Registration for the Spring 2014 semester is SOLD OUT! I'd love to welcome you into the summer semester, which opens for enrollment on April 22, 2014. Pop your email address into the grey box at the top of this page to receive advance notification when enrollment reopens.

If you're a maker or creative entrepreneur wanting to learn how to wholesale your products, then you've come to the right place. If you've been hustling that side gig and dreaming of the day that you can quit your "day job" and finally build your empire, then I've been saving a seat for you in LBU...

Over the last decade, I've landed my Bella Luccè products on the shelves of more than 1,000 spas and boutiques, from Los Angeles to Dubai and New York to Nairobi. Wholesale business is the lifeblood of my multimillion dollar bath and body company and I’ve developed specialized techniques which catapulted Bella Lucce from a teeny tiny company producing products in my home kitchen to a thriving business with distributors around the globe and a savvy staff creating my proprietary b+b collection in our 7,500 square foot facility. Now, I'm sharing my secrets, tips & techniques with creative businesses looking to make a BIG splash in the world of wholesale.

Secrets to Wholesale Success is my premier mentoring program, designed for beauty entrepreneurs, ceramic artists, stationery girls, jewelry makers, cupcake bakers and apparel designers who are ready to step up their game and crack the wholesale code. You'll evolve from "I have no idea what shopkeepers want" into an agile + armed wholesale artist in six short weeks.

With LBU, Lela has packed 10 years of experience building a successful company into 7 weeks of awesome, designed to leave creative entrepreneurs ready to kick some serious wholesaling a$$!
- Jessika Hepburn, Oh My! Handmade
Lela Barker is the "How To Wholesale Your Products" Jedi Master
- Donna Maria Coles Johnson, Indie Business Network

10 Hours of Video Curriculum
Log into the LBU classroom each Monday to enjoy instant digital delivery of a new unit of study. I've harnessed my decade of experience as a maker and creative entrepreneur to build this program and the wisdom shared has been hard-won.  I've enjoyed tremendous success and a few massive failures and I intimately share all of that experience with LBU students in a layered, uniquely organized curriculum that builds from one week to the next. Curriculum is delivered via HD video and audio, so you both see and hear the material. When we talk about gorgeous product photography, brilliantly designed trade show booths and effective branding, you'll be provided with a treasure chest brimming with examples.

6 Expert Interviews
Wednesdays herald the arrival of a fresh interview each week, designed to drill deeper into one facet or another of our curriculum.  Meet web developers, branding specialists, business strategists and entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes. You'll have the opportunity to tap six brains to derive six times the benefit.  Oh, I do love that math! 

7 "Office Hour" Calls
We gather each Friday for ninety minutes of Q+A and roundtable discussions. Together, we review coursework, personalize curriculum, share resources and build community. All totaled, students have access to more than ten hours of group coaching and consulting. No question about wholesale is off-limits and these discussions are packed with wisdom and advice. 

Dozens of Printer-Friendly Handouts
No mindless mimeograph worksheets allowed! These smartly-designed handouts organize your thoughts, tailor the curriculum and guide you through a series of thought-provoking exercises to build your unique wholesale program. On your very first day of class, I'll hand over resource lists, databases, contracts, marketing materials, templates and checklists galore.

24/7 Support + Community
One of the most celebrated components of LBU is the community that’s forged among students. Entrepreneurship is often a lonely path, but LBU students connect daily at our private Facebook group to share resources, cheer each other on, brainstorm and lend advice. The inaugural session of LBU logged more than 400 posts and 2,000 comments in the first six weeks of the program, all within a "circle of trust" that's carried forward long after my graduation gifts have been delivered. I keep class sizes small to foster that community and ensure that each student receives personalized attention.

Price-O-Matic Software
You can't possibly succeed in the wholesale market without having a firm grip on product costs and overhead expenses. My Price-O-Matic software takes the guesswork out of product pricing and crunches those pesky numbers for you, to develop a pricing strategy that ensures profitability.  The software is accompanied by a 60 minute video workshop to help you master the fundamentals of pricing, along with a video tutorial of the software itself. This program alone sells for $149, but LBU students receive it as part of their Week 1 curriculum.

6 Behind-The-Scenes Case Studies
I've sweet-talked six of my entrepreneurial friends into sharing their top-secret wholesale information with LBU students. I've developed their wholesale catalogs, order forms and line sheets into case studies to highlight best practices that serve as a launching pad as you create your own marketing materials. LBU students coo over these case studies and praise them as priceless tools that bring together all the essential elements of effective branding and marketing.

Presents + Surprises
Who doesn't love gifts? Each LBU student receives a copy of my book upon enrollment and a special gift upon graduation.  I can't tell you what it is, but I can tell you that I'm one hell of a shopper!

I realize how fantastically busy we all are, so I’ve designed LBU to fit conveniently into lifestyles + schedules:

• Video Curriculum Units and Expert Interviews are available 24/7 at the LBU classroom, so you can learn at your own pace any time of day or night. One new unit and one new interview are released each week, enabling us to pace ourselves as we move through the course.

• The schedule for all seven Office Hour Calls is released months before each semester kicks off, so mark your calendars and plan ahead to join us. In fact, the Office Hours schedule for the spring 2014 semester is already available, so go ahead and save the dates!

• Office Hour Calls are recorded and uploaded to the LBU classroom as mp3’s, so you can catch the action, even if you can’t join the live call. Download them to your iPod and replay them on the way to work (at that job that you won’t be keeping for much longer…)

• Did I mention 24/7 networking and question-asking at the private LBU Facebook? Seriously, these people barely sleep!

• Week four is our “Implementation Week” – a week to rest + catch up on the first half of the course.  We’ll still gather for Office Hours, so dive in, gather your queries and meet me on Friday for a spirited Q+A.

You have a creative product you currently market or if you have a creative product developed and ready to bring to market.

You want to transform your “side hustle” into a thriving business that sustains you.

You’re committed to working hard. LBU is a phenomenal system, but it won’t work itself!

You’ve yearned for a community of support on your entrepreneurial journey.

You’ve longed for a mentor to guide you as you navigate your business.

You crave practical information + actionable advice.

I've welcomed nail polish queens, mineral makeup mavens, soapmakers and aromatherapists into the program. Think LBU is just for the beauty industry? Certainly not. The curriculum is universally applicable to makers and the case studies included with the program analyze a variety of industries, including: housewares, textiles, products for children and paper goods. I've welcomed photographers, stationery artists and seamstresses into the program with great success and each student receives individual attention, so that you and I enjoy the opportunity to tailor this curriculum to your specific business. Registrants for the spring semester include a baker and a children's clothing designer and I'd love to welcome you, too!

I recommend that you sit this one out if you’re in the very early stages of product development or if you’re unable to commit 5 hours per week for seven consecutive weeks in order to grow your business on a massive scale. It's important to note that the program isn't designed for those offering services. But makers? Oh, yesss.

What makes LBU different from other programs?

     1. Only 30 students are accepted into each semester.  Small class sizes ensure that each and every student receives personalized attention at our private Facebook site and Office Hour calls. LBU isn't formulaic (do this and you'll make $250,000!). This program is tailored and personalized to each student.  When I call it a "personal mentoring" program, I assure you that it is precisely that!

     2. LBU is designed from the perspective of a maker who's spent ten successful years in the wholesale business. Buyers and sales reps have unique perspectives and we tap into those via our Expert Interview series, but the LBU curriculum is built from the unique vantage point of a maker.  Our discussions include pieces of the puzzle which are unique to our genre (scaling production, etc.) and are offered from the perspective of someone who's likely faced the same challenges you're facing right now.

     3. LBU students enjoy community support.  Our private Facebook group is an ongoing source of encouragement, advice and inspiration long after you've graduated from the program.  Through this course, you'll enjoy the opportunity to build a network of fellow makers and creatives who continue to mastermind and help each other grow.

     4. Lucky Break University is the most comprehensive "how to wholesale" program available. We don't learn bits and pieces of the wholesale game... we take a "whole picture" approach. From branding and product pricing to the art of the pitch, from trade shows to sales reps and strategies to keep your stockists happy + ordering, LBU provides a broad, multifaceted education in the world of wholesale.

Tuition for the summer class of 2014 is $999. 

My hourly consulting rate is $195, but LBU students enjoy 10 hours of teaching, 10 hours of group coaching + consulting, dozens of worksheets, my Price-O-Matic software, daily support, a team of experts and a supportive community for a fraction of that cost with this program.  Because I want to extend an opportunity for everyone to participate in LBU, students may elect to spread the tuition cost into 3 monthly payments of $283 each.

Class sizes are small (just 25 students!) and space is extremely limited.

... to quit your day job and pursue your dreams?
... to build the life you’ve been imagining?
... to make money rather than just keep busy?
... to find your people and build your community?
... to simultaneously make art and make a living?

If so, then LBU is ready for you!

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Click here to access the LBU FAQ.

Registration for the Spring 2014 semester is SOLD OUT! I'd love to welcome you into the next semester opening later in 2014. Hop on my mailing list to receive advance notification when enrollment reopens.

LBU isn't just for startups. The education, resources & worksheets have helped me rethink my business to achieve better productivity on all levels.
- Teri Patterson, Body Systems
"Above and beyond" really doesn't sum up your dedication to LBU. This was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my business. Lela has left no detail uncovered. I fully recommend this course to those who seriously want to build their empire!
- Roslyne Johnson, Maya India Spa
Hard to say goodbye on the last call, so let's just call it the beginning of years of support and cheering on for each other. Lela, you are a gift to this world. Thank you for helping guide our passion and drive.
-Kristie McNamara, Tilvee
The information shared in LBU is worth ten times the cost.
- Joan Morais, Joan Morais Naturals
This has been hands-down the very best investment for my business! In 6 weeks I have gained a wealth of information from the sessions, interviews, discussions (in depth, witty and deep) and more that would have taken me years, otherwise! I now belong to a community that is helping and encouraging each other.
- Angela Minaro


Every last desk reserved for the Spring 2014 semester was claimed with a week of opening enrollment! The program will run again later in the year and I'd love to reserve a seat just for you. Scroll to the top of this page and add yourself to the LBU mailing list in that clever grey box to receive advance notification and snag your spot. In the meantime, I hope to see you on Facebook!
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Reviewed by Debbier0412
05/24/2013 - 12:23:24 PM
Lucky to Have This Opportunity!
Lucky Break University has changed my world. Lela Barker is an excellent teacher with a heart of gold. Her willingness to share all that she's learned since starting Bella Lucce is worth far more than the price of admission. Secrets to Wholesale Success has armed me with the tools to take my business to new levels. I've learned that it takes more than 'a lucky break' to have a successful business. Lela's course taught me how to work smarter, not harder, to achieve my wildest aspirations.

Debbie Richards
Big Fat Soap
Reviewed by teejlp
05/24/2013 - 11:02:49 AM
Lela Barker's, Lucky Break UnLBU's Secrets to Wholesale Success Course
I can NOT express how much this course has helped with my business and my planning for the future. I've been in business for over 11 years and have been doing mostly wholesale but always felt a little lost in the details. Taking the "Secrets to Wholesale Success" was so full of information that I now feel like I have the correct tools to market my business effectively instead of "guessing" or "winging" it. I have taken many online courses and read articles/ebooks over the years but nothing is as detailed and full of applicable information that I immediately put into use. I'm rethinking my business from a more knowledgeable standpoint now and feel re-energized. Often we feel alone at times running our business and often wonder if you're doing it right or if it can be done better. The answer is yes! And Lela gives you the tools plus so much more that I didn't even know I needed! If you already have wholesale accounts and already have been running your business, this course is a definite boost for you too. This isn't about "starting your business" only, it's a BUSINESS GUIDE to profitability, to costing your products correctly and also how to market to wholesale customers and to buyers. I can't wait for the next course from LBU as I'll be the first to sign up again!!
Reviewed by sledbett
05/24/2013 - 07:57:23 PM
LBU Secrets to Wholesale Success
I highly recommend Lucky Break University's Secrets to Wholesale Success course. I gained the knowledge and confidence to move my business forward into the wholesale arena. The concepts, tips, tools and expert advice provided by Lela and her panel of guest speakers exceeded my expectations. Lela is thoroughly committed to her students, and it shows in the exceptional quality of this class. Being able to network and build community with the other students was also very informative and encouraging. An overall excellent experience!

Starla Ledbetter
Roo Ranch Goat's Milk Soap
Reviewed by celticcomplexion
04/16/2014 - 10:15:14 PM
Saved Me Thousands of Dollars in Mistakes
The saying "you don't know what you don't know" certainly applies here. I was on the fence before taking this course, thinking I knew it all (because I spent 10+ years in high-end retail).. so I knew I would get *something* valuable, BUT... this class oh-so-humbled me and I have to say looking back, it has saved me thousands of dollars in mistakes I would have made (if I hadn't taken the course). Lela's style is down-to-earth and she doesn't leave anything out.. the good, the bad and the ugly. Her own stories of failures and successes were such amazing learning tools. One of the most surprising things I gained from this class was the camaraderie I now share with the other students. It's a bond that will last a lifetime. I now know I am not alone in my fears and that no dream is too big!
Reviewed by outlawsoaps
04/16/2014 - 05:38:38 PM
The best investment I've made in myself and my business
This course was soooooo worth it. Almost immediately, I was changing my business -- refining it to be better and more true to our brand. We re-did our photos with an eye towards catalog-readiness, re-did our line sheets, created a wholesaler portal, got accepted to Unique LA (a prestigious juried show), learned how to create leads and talk to stockists (retailers), and so much more. We have had dozens of compliments, several hundred dollars in orders (and I'm sure there are more to come), and have built our credibility among retailers.

I think of all the potential pitfalls that I was able to sidestep because of this class... all those tears and expensive mistakes and burned bridges that I didn't have to go through... it's SO WORTH IT.

Not only that, I made friends with dynamic, creative, interesting, driven, inspirational, honest, helpful peers.

I can't recommend this class enough. These are lessons that you couldn't learn for free if you scoured every blog in the world... and it's all right here in one handy class.

Plus, Lela is amazing. Like, truly amazing. There are kinda not words for how amazing she is.
Reviewed by lynnelko
04/15/2014 - 12:26:39 PM
What you don't know you don't know!
That sums up this course for me. I thought we were doing okay... plugging along doing our thing, living in the isolation of a maker doing their best to build a business. I signed up for this course for the last week's lesson on scaling, thinking that what I really needed to learn was how to better scale our business. Gob-smacked at the first week's lesson about what I didn't know I didn't know! Where I thought we were solid, I was rocked to our core. From reassessing our brand (which we were solid on using, but didn't really express who we are - imagine?!?) to re-evaluating our product offering and who our target customer is. No, who that person really is, not just who I think it kind of is - put a face on it! Exercises, exercises, exercises. You work through each lesson and apply laser focus on how it applies to your business. I will be working the course for the next six months (at least) applying it to our business. One word: transformational. So, you think you know your business? Really? Really?? Push up the sleeves on you lab coat and find out. {Silk boxing gloves. I think that what Lela the coach, teacher, mentor, kickbutt entrepreneur wears. She beats the fluff out of your business, but somehow it feels good? And that, in and of itself, is pretty remarkable.}

Lynn Elko
Emma's Friends Soaps & Lotions
Reviewed by jodiekoehn
04/15/2014 - 02:51:06 PM
LBU has changed my businesses future!
I could not wait to get into class, and yes, it exceeded all my expectations. The tools, expert advise, resources and worksheets are clear, concise and compelling. I have a awesome peer group to boot, they are always so helpful and giving. Lela Barker and her staff are the best! The whole experience has been exciting and wonderful!
Reviewed by jvaala
04/14/2014 - 11:45:29 PM
LBU is a NO BRAINER for anyone who wants to excel in Wholesale!
I don't think I would be able to adequately express just HOW MUCH value this course has been to me. I feel blessed to have met Lela Barker and am blown away by just how much of herself she dedicates to her students and this course. I transformed from an absolute novice with no idea about the wholesale market to someone with unbelievable confidence and professionalism rearing to build my wholesale empire in just a couple of months.

The material has been well structured to move in the most wonderfully logical takes you from the most basic foundations all the way to running a very successful empire. The information provided is also really detailed with lots of handouts and resources but still easy to comprehend and act upon. I totally loved the module on building my brand and also learning to work with sales reps. The module on different payment methods was invaluable.

Last but definitely not the least is the amazing community that Lela manages to build around the course. With only 25 students at a time, the kind of relationships you build is invaluable. I was the only jeweler in my batch, but Lela always went an extra step to include me and my business in her teachings to keep the information relevant to me too. I cannot thank her enough for it :)

For anyone who is struggling with establishing a wholesale business, and even if you are already well established... believe me when I say that this is absolutely the BEST investment you can make to take your business to the next level.

Karpagam Gobalakrishna
Reviewed by sparklefly
04/14/2014 - 11:39:58 PM
So Much More Than I Expected
This class was so much more than I had ever expected and I expected A LOT! I would have been pleasantly satisfied with the attention to every detail Lela Barker puts into every single second of her training and the motivational "mamma bear" way in which she approaches her course. I would have walked away fully prepared with the easy to follow and well thought out handouts, videos and expert interviews. What I didn't expect was the support, community and invaluable friendships created through this course that continues well after. If you are SERIOUS about taking it to the next level, I highly recommend this experience.
Reviewed by joanmorais
04/12/2013 - 03:03:59 PM
I highly recommend Lela Barker's, Lucky Break University, Secrets to Wholesale Success Course. Lela shares exceptional tools to assist in product wholesale and retail pricing; a crucial and fundamental aspect in business. The information she shares on website, branding, marketing and wholesaling is well worth its weight in gold. Lela also sets up a community platform for the students including herself to connect with each other and a go to place for additional support. This course is an exceptional value and worth ten times its cost.

Joan Morais