BHB Partial Semester
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BHB Partial Semester

This version of BHB is designed for brand owners who have their visuals + customer experience down pat, but are keen on increasing unique differentiation and improving your marketing efforts by cultivating a deeper connection to your target audience.

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Pay a $300 deposit today + we'll automatically charge an additional $300 3 more times, 30 days apart

Huzzah! So glad to hear that you'd like to join us in BHB 2017 for the partial semester. I want to make certain that you have clarity about how this gig will work...

In a nutshell: you'll be joining us for the first leg of the full semester, which is designed for brand owners who have their visuals + customer experience down pat, but are keen on increasing unique differentiation and improving your marketing efforts by cultivating a deeper connection to your target audience.  




Together, we focus on:

  • Discovering what you’re really selling (heads up: your product isn’t the alpha + omega of what your customers want!).

  • Understanding-on an intimate level- your target audience + what makes them tick.

  • Building emotional resonance that cultivates loyalty among that target audience.

  • Learning how to position your brand within the marketplace by identifying competitive + complementary brand sets.

  • Determining how to select a strong + unique brand name that you can trademark.

  • Crafting a brand manifesto to serve as magnet for the people you most want to serve.

  • Developing a compelling brand voice that builds connection with your audience.

  • Clearly communicating your brand story to eloquently share your passion.

  • Crafting a compelling "about" page + persuasive product descriptions. 

  • Designing an editorial calendar for your blog (no more What in the hell am I supposed to talk about now?).

  • Exploring which social media platforms best serve your brand + developing a content strategy for each of those platforms.

  • Creating a blueprint for your email marketing efforts.

Keep in mind that the curriculum layers and builds on itself, so I strongly recommend taking the semester as a whole, but I’ve carefully crafted a path which elegantly serves those brand owners who need the strategy piece, but not the visual piece.  


The partial semester includes:

  • Curriculum Modules 1-4 

  • Six 90-minute Q+A group calls with me

  • The first seven Expert Interviews of the full semester

  • Six weeks of daily Facebook support 

Tuition for a seat in the partial semester of Brick House Branding 2017 is $1100. You’re also welcome to spread tuition out over four monthly payments of $300 each through the magic of PayPal’s recurring billing program.


The kickoff for partial semester participants will launch in conjunction with full semester participants, so the whole she-bang begins on September 3.




I don't have a crystal ball, but I imagine that these questions might be top-of-mind...


Q: Can I take the partial semester now and the second half of the semester at a later date?

A: Regrettably, no. I work particularly hard on forging connections + community among the entire BHB crew and it would be hella weird if we just dropped you into a future semester at the mid-way point. If you pass on the full semester now, then there's no way to pick up that back half later, so choose wisely.



Q: I feel like I have my strategy on lock, so can I leap frog over the first leg of the semester and simply take the second half, which focuses on visuals and customer experience?


A: Promise not to throw anything at me, but this isn't possible either. Same scenario as above. Having anyone pop into the semester smack dab in the middle throws off the juju and I'm a careful steward of juju. See also: the curriculum layers + build upon itself, so modules 5 and 6 in the absence of modules 1-4 are would prove less effective than I'd like them to be for you. 



Q: Is the curriculum any different for partial semester participants as opposed to the curriculum used for the full semester?

A: Not in the slightest! You'll be engaging in the same curriculum delivered in the same way, you'll enjoy access to the same weekly Office Hour calls, and you'll be a member of the very same private Facebook community. In essence, you enjoy a front-row seat to the same party they're attending, it's just that your curfew is 10pm and their's is midnight. I'll even serve the same champagne!



If you have any other questions about the partial semester, then I invite you to be in touch.  My Client Concierge team is available from 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday at 888.777.9436, extension 1. Of course, you're always welcome to contact us via email as well.  


I'd love to save a seat for you in the BHB, in whatever capacity you feel serves you best!