I've seen the smoke signals you've been sending out into the universe. Through my work with hundreds of creative brands, I've come to understand the kind of tools you need to navigate the next obstacle and level up your business.

I invite you to roll up your sleeves and dive into these instantly-downloadable workshops. Each one has been thoughtfully designed to save time and abolish anxiety while ensuring that you make the best decisions to build your creative brand on solid footing.

My Resource Library is an entrepreneurial toolbox stocked with:

  • Wisdom-filled videos
  • Cut + paste templates
  • Editable forms
  • Actionable strategies

Each information-rich workshop contains all the tools, pep talks, and resources needed to fortify a singular facet of your business. Even better? You can knock out each project in an afternoon, and many of them require less than an hour.

Three cheers for saving time, hustling with confidence, and building the empire of your dreams!

Creating Simple + Easy MSDS Sheets >
Are you a beauty brand selling to spas and salons? If so, then you've likely heard the term "MSDS," but do you know what those documents are all about? More importantly, did you know that the federal government *requires* that you create them for your products? 'Tis true! I'll teach you the in's and out's of who needs them, how to create them, and why they’re oh-so-necessary. Put my included MSDS template to work and you'll be able to whip out a complete, compliant MSDS for any product in less than an hour. Huzzah!
Ready to expand your team? This packet of instantly-delivered, done-for-you applications, manuals + contracts will make the process infinitely easier, establishing the framework needed to build relationships, minimize turnover and protect your tuckus.
Master Plan for My Best Year Yet >
Ever feel like your businesses is a runaway train, speeding ahead at full steam while you frantically chase behind it? Too many of us do! But your business can’t flourish if you’re always coming from behind. My proven roadmap will get you back in the saddle with a series of thoughtful exercises designed to make the coming year your very best yet.
Product Description Blueprint >
The battle for hearts, minds, and open wallets is fought on the battlefield of product descriptions. The right marketing copy can evolve a customer from "meh" to "Holy hell, I neeeed that!" A phenomenal product description doesn't simply describe a product... it sells it. Here, let me show you...
Raising Prices Without Tears or Tequila >
You know it’s time! Those prices need to head north, but the mere thought of a price increase has you sweating bullets. Put down the tequila and dry those eyes. This is my step-by-step action plan for raising prices without triggering a mass exodus of customers. You can do this… I’ll show you how.
DIY Line Sheet Templates >
Ready to add swoon-worthy line sheets + order forms to your wholesale arsenal? If you have the design software and a wee bit of time, we’ve got the design templates to ensure you create the prettiest, most professional line sheets this side of the Mississippi.