LBU On Demand Module 4: The Art of Woo’ing Wholesale Buyers
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LBU On Demand Module 4: The Art of Woo’ing Wholesale Buyers

Enjoy my flagship "how to wholesale" program for makers + product designers on your schedule. In this module, you'll learn precisely how to pitch via email, postcard and in person in a way that will capture a buyer’s attention – and their order.



Are you intimidated by the thought of approaching wholesale buyers?


Do you wish you knew what to say, what questions they'd ask and how to answer with confidence?


What's the etiquette involved with wholesale buyer outreach, anyway? Are you supposed to call? Email? Stop by? Send them something in the mail?


When a buyer reaches out to you, what you you do next? Should you send samples?


Once a buyer orders from you, how do you keep them happy and coming back for more?


For the past few years, I've had the great pleasure of helping passion-fueled creative brands build strategy-infused wholesale programs so they can get their products out of the garage and onto the shelves of their favorite stores. My LBU Secrets to Wholesale Success program has garnered rave reviews and it always sold out within days.


I'm pleased to introduce a new way to put the LBU curriculum to work for you! This is a self-paced, independent study of LBU Module 4.



Through a series of video workshops totaling just under 3 hours, you'll understand precisely how to pitch via email, postcard and in person in a way that will capture a buyer’s attention – and their order.


Dive into the video curriculum of LBU Module 4, complete the assignments and you'll an understanding of how (and how not) to pitch via email, phone, and postcard. You’ll also discover several of my tried and true methods to keep a stockiest happy and coming back for more. In this self-study module, you'll learn:


• How to know when you’re ready to start introducing your work to buyers


• The 4 keys to successful pitching


• The pro's + con's of pitching via email + phone


• How to format an email pitch that gets attention


• How to ring a buyer without torpedo’ing your chances


• The pro's + con's of pitching in-person + via postcard


• How to pitch in person without being an intrusive PITA


• Five ideal opportunities for postcard mailings


• How to design a postcard that captures attention


• Tips for keeping postcard costs under control


• My strategies for keeping stockists happy (+ ordering)


• How to pack a shipment like a total pro


• How to structure “one time exchanges” + exclusive product offers


• What a shelftalker is and how to design them for maximum efficacy


• How to design wholesale bundles to simplify ordering




Wishing you could hear directly from a retail buyer? I'm including an Expert Interview with Jessie White of Youngblood Boutique. She’s sharing her process for scouting new work and tells us how brand owners can rise above the market noise to capture buyer attention.




Each "LBU On Demand" module includes professionally-produced, carefully-curated video curriculum, delivered alongside an array of support materials designed to tailor the curriculum to your unique brand and help put the lessons into quick action.  The support materials for this module include:


Module 4 Workbook

A fill-in-the-blank workbook to streamline note-taking + ensure you capture all the important morsels of wisdom.


Module 4 Progress Tracker

Tick off the boxes as you complete each activity to keep yourself on track + "juice" the curriculum.


Template: Sample Pitch Email Script

Cut + paste the script template into a new Word document. Customize all the text in red brackets so that it’s tailored to your brand. Save the updated script + fire when ready!


Project Dossier: Creating Shelftalkers

This project has everything you need from A-Z to create gorgeous shelftalkers, including: inspiration, resources, and guidelines. Have at it… I can’t wait to see what you create!


Project Dossier: Creating Branded Postcards

This project has everything you need to create some seriously good postcards. Templates, printer recommendations, US Mail guidelines, and samples, too. Huzzah!


Project Dossier: Featuring Stockists On Your Blog

This project has everything you need to create get those featured stockist blogs rolling in! Think: suggested email script, suggested questions, and tips on managing the project


I'm often approached by creative brands who need specific pieces of the LBU program, but perhaps not the program in its entirety. Or entrepreneurs who need access like, yesterday. Although the LBU modules layer and build upon one another, LBU On Demand is a convenient way to take advantage of only the curriculum pieces you need on a schedule you design. If you're building your wholesale program from the ground up, I encourage you to work through the LBU On Demand modules in succession.