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Want wholesale buyers to take you seriously? Swoon-worthy line sheets + order forms are a “must!” I’ve blended a series of wisdom-infused video workshops designed to help fortify your wholesale program with the professional design services of the Lucky Break team. Sit back, relax, and we’ll create custom wholesale marketing materials that catapult your brand to a whole new level!

Isn’t it time for wholesale buyers to take your work seriously?


Better yet: isn’t it time you took your work seriously?


If you’ve been limping along with an anemic wholesale program that’s not getting the traction that you’d hoped, then it’s time to bring out the big guns and add some smart new tools to your entrepreneurial toolbox. 


If there’s one thing the Lucky Break team knows like the back of their hand, it’s wholesale. I’ve created an innovative service that lets you tap into the genius zones of several members of my team.  We’re ready to crawl into the ring with you and get that wholesale presentation in fighting shape!




A line sheet is a wholesale document that presents buyers with all the information they need to know to place an order. Easy enough, right?


Yes and no.  Line sheets are simple in theory but there’s an art to pulling them together in a way that puts your best business foot forward and helps buyers navigate product collections with ease. There’s a small mountain of subtle cues that signal buyers that you’re a professional who’s keenly tuned to the marketplace. The old cliché “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” When it comes to presenting your brand to representatives from grocery stores, galleries, spas, department stores and hip boutiques… truer words have never been spoken.


My VIP Line Sheet Design Service blends a wisdom-infused wholesale education with professional design prowess to create line sheets and order forms that make wholesale buyers weak in the knees.  The end result? A Buyer’s Packet that saves time, saves money, and unlocks the kind of doors you’re itching to get into.  Even better? I've made the entire process blissfully simple!




Well-designed marketing materials are a thing of beauty and wonder. But what will they do for you?


1. SAVE TIME. Passing the baton to my design team frees you up to focus on the 473 other business tasks currently clamoring for attention. Once you have your fancy new Buyer’s Packet in hand, you’ll continue saving time, too. These marketing materials streamline the process of disseminating wholesale information and collecting order details.


2. SAVE MONEY. That increased efficiency? It also boosts profitability. Not to mention that tapping the wisdom of an experienced maker and creative consultant empowers you to develop a wholesale program which avoids many of the expensive “rookie” mistakes your competition keeps making.  


3. GROW YOUR BUSINESS.  You’ll look like a wholesale pro, inevitably increasing the conversion rate of interested buyers who evolve into wholesale buyers that write checks in your name. And those are the very best kind! Can I get an amen?


4. BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE. You’ll be empowered to step out in a big way to capture new accounts. New line sheets feel better than fresh school supplies on the first day of third grade, and a brand new pair of shows, combined. Your confidence will soar and you’ll be empowered to put your best foot forward.


My VIP Line Sheet Design Service is ideal for:

Stationery + Paper Goods

Soaps + Candles

Bath + Beauty

Jewelry + Handbags

Apparel + Accessories

Children’s Products

Ceramics + Housewares

Gourmet Foods

Tech Accouterments

Fixtures + Lighting

Click below for a peek inside my VIP Line Sheet Design Service to discover how it works and what we can do for you!





Just like snowflakes, no two Buyer's Packets created by the Lucky Break team are ever alike. We offer a host of customization options, enabling you to create a Buyer’s Packet that mirrors your brand aesthetic. Select how many products to feature on each page, how you’d like them laid out on the page, and which font you’d like. Spice things up with custom color headers and footers (we can precisely match your brand palette). Sprinkle in specialty badges that highlight new, bestselling and limited edition items- we have four different badge styles from which to choose. 


We don’t do “cookie cutter.” At the end of the day, my design team and I will create a Buyer’s Packet that’s as unique as your brand. One a peek at our portfolio and I think you’ll agree.




My VIP Line Sheet Design Service includes a plethora of business-building, entrepreneurial goodness.  Tag the Lucky Break team into the ring to help and you’ll enjoy…



1. How to develop wholesale terms that appeal to buyers + preserve your sanity + protect your business 

2. How to style beautiful product images that reflect your brand aesthetic and bring cohesion to your line sheets 

3. How to assign item numbers, create a succinct call-to-action, and smartly format your product information so that it’s easy for a buyer to navigate + digest

4. How to make key design decisions to ensure that your products are elegantly represented


• A WORKSHEET TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS OF BUILDING YOUR WHOLESALE POLICIES. From determining payment methods to establishing order minimums and designing incentives this smart tool organizes your thoughts and helps distill wholesale terms down to their essence.


• A RESOURCE LIST DESIGNED TO PUT THE POLISH ON YOUR PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY, SO YOU CAN PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD. From recommendations to professional photographers to DIY light boxes and photography tutorials, it’s all here!


• A SIMPLE, ONLINE SYSTEM TO COLLECT YOUR INFORMATION. We’ve made the submission process deliciously simple. Pour yourself a glass of vino or crack open a craft beer- you’ll be finished by the time you’re ready for another. No tears, no naughty words, no clumps of hair strewn about your desk. You won’t even break a sweat. Submit information at your leisure, 24 hours a day, using our convenient web link. 


• A PROFESSIONAL REVIEW OF YOUR WHOLESALE PROGRAM. I’ll personally peek at your wholesale terms and massage them for clarity to ensure that they’re comprehensive enough to entice buyers while protecting your bottom line. I’ve been a full-time maker who the past 14 years, generating eight-figures in revenue and shipping products to 1300+ wholesale accounts worldwide. I’ve also helped hundreds of other makers and products designers build smarter, more successful wholesale programs… so I know a thing or two about how to structure your wholesale strategy!


• KNOCK-THEIR-SOCKS-OFF LINE SHEETS AND A TIDY ORDER FORM, DELIVERED IN A DIGITAL FORMAT. Print these professionally-designed documents yourself or send them off to your friendly neighborhood printer. Attach them to emails. Post them on your website. Share them with media professionals.  There are no less than a dozen ways to put them into action.  Read more in the VIP Line Sheet Design Service FAQ. 



This cost of this service is dependent upon the number of products featured. I've created a simple video tutorial + worksheet designed to calculate how many product slots you’ll need to reserve (hint: it's likely fewer than you think!). Watch the video + download the worksheet, then complete the reservation process once you've determined which package you'll need. If you'd like to view the video in a larger format, click those 4 arrows in the bottom-right corner next to the "HD" button.



This VIP package comes complete with designed-for-you, press-ready PDF files that you can print at home or pass off to a professional printer. Are you handy with InDesign? Wishing you had access to our native InDesign files of your line sheet + order form so that you can make updates or additions to your line sheet as your business dictates? Your wish is my command! I offer an upgrade that includes your native InDesign files and you're welcome to add it to your reservation for a VIP Line Sheet Design package. 


By this time next week, you could…

Have stronger, smarter wholesale policies that attract buyers + protect your bottom line.

Be charming buyers with custom, beautifully designed wholesale marketing materials.

Finally enjoy the confidence you need to proudly present your work.

Be raising a toast to getting this project off your plate!


Reserve your VIP Line Sheet Design Service today and we’ll get started straightaway!


Questions about the service? I put together a deliciously detailed line sheet FAQ that probably answers them!

Reviewed by
08/16/2018 - 12:53:48 PM
Stellar Line Sheets
My line sheets are gorgeous and align perfectly with my brand. With instruction from the videos, steller line sheets and support from the LBC crews I know I can approach any retailer with confidence. A great investment, I highly recommend.
Sara R
Reviewed by
01/19/2018 - 11:28:01 AM
Worth EVERY Penny!
Oh my! My new line sheets are so beautiful I can't stop staring at them. As entrepreneurs, we're used to doing everything ourselves but this I could have never done on my own. I think beautiful line sheets in a retail buyers eyes is what separates the hobbyist from the professionals. This service is a must, there's no question!
Reviewed by
06/29/2017 - 04:08:59 PM
Amazing! The Best Decision
I was hesitant to purchase the line sheet service because I have quite a few products. But I knew I couldn't make anything worth sending out on my own. Let me tell you - this service is worth every penny!
Shannon was intuitive and so easy to work with. She suggested ways to organize my information that made it easy to understand and looked great.
The end result is a line sheet that I am PROUD to send out to potential customers. It is easy to read, showcases my items exactly as it should, and I feel confident my wholesale game it going to EXPLODE with my shiny new line sheet in hand.
Reviewed by
02/20/2017 - 01:03:15 PM
Save your sanity—Hire Lucky Break to design your line sheets!
As much as I love all things DIY, I felt I was in over my head when trying to create my own Iine sheets and order forms. I'm so happy to have found Lucky Break's VIP Line Sheet Design Service—they not only designed a beautiful buyer's packet for me (in a matter of days!), their process really helped me understand and perfect my wholesale terms and pricing. Now I am extremely confident entering the world of wholesale, and I can't wait to start handing out my beautiful, new line sheets!
Reviewed by
07/31/2015 - 06:27:13 PM
Swoon worthy indeed!
Worth. Every. Penny!
From the incredibly informative videos to the wonderfully thorough staff (Shannon & Melissa are FANTASTIC), these line sheets were one of the best purchases I've made for my business. The videos walk you through every step of the process. The online system is a breeze. I sent mine off to the printer and put them to work right away...landing two new wholesale accounts within 72 hours!! Thank you!!!
Reviewed by
10/20/2014 - 10:45:21 AM
Wholesale Buyer's Packet
I could not be more thankful for my first ever brochure and line sheets!!! It looks amazing, professional and far exceeded what I was expecting! Thank you ladies for working to put this together for me and having the patience that you did during the process. I cannot express enough how thankful I am. Having this makes me feel more confident as I continue with marketing.
Beyond happy!!
Reviewed by
04/15/2014 - 12:36:12 PM
One-Stop Shop: Over Delivery!
I am soooooo glad that the stars aligned for me to have my first ever line sheets and order forms done by Lucky Break Consulting! Micro Beauty Business Owners, please listen: if you want & need professional, well organized line sheets along with detailed knowledge as to what needs to go into creating them for maximum impact for your business, then look no more.....Lucky Break Consulting to the rescue! Not only did I get the actual physical "tool" that I needed, I went through the process with even more knowledge that I didn't expect! OVERDELIVERY!!! That's can't afford NOT to invest in these for your business:)