DIY Line Sheet Templates
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DIY Line Sheet Templates

Ready to add swoon-worthy line sheets + order forms to your wholesale arsenal? If you have the design software and a wee bit of time, we’ve got the design templates to ensure you create the prettiest, most professional line sheets this side of the Mississippi.

For makers and product designers looking to crack the wholesale market, product presentation is everything. Whether you'd like to see your work in spas, shops, galleries, grocery stores or department stores, wholesale buyers are looking for smartly styled product presentations which answer all the essential questions about your body of work and how you do business. 


My savvy DIY design templates guide you through the process of creating these important marketing materials using best practices. The end result is a clean, well-branded line sheet and order form set that are brimming with the kind of information buyers need to make a quick decision about your product collection.


Roll up your sleeves and dive in! 




1. Save time. Frees you up to focus on the 473 other tasks currently clamoring for your attention. Why reinvent the wheel when you can use my templates to help streamline your creation process?


2. Save money. Tapping the wisdom of an experienced maker and creative consultant empowers you to develop a successful wholesale document which avoids many of the expensive “rookie” mistakes. 


3. Grow your business. You’re empowered to step out in a big way to capture new clients via trade shows and sales reps. I’ve included all of the necessary pieces to help you increase the conversion rate of interested buyers who evolve into paying stockists.


4. Boost your confidence. There’s a powerful competitive advantage that organically emerges when you know that your ducks are in a row. That you’re armed + ready to carve out your niche and build a sustainable business. 


My DIY Line Sheet Template Package is ideal for: 

Stationery + Paper Goods

Soaps + Candles

Bath + Beauty

Jewelry + Handbags

Apparel + Accessories

Children’s Products 

Ceramics + Housewares

Gourmet Foods

Tech Accoutrements 

Fixtures + Lighting


Ready to see what these templates can do if you put them in action? Browse my portfolio to peek at a few of our recent designs.




The file formats and layout variations provided have been professionally (and thoughtfully) designed to help you create a customized Buyer’s Packet with as much ease as possible. With the proper software and these smartly designed templates, you’ll be empowered with all the tools needed to create a branded line sheet package. Drop in your company’s logo, custom colors, contact information, product photos, and product information and you’re off at the races! 


Each design template is included in the following formats:

  • Adobe InDesign CC 2015
  • Also provided: Adobe InDesign IDML (compatible with InDesign CS4 or later)
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
  • Also provided: Adobe Illustrator CS4 (compatible with Illustrator CS4 or later)


The following templates are included in each of the software formats outlined above:


1. Line Sheet Elements

  • Font examples
  • Seasonal corner page tags in 3 fonts
  • 4 types of New, Best Seller, and Limited Edition badges in 3 fonts each
  • 3 versions of swatch palettes in 2 sizes each


2. 4 types of cover sheet templates in both horizontal and vertical layouts


3. 33 line sheet templates

  • Horizontal line sheet templates: 3 versions each of layout that showcase 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 products per page
  • Vertical line sheet templates: 3 versions each of layout that showcase 2, 4, 6, or 8 products per page


4. Order form templates in each of the provided fonts 


That’s a veritable mix-n-match buffet of design goodness! At the end of the day, my templates will help you create a Buyer’s Packet that’s as unique as your brand.


You’ll be able to quickly and easily edit these documents as your collection grows and you can elect to print the finished documents yourself or hand them off to a professional printer to be produced in bulk.



You’ll need access to Adobe InDesign or Illustrator versions CS4 or newer to use these files. Regrettably, these templates aren’t compatible with any version of Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel. Design templates are non-refundable after delivery, so please double-check to ensure that you have the necessary software before placing your order!


A working understanding of Adobe InDesign and/or Illustrator is assumed; we regret that we’re unable to provide training of any kind for the use of these design templates within software programs. If you’re not proficient with InDesign or Illustrator, then you can pass these templates off to a professional graphic designer of your choosing and they should be able to help!




Ready to up-level your wholesale game in a big way?  Add my Line Sheet Wholesale Workshops to blend wholesale education (culled from my decade as a successful maker) with your DIY templates create line sheets and order forms that elegantly present your brand, boost efficiency, and up your wholesale game. Add the workshops on to your DIY template package + I’ll include...


Four video workshops totaling 4+ hours of wisdom-filled instruction. You’ll learn:

  • How to develop a set of wholesale policies that appeal to buyers while preserving your sanity and protecting your business.
  • How to style beautiful product images that reflect your brand aesthetic and bring cohesion to your line sheets.
  • How to properly format your product information to help buyers more easily navigate tricky purchasing decisions.
  • How to make key design decisions to ensure that your product collection is elegantly + accurately represented.

A worksheet to guide you through the process of building your wholesale policies.  From determining payment systems to establishing order minimums and assigning item numbers, this smart tool organizes your thoughts and helps distill wholesale terms down to their essence.

A resource list designed to help polish your product images. Need a product photographer? I have recommendations for pros in a variety of price ranges. Want to shoot your own images? I’ll direct you to some of the most helpful DIY tutorials on the internet and make a few equipment recommendations along the way, too.