LBU On Demand Module 6: Mastering the Trade Show
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LBU On Demand Module 6: Mastering the Trade Show

Enjoy my flagship "how to wholesale" program for makers + product designers on your schedule. In this module, you'll understand the knowledge and tools you need to make your trade show participation more effective + more strategic.



Are you planning + preparing for your first trade show, but lost on how to make the most of the opportunity?


Do you have a friend or fellow entrepreneur with a trade-show-disaster story that has you shaking in your boots?


Worse yet: are you nursing a trade show hangover after a less-than-successful show?


Sorry, sweets... I know how demoralizing that can be, but I do have some important trade show strategies that could turn that ship around!


For the past few years, I've had the great pleasure of helping passion-fueled creative brands build strategy-infused wholesale programs so they can get their products out of the garage and onto the shelves of their favorite stores. My LBU Secrets to Wholesale Success program has garnered rave reviews and it always sold out within days.


I'm pleased to introduce a new way to put the LBU curriculum to work for you! This is a self-paced, independent study of LBU Module 6.



Dive into the video curriculum of LBU Module 6, complete the assignments and you'll emerge with the knowledge and tools you need to make your trade show participation more effective + more strategic. You'll understand how to maximize trade show opportunities so you can save the vodka for celebrating, rather than drowning your post-show sorrows. In this self-study module, you'll enjoy 4 hours of video curriculum that details:


• What a trade show is + how they can help grow your wholesale business


• How to determine if you're ready to exhibit at a trade show


• Strategies for identifying "good fit" trade shows


• How to build a realistic trade show budget


• Tips + tricks for saving money when exhibiting at trade shows


• How + when to make big decisions about your booth + trade show strategy


• Strategies for building buzz before the trade show


• Tips for getting the foot traffic flowing your way at the show


• How to design a simple follow-up strategy to implement after the show


• Seven common trade show mistakes to avoid


• What to take with you to a trade show


• How to choose the booth best placement at a trade show


• How to choose the booth best placement at a trade show


• How union labor influence trade show booth design


• A detailed virtual tour of booths at the NY NOW show



The cherry on top? I'm including my Expert Interview with Kristen Ley of Thimblepress. She's a stationery goddess who has rapidly grown her brand over the last few years, and she's taking us behind the scenes for a peek at how she builds buzz in advance of her trade shows.




Each "LBU On Demand" module includes professionally-produced, carefully-curated video curriculum, delivered alongside an array of support materials designed to tailor the curriculum to your unique brand and help put the lessons into quick action.  The support materials for this module include:


Module 6 Workbook

A fill-in-the-blank workbook to streamline note-taking + ensure you capture all the important morsels of wisdom.


Module 6 Progress Tracker

Tick off the boxes as you complete each activity to keep yourself on track + "juice" the curriculum.


Module 6 Resource List

A hyperlinked list of valuable resources, including: dozens of trade show booth design tutorials, hundreds of photos of well-designed trade show booths, vendors for everything from your booth furnishong to lighting and signs.


Worksheet: Tradshow Fit or Flop

A series of important questions to answer about prospective shows to ensure a good fit before you sign on the dotted line.


Worksheet: Building A Trade Show Budget

A tool to help build a budget and allocate those dollars, so you can stay on track + spend wisely.


Worksheet: Developing A Trade Show Timeline

Identify, organize + prioritize tasks so you can plan pre + post show strategies and hot your deadlines.


Worksheet: Trade Show Packing List

We'll help you pack wisely and remember the little details that make a big difference at the show.


I'm often approached by creative brands who need specific pieces of the LBU program, but perhaps not the program in its entirety. Or entrepreneurs who need access like, yesterday. Although the LBU modules layer and build upon one another, LBU On Demand is a convenient way to take advantage of only the curriculum pieces you need on a schedule you design. If you're building your wholesale program from the ground up, I encourage you to work through the LBU On Demand modules in succession.