My alumni often speak of the dreaded LBU “hangover” – after eight weeks of intensive study, they find it challenging to keep their wholesale game moving forward without the continued support of the LBU environment. I’m big believer in the power of a loyal network, so I created a framework to support my graduates as they pull up anchor + implement the principles taught in LBU.


Today, I’m honored to work with alumni from each semester in a private community that’s reserved exclusively for LBU graduates.



Having me on tap for continued coaching as you grow your business. The LBU Alumni Coaching Community hosts two Q+A calls per month. In odd-numbered months, that’s two 90-minute Q+A small group calls with me. In even-numbered months, you’ll enjoy one 90-minute call with me and a 60-minute Q+A call with an expert who offers specific guidance on a particular facet of your brand. In the past, we’ve hosted Instagram experts, SEO professionals, a trademark attorney, a CPA and more. All calls are recorded in case you can’t attend live.

Bite-sized projects to help move your business forward. Members enjoy 50% off every instantlydownloadable project in my ever-expanding Resource Library. These focused, actionable projects help fortify specific facets of your business that build out from LBU. Think: raising prices, building your mailing list, hiring employees + independent contractors, writing effective product descriptions, line shee templates and more. You enjoy 50% off every last one for as long as you’re a member.

Peer support from other makers-and-product-designers who are on an upward trajectory. Community members share resources, offer feedback, and cheer one another on seven days a week in our private Facebook community. We’re immensely proud of the strong community-over-competition vibe that we’ve cultivated and the Lucky Break Team (myself included) are active group members as well.

Continued access to the most up-to-date LBU curriculum. I expand the course content with each turn of the calendar and I host a fresh round of Expert Interviews that get better every single year (I’m not even sure how that’s possible, but I promise that it’s true!). The wholesale world changes often: tradeshows that were previously all-the-rage mysteriously cool, new platforms + opportunities launch (hello, Etsy Wholesale!) and technology is ever-evolving. Being an Alumni Coaching Community member means that you always have a finger on the pulse of what’s happening right now.

Seriously good product photos at almost unbelievable prices. We partner with a professional photographer to do a ”group buy” of product photos once per quarter at a very special price. We can help you score sharp, high-resolution product images on a white background for just $23 a pop. We run the program three times per year and all members are invited to participate.

Need a one-on-one with me? I offer preferential pricing on my private strategy sessions for Coaching Community members. This is exclusive pricing that you won’t find anywhere else. If you need comprehensive assistance on a specific project or plan, then I’m happy to roll up my sleeves and help. Community members enjoy a $30 discount on private strategy sessions… these bad boys never ever go on sale, so this is the only way to work with me at less-than-my-usual consulting rates.

Being a part of my inner-circle delivers opportunities to serve as a beta tester for new programs, and you might score some free design work too! Each time the Lucky Break team gears up to launch something new, the LBU Alumni Coaching Community is where I head first. Members have served as beta testers for my Price-O-Matic and Wholesale Matchmaker software programs, enjoying a sneak peek at these launches before anyone else, and their feedback has helped shape the final versions of these programs. When my team gets ready to launch a new design service and we need to build a library of examples, I always select members from this community to receive free professional design work. Some lucky members have enjoyed free line sheets, branded postcards and shelftalkers, too!



Consider this your formal invitation to join me in a private community that’s reserved exclusively for you! I invite you to reach out to my Client Concierge at 888.777.9463, or at to learn more about how you can join us.