendships created through this course that continues well after. If you are SERIOUS about taking it to the next level, I highly recommend this experience.
Reviewed by
05/24/2013 - 07:57:23 PM
LBU Secrets to Wholesale Success
I highly recommend Lucky Break University's Secrets to Wholesale Success course. I gained the knowledge and confidence to move my business forward into the wholesale arena. The concepts, tips, tools and expert advice provided by Lela and her panel of guest speakers exceeded my expectations. Lela is thoroughly committed to her students, and it shows in the exceptional quality of this class. Being able to network and build community with the other students was also very informative and encouraging. An overall excellent experience!

Starla Ledbetter
Roo Ranch Goat's Milk Soap
Reviewed by
05/24/2013 - 12:23:24 PM
Lucky to Have This Opportunity!
Lucky Break University has changed my world. Lela Barker is an excellent teacher with a heart of gold. Her willingness to share all that she's learned since starting Bella Lucce is worth far more than the price of admission. Secrets to Wholesale Success has armed me with the tools to take my business to new levels. I've learned that it takes more than 'a lucky break' to have a successful business. Lela's course taught me how to work smarter, not harder, to achieve my wildest aspirations.

Debbie Richards
Big Fat Soap
Reviewed by
05/24/2013 - 11:02:49 AM
Lela Barker's, Lucky Break UnLBU's Secrets to Wholesale Success Course
I can NOT express how much this course has helped with my business and my planning for the future. I've been in business for over 11 years and have been doing mostly wholesale but always felt a little lost in the details. Taking the "Secrets to Wholesale Success" was so full of information that I now feel like I have the correct tools to market my business effectively instead of "guessing" or "winging" it. I have taken many online courses and read articles/ebooks over the years but nothing is as detailed and full of applicable information that I immediately put into use. I'm rethinking my business from a more knowledgeable standpoint now and feel re-energized. Often we feel alone at times running our business and often wonder if you're doing it right or if it can be done better. The answer is yes! And Lela gives you the tools plus so much more that I didn't even know I needed! If you already have wholesale accounts and already have been running your business, this course is a definite boost for you too. This isn't about "starting your business" only, it's a BUSINESS GUIDE to profitability, to costing your products correctly and also how to market to wholesale customers and to buyers. I can't wait for the next course from LBU as I'll be the first to sign up again!!
Reviewed by
04/12/2013 - 03:03:59 PM
I highly recommend Lela Barker's, Lucky Break University, Secrets to Wholesale Success Course. Lela shares exceptional tools to assist in product wholesale and retail pricing; a crucial and fundamental aspect in business. The information she shares on website, branding, marketing and wholesaling is well worth its weight in gold. Lela also sets up a community platform for the students including herself to connect with each other and a go to place for additional support. This course is an exceptional value and worth ten times its cost.

Joan Morais