LBU On Demand Module 2: Pricing for Profit + Finding Your People
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LBU On Demand Module 2: Pricing for Profit + Finding Your People

Enjoy my flagship "how to wholesale" program for makers + product designers on your schedule. In this module, you'll learn precisely how to price your products for wholesale and connect with stores that will be genuinely interested in your work.



Are you struggling to identify the kind of stores that would be interested in your work?


Are you confused about how to effectively price your products for wholesale?


Are you curious about what it's like to work with big corporate accounts like Urban Outfitters or Paper Source?


Do you wish you knew what buyers expected, so that you could waltz into your next meeting prepared and ready?


Are you unsure what to include in your pricing structure so that you can be doubly sure you’re clearing a profit with each sale?


For the past few years, I've had the great pleasure of helping passion-fueled creative brands build strategy-infused wholesale programs so they can get their products out of the garage and onto the shelves of their favorite stores. My LBU Secrets to Wholesale Success program has garnered rave reviews and it always sold out within days.


I'm pleased to introduce a new way to put the LBU curriculum to work for you! This is a self-paced, independent study of LBU Module 2.



Through a series of video workshops totaling just under 3 hours, you'll understand precisely how to price your products for wholesale and connect with stores that will be genuinely interested in your work.


Dive into the video curriculum of LBU Module 2, complete the assignments and you'll emerge with price points ready for the wholesale market. You'll also discover how to identify the “right” stores for your brand to ensure synergy and increase efficiency. In this self-study module, you'll learn:


• How to calculate your true “cost of creation”


• What raw materials, labor, and overhead include + why they matter


• What type of "discount" wholesale buyers expect


• How sales reps, distributors, and export arrangements impact a pricing structure


• My trick to “pricing backwards” to capture the full value of your products


• Strategies for bring your “cost of creation” into alignment


• How to stratify your price points to capture more wholesale business


• Strategies for increasing your brand’s value perception among buyers


• The difference between a price adjustment + a brand repositioning


• The optimum timing for a price adjustment announcement


• How to strategically frame the announcement to wholesale buyers


• Methods for protecting fragile relationships during the price adjustment period


• The three types of core wholesale buyers


• Strategies for discovering new stores



But wait! There's not all. I'm including an Expert Interview with Padraic Ryan of Ryan Design Studio. He’s the man I affectionately call the "Jedi Master of Web Development” and he’s sharing his knowledge on SEO and e-commerce.




Each "LBU On Demand" module includes professionally-produced, carefully-curated video curriculum, delivered alongside an array of support materials designed to tailor the curriculum to your unique brand and help put the lessons into quick action.  The support materials for this module include:


Module 2 Workbook

A fill-in-the-blank workbook to streamline note-taking + ensure you capture all the important morsels of wisdom.


Module 2 Progress Tracker

Tick off the boxes as you complete each activity to keep yourself on track + "juice" the curriculum.


Module 2 Resource List

A hyperlinked list of valuable resources, including: list of open calls, methods for finding new stores + the vendor guidelines for major corporate accounts (think: Target + Anthropologie).


Sample Script: Product Discontinuation

Are you ready to say adios to one of your products, but you're not sure how to tell your beloved clients? This script will help you get the word out in a way that will help make your customers as excited for these changes as you are.


Sample Script: Price Adjustment

Need to raise your prices? You're not alone! I created this script to make the process painless - add your brand specific information + you're ready to deliver the news!


Worksheet: Pricing Backwards

I’ll guide you through the attachment of a value-based pricing model for each product and then work backwards to arrive at the target cost of creation.


Worksheet: Product Pricing Audit

Looking to move into the wholesale marketplace? Make sure you have a firm grip on your pricing first. This pricing audit will help you identify which products make sense for wholesale, which products don't + strategies to build out your price points.


Worksheet: Store Synergy Checklist

Walk through these prompts when you discover a new shop to make certain that they're a good fit before pitching your work.


Worksheet: My Top Ten

A tool designed to help you identify + target ten perfect-for-you-wholesale accounts.


I'm often approached by creative brands who need specific pieces of the LBU program, but perhaps not the program in its entirety. Or entrepreneurs who need access like, yesterday. Although the LBU modules layer and build upon one another, LBU On Demand is a convenient way to take advantage of only the curriculum pieces you need on a schedule you design. If you're building your wholesale program from the ground up, I encourage you to work through the LBU On Demand modules in succession.