In 2017, you can catch me at these events...

April 27-30, 2017: Craftcation in Ventura, CA

Join me for a four-day business + makers conference featuring industry professionals leading attendees in hands-on food & craft workshops and lectures and panels on creative business.

May 1-3, 2017: HSCG in Las Vegas, NV

I'm heading back to HSCG in 2017 to talk about building a clear + concise brand.

I’ve had the privilege of teaching + empowering creative entrepreneurs at events all around the world, from conference rooms in California to cruise ships in the Caribbean, and from meeting rooms in Austria to mud huts in Ghana. People say the nicest things about my energetic, information-rich workshops…

“Lela did an amazing job and it was good to see … the line of people who were waiting for the opportunity to speak with her after the workshop finished.  Lela gave something to the attendees that they could work with and build upon- information they can use as a foundation for success and growth. The presentation spoke volumes to Lela’s ability to reach a wide audience and help each brand regardless of their path.”
Joshua Ninmann
Marketing Coordinator: MAGIC trade show

"Participants were wowed by Lela's stunning sense of aesthetics combined with her knowledge of product quality and enthusiastic demonstration of high level business skills. I have rarely seen West African clients' motivation levels higher, than after hearing her present to a packed auditorium in Bamako, Mali."
Dr. Peter Lovett
Technical Director: The Global Shea Alliance

“If 5 stars were a private Prince concert, Lela gets a 6! She made work FUN. She made the creation of a successful wholesale program both palatable and attainable and it was clear that she cared about everyone’s ideas and businesses. She’s grounded, relatable, and approachable. The praise from attendees keeps rolling in!”
Charlotte Gill
Program Manager, Stay Local

"It has been our pleasure to have Lela Barker as a Speaker at The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild’s Annual Conference. Lela keeps the audience engaged with her down to earth advice and good humor. The attendees always walk away from her sessions with a ton of real, usable, practical information that they can implement to further their business goals and reach for success. Whether the audience is a few dozen or several hundred, Lela knows how to present her content so that every audience member leaves feeling energized and ready to vault their business to the next level and beyond."
Leigh O'Donnell
Executive Director: Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild

"Lela is one of the most tenacious business women I have ever known. Lela is also gracious, friendly and incredibly sensitive to the needs of others. She views business ownership, particularly for women, as an endeavor that requires not only gusto and chutzpah, but also respect for the delicate balance between career achievement and personal and family success. Lela Barker is a woman entrepreneur who not only pursues her business with passion and zest, but who also drives you to do the same in yours. I have watched Lela help countless numbers of small business owners. I highly recommend her, without a shred of hesitation."
Donna Maria Coles Johnson
Founder + Host: INDIE Cruise

I've been cultivating my speaking chops since high school, when I was a nationally ranked speaker in the National Forensics League. I spent weekends wearing business suits, toting a briefcase and traveling all over the southeast competing as an extemporaneous speaker (It's astounding that I ever landed a boyfriend in high school, eh?). Those state championship wins helped pave my way to (and pay my way through) college and I've now been a featured speaker at 90+ live events, podcasts, television and radio interviews.

I've been honored to be a featured speaker at these fine events, too...

Addressed Congressional representatives as an invited representative on behalf of U.S. small businesses on 3 separate occasions: Washington, DC

USAID Global Shea Conferences: Bamako, Mali + Abuja, Nigeria

Uniworld Hospitality Training: Vienna, Austria

Bank of America Small Business Community: Virtual event

Get Lucky, Live: Atlanta, GA

HSCG Annual Conferences: Palm Springs, Denver, Tucson, Indianapolis, Tampa

Indie Cruise: 4 consecutive years floating somewhere in the Caribbean

Artful Business Conference: Virtual event based in Australia

Central Soapers Workshop: 2 consecutive years in Kansas City, MO

Spa Girl Parties National Sales Training: Phoenix, AZ

Tennessee Soap + Candle Conference: Nashville, TN

The Nova Studio: 2 consecutive, sold-out business bootcamps in San Francisco, CA

Craftcation: Ventura, CA

MAGIC Trade Show: Las Vegas, NV

Stay Local: New Orleans, LA

2x4 Live: Nashville, TN

I teach business, without the boring.
My business talks are anything but business as usual. I deliver authentic, no-nonsense sermons on modern entrepreneurship, along with brass-tacks workshops that arm and empower creative businesses with tangible skills and heaps of inspiration. Related: I'm one hell of a good time...

I've been featured at entrepreneurial events throughout the United States, Europe and Africa and I'd welcome the opportunity to share my wisdom with your audience, too. I bring passion and expertise to these specific areas:

  • Product pricing that actually pays what you're worth
  • Authentic + compelling brand-building
  • Marketing + wholesale strategies for creative, product-based businesses 
  • Transparent (and amusing) tales about life in the entrepreneurial trenches 
  • Keynote speeches that brim with energy and inspiration 
  • GMP workshops for beauty brands 

 I invite you to leaf through my fancy-pants press kit to learn more about my journey as an entrepreneur and the action-packed presentations I can deploy to inspire + empower your attendees.


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