LBU On Demand Module 3: Designing Your Wholesale Playbook
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LBU On Demand Module 3: Designing Your Wholesale Playbook

Enjoy my flagship "how to wholesale" program for makers + product designers on your schedule. In this module, you'll learn precisely how to structure your wholesale program in a way that strikes gold for both you and your customers.



Are you guessing at your wholesale policies- either by taking stabs in the dark or mimicking your competition?


Do you long for a set of tools to help you think through payment methods, lead times, and order minimums so you can design them in a way that's uniquely tailored and best-suited to your brand?


Are you interested in learning how to succinctly + professionally communicate your wholesale policies?


Are you hoping to impress the pants off wholesale buyers, dazzling them with how prepared + professional you are?


Wouldn't it be awesome if you could pitch your work to buyers, knowing that you've developed a smart wholesale program that will help grow your brand?


For the past few years, I've had the great pleasure of helping passion-fueled creative brands build strategy-infused wholesale programs so they can get their products out of the garage and onto the shelves of their favorite stores. My LBU Secrets to Wholesale Success program has garnered rave reviews and it always sells out within days.


I'm pleased to introduce a new way to put the LBU curriculum to work for you! This is a self-paced, independent study of LBU Module 3.



Through a series of video workshops totaling just over 3 hours, you'll understand precisely how to structure your wholesale program in a way that strikes gold for both you and your customers.


Dive into the video curriculum of LBU Module 3, complete the assignments and you'll emerge with a set of wholesale policies that attracts buyers like bees to honey, while protecting that cute tushie of yours. You'll also discover best practices for trade credit programs, sample policies, and line sheet and order form creation. In this self-study module, you'll learn:


• Why item numbers are so important


• How to assign item numbers that make sense for your collection


• The five pillars of a successful set of wholesale policies


• The pros + cons of various payment methods


• How trade credit works (and why you might consider extending it)


• How to establish a trade credit program that reduces headaches + minimizes risk


• How to avoid one of the most potent death knells of wholesale


• Best practices for developing sound shipping policies


• Strategies for developing effective order minimums


• What incentives are + how to put them to work


• The difference between a sample + a tester


• The definition of a MAP policy


• The anatomy of a line sheet


• How to format product information for line sheets


• When + where order forms come in handy


• What information should be collected through an order form




But wait! There's more. I'm including an Expert Interview with Clay Hebert of Crowdfunding Hacks. He's serving up up-to-date information on crowdfunding as an avenue to build brand visibility and raise capital.




Each "LBU On Demand" module includes professionally-produced, carefully-curated video curriculum, delivered alongside an array of support materials designed to tailor the curriculum to your unique brand and help put the lessons into quick action.  The support materials for this module include:


Module 3 Workbook

A fill-in-the-blank workbook to streamline note-taking + ensure you capture all the important morsels of wisdom.


Module 3 Progress Tracker

Tick off the boxes as you complete each activity to keep yourself on track + "juice" the curriculum.


Module 3 Resource List

Explore a sneak peek at the marketing materials of today’s top creative brands, including: jewelry, apothecary, paper + gift, apparel + accessories, gourmet food, housewares, and more. Prepare for your inspiration cup to runneth over!


Worksheet: Developing my Wholesale Policies

Five pages of thoughtful prompts to help you develop smart wholesale policies: payment methods, shipping and lead times, incentives, return policies and order minimums.


Worksheet: Build a Better Line Sheet

An easy-to-use checklist to ensure that you include all the essential elements of a smart line sheet.


Worksheet: Build a Better Order Form

An easy-to-use checklist to ensure that you include all the essential elements of a savvy order form.


Reference: Sample Line Sheet

A professionally-designed example that will demystify the anatomy of a professionally presented line sheet, empowering you to build your own.


Reference: Sample Order Form

A professionally designed example that will demystify the anatomy of a smartly organized order form, empowering you to build your own.


Template: Credit Application

An editable application to bring structure + set healthy parameters to the relationship if you'd like to offer net terms to your wholesale accounts.


Template: Trade Reference Request

An editable template designed to help verify the details from that credit application + ensure creditworthiness when you'd like to offer net terms to wholesale accounts.


I'm often approached by creative brands who need specific pieces of the LBU program, but perhaps not the program in its entirety. Or entrepreneurs who need access like, yesterday. Although the LBU modules layer and build upon one another, LBU On Demand is a convenient way to take advantage of only the curriculum pieces you need on a schedule you design. If you're building your wholesale program from the ground up, I encourage you to work through the LBU On Demand modules in succession.