Placing an Order
The site accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and American Express. Payment information is transmitted via SSL encryption technology and you may complete the entire ordering process through this website. If you need assistance or have product questions, feel free to contact my Client Concierge via phone (888.777.9436, extension 1) or via my contact form.  My office is staffed by some of the grooviest chicks on the planet Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm EST and they'll be happy to help sort through your queries.

Keeping in Touch
I welcome the opportunity to connect with you via these hot spots: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Additionally, the Lucky Break Blog is updated weekly with tidbits of inspiration and entrepreneurial goodness, including: articles, worksheets, introductions and information about upcoming events.  Feel free to grab a cup of hot tea and pop in often.

If you're more of a "bring it to me" girl, I recommend signing up for my twice monthly newsletter. Lucky Break Takeout hits the high notes from each week, condensed into actionable bites you can savor at your leisure. Delivery is 100% complimentary and you can automatically remove yourself from my distribution list with one simple click at any time.  Rest assured: I believe that spammers should be banished to the ninth realm of hell, so your email address is Fort-Knox-safe with me.

Consultation Availability
One-on-one strategy sessions are available on a limited basis. These consultations often book out 6-10 weeks in advance and the website page where you reserve a consultation will have details about the current timeframe in which we're booking. Once you’ve reserved a session via this website, my Client Concierge will be in touch via email within 24-48 hours (weekends excluded). I'll leave you two alone to compare calendars, then confirm the date and time of our exclusive rendezvous once you've established scheduling synchronicity. 

Any time that demand for private consultations exceeds my availability or on occasions where I’m off on a globe-trotting adventure, we’ll place a notice on this website. Don't worry: I'll be back soon. Please note that sessions cannot be cancelled + refunded once they've been added to our calendar. Need to reschedule? Read on...

Cancellation Policy for Private Strategy Sessions

When life “happens” and causes a cosmic collision with your confirmed appointment for a strategy session, this is what I need you to do: be in touch. Pretty please, with sugar on top. If you’re able to provide my team with written notification of your need to reschedule with at least 24 hours, then we’ll happily move the appointment to a more convenient time, but just once. Your session credit will remain on file for a full six months; just give us a ring when you're ready to schedule a new appointment.

If I’m provided with less than 24 hours’ notice, then our session will proceed as scheduled. Hopefully, you’ve returned your Strategy Session Workbook, giving me a heads-up about what specific aspects of your business you’d to address. If that’s the case, then I’ll hop on the call and make the best use of the time in your absence, record the session and dispatch it to you via email.  Fair warning, though: I won’t ramble on to fill the space, so these recordings may not span the full hour we had on the books.

If that critical information isn’t provided in advance of the session and I’m not given 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation, then I’ll hop on the call, rap Jay-Z songs, record the session, and dispatch it to you via email. However charming my subpar lyrical skills may be, they will not help you build an empire and I’ll regret that for you, but it’s the best I can do.

Semester-Long Programs: LBU Live + BHB

These 8-week-long programs have a firm capacity limit to ensure that each participant receives personalized support and has ample opportunity for their specific questions to be answered on Office Hour calls. When you reserve a seat in LBU Live or Brick House Branding, I’m making a commitment to you and I ask that the commitment be mutual.

Your reservation for a spot in semester-long programs cannot be cancelled and is non-transferable.  If you need to take a pass on participating with us live due to unforeseen circumstances, please rest assured that you have lifetime access to the curriculum and you’re encouraged to dive in at any time. 

Real talk: If you’re on the payment plan and you fall off the face of the earth or decide not to move forward with your participation, then I can’t offer that seat to anyone else. I’d never send Guido out to chase you down for delinquent payments, but I also can’t enable curriculum access until your tuition is paid in full.  If you successfully make a few payments but fail to honor the full financial commitment you’ve requested that I extend to you, then I can’t refund any previous payments or offer credit towards other Lucky Break products or services.

In short, I say “no” to brand owners all year long who want to get in on LBU Live and BHB, but I rarely have seats available. If you’ve asked me to hold one for you, I’m gonna hold both of us to that.  Deal? 

Wholesale Matchmaker Membership

Wholesale Matchmaker is a monthly subscription service which delivers access to Lucky Break’s proprietary CRM (customer relationship management) software, a series of video teachings designed to fortify your wholesale program, access to monthly Q+A calls directly with me, and store research conducted on behalf of your brand. Please note that when you sign up to become a member of Wholesale Matchmaker, you’re agreeing to a recurring monthly billing through PayPal. You may cancel at any time once the initial 3-month membership requirement has been fulfilled, but past memberships fees cannot be refunded. Your billing will continue through PayPal every 30 days until such time as either payment fails or you pause your membership by logging into Wholesale Matchmaker and using the "cancel membership" function.


If you elect to cancel your membership (or if a member of the Lucky Break team ends the membership, either because we’re not confident that we can serve you well or because your billing fails), then access to Wholesale Matchmaker Q+A calls, video teachings, and CRM software will continue through the end of your prepaid period, but your membership will then terminate automatically at the end of that subscription period. Please note that your membership fee is charged every 30 days, and I'm unable to offer pro-rated refunds. Essentially, if you cancel 17 days into a 30-day cycle, then you’ll enjoy access for the full 30 days as promised, but you won’t be charged again to renew for the next month.


Because you’re lovely and I pride Lucky Break Consulting on being a stand-up company, I’ve vowed never to hold your store data hostage. However, the ball is in your court with regard to collecting it.  I’ve created a method for downloading a full store report before leaving the platform and you’ll be prompted to download that report when you submit a cancellation request. Please make certain that you take advantage of that opportunity, as the Lucky Break team is unable to create a report for you after your subscription period ends. If a member of the Lucky Break team elects to cancel your membership, then we’ll offer to create and deliver that store report for you. Within 72 hours of our notice of cancellation, please confirm that you’d like a copy of that store report. We’re happy to do it, but the offer does close 72 hours after we've made you aware of it. 


If your automatically monthly billing via PayPal is unsuccessful for any reason, we’ll reach out via email with news of the failed billing attempt. Don’t panic: our system will make seven consecutive daily attempts to charge the card you left on file with PayPal. Please watch your email inbox, as you’ll receive several emails about the status of your account, along with details for updating the card on file if you’d like to switch payment methods.  Failure to bring your account current within 7 days of the first notice may result in cancellation of your membership, resulting in termination of access to the CRM software, Q+A calls, video teachings, and your store report. If you’d like to contact a member of the Lucky Break team about your membership, we’re available between the hours of 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday at 888.777.9436.  We’re crazy nice, uber-helpful, and at the ready to assist! 

Classes Which Include A Payment Plan Offering

Because I’m committed to putting Lucky Break’s thinking + support within the reach of as many entrepreneurs as possible, the tuition for several of my programs can be paid in installments through PayPal’s “recurring payments” program. When you reserve classes on a payment plan through Lucky Break, here’s what you need to know:

• During the checkout process, you’ll notice that the payment plan details are tucked beneath the products in your cart. I’ve made certain that the payment amounts + dates are clearly articulated. Please make a careful note of them. They're also included in the confirmation email you receive after making a reservation, so hang on tight to that communication as a reference. 

• You’re responsible for ensuring that adequate funds are available on those payment dates. Your payment installments will be automatically processed by PayPal on the designated dates, using whichever payment method you provided when you secured a place in the program.

• I regret that I can’t release curriculum until all the payment installments have been successfully made. If you default on your payment plan, I can neither refund past payments nor release curriculum (in whole or in part) until the full tuition has been paid.

• If you’re struggling to make a payment, then I encourage you to reach out to my Client Concierge team by phone or email. Although we can't refund payments made-to-date, we’re super-nice people who understand when life happens and we’re happy to discuss arrangements that works for us both. 

If you’re anything less than thrilled with my products or services, please be in touch at 888.777.9436. My customer support team will gladly lend an ear and see if we can work together towards a resolution (I love happy endings!). Unfortunately, due to their nature, digital products are not eligible for refunds or returns. That includes the Price-O-Matic software system, so I recommend carefully reviewing the system requirements before making a purchase.

Shipping & Handling
The very best thing about strategy sessions via phone and digital products? I can play with you no matter where in the world you might be. Jungles of Africa? You can still download my goodies as long as you have an internet connection. Atop the Himalayas? I bet you get killer phone reception up there, no? Three cheers for technology, y'all.

Limited License of Use for Digital Products
And now, a message from my rockstar intellectual property attorney:

"The videos, audios, software, and written materials which comprise the Lucky Break curriculum (collectively referred to as “Content”) are protected by federal copyright. The purchase of products or services through this website includes a non-exclusive right to view, use, and display such Content solely for your personal use. We may include additional terms for use within any Content. Those terms will also apply, but this Agreement will govern in the event of a conflict.

Content is licensed, not sold, to you by us. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, you may not sell, rent, lease, distribute, broadcast, sublicense, or otherwise assign the Content, or any rights thereto or portion thereof, to any third party, and you may not remove or modify any proprietary notices or labels on the Content.

Our Virtual Classroom requires a unique, participant-specific login which enables the monitoring of individual user activity and access. Sharing the login credentials used to access the Content with a third party is specifically prohibited and will result in the immediate revocation of classroom access. Finally, you may not bypass, modify, defeat, or circumvent security features that protect the Content.

Your rights under this Agreement will automatically terminate if you fail to comply with any term of this Agreement. In case of such termination, you must cease all use of the Content, and we may immediately revoke your access to the Virtual Classroom without the refund of any fees."

In a nutshell, please play nice. Your karma will thank you and I do, too!