I’ve known Lela Barker as a businessperson for over a decade. Over the years, I have watched her grow her business, initially as a vendor to her and then as a business mentor turned equal. Lela now runs a complex business and makes it look easy. It’s not. Growth year after year is not a fluke. She’s an excellent strategist with a quick mind and a gentle soul. Learning from her is always exciting, interesting and useful. You won’t be disappointed and you won’t be bored.
Anne-Marie Faiola
Brambleberry: Washington
Since partnering with Lela in 2004 as Bella Luccè’s Middle East distributor, I’ve enjoyed ringside seats to the extraordinary growth of the company under her careful stewardship. Lela has consistently pushed the barriers, continually innovating in both her product offerings and her business model. As a result, she has emerged as the “go-to girl” for product development in the Middle East and North African regions, developing private label products for the prestigious Grand Hyatt® and an extensive product concept for seventeen high-end Marriott® properties throughout the region.

Lela is quick on her feet and a ball of energy. She tackles life and business with a joie de vivre that’s extremely contagious. I’m in awe of her ability to envision paths and develop strategies on the tightest of deadlines and with finite amounts of information and feedback. The chick is a visionary. We have traveled the world together and I’m thrilled to call her both a business partner and a friend.
Areej Sultan
Beautylicious: Kuwait
You simply can’t sum up Lela’s personality, knowledge and expertise in a paragraph. The enthusiasm she puts into her life and business is contagious. Lela shares abundantly, gives tremendously, lives boldly, teaches enthusiastically, fights for her peeps passionately and does it all with enough grace to live as an open book. Count your blessings and grab onto Lela’s coat tails for the ride of your life!
Kayla Fioravanti
KaylaFioravanti.com: Tennessee
On countless occasions over the last 5 years, Lela has generously shared the benefit of her experience with building a fast-growing beauty line: short cuts, production pitfalls, industry contacts, suppliers, and dozens of other insider tips. Her enthusiasm for indie businesses is infectious, and even a simple lunch date is inspiring and restores most of the motivation that gets lost in the daily details.
Brooke Stant
Villainess: Tennessee
From turning a hobby into a full-fledged business, all the way to taking them global, Lela has advised small business owners by providing best practices that transcends industries. Lela’s proven techniques brought down financial barriers and helped overcome international cultural differences that many small businesses encounter. I cannot overstate the amount of value her coaching brings, not only to the up-and-coming entrepreneur, but to the experienced business owner as well.
Daniel Marotta
Mass Marotta: Massachusetts
Lela Barker is an incredible colleague. The products she provides at Bella Luccè are top quality and she and her team bend over backwards to ensure you are delighted with the product and that you get it on time. Lela goes above and beyond simply providing a product, and can also help in concept development, design, and implementation. Not only is Lela professional and dedicated, she also operates with a huge degree of passion for the work and for improving the world in the process. I would highly recommend her work.
Devin Hibbard
Bead for Life: Colorado
Lela Barker is a force of nature! She’s an amazingly creative, talented and smart business woman. She thinks quickly and outside the box. When I have questions about our line of work, she’s always the first person I contact.
Jennifer Hardaway
KleanSpa: California
You're adorable and approachable and you made me feel like nothing was off limits to ask. I learned so much from you being so open with your business experience over the last 10 years.
Kathryn Green
The Smallest Tribe: Australia
Lela is a wholesale goddess. She delivers on her promise to share all of the most important information you need to take your business to the next level. Her upbeat personality makes everything feel do-able.
Jayme Barrett
Zweena Bodycare: California
I rarely endorse anyone in such a public way, but I have to give a shout-out to Lela. Both myself as a person, and my company, are transformed in ways I had not even suspected could be possible for a small town single mom with an enormously crazy dream. Lela is natural born leader, mentor, and an all-around good egg. Razor sharp and on point 100% of the time. Plus she is really, REALLY funny. The boost in my sales because of Lela's advice has already covered the cost of her course. If you are on the fence about anything Lela has to offer - pull the trigger.
Lisa Thorstenson
Cloud Nine Soap Co.: Wisconsin
I don't have anything to offer you other than my complete awe. To say that I've had my money's worth is a gross understatement.
Susan Mann
Manor Hall Soap Co.: Massachusetts
Lela Barker will change your life! I feel honored and blessed to have access to so much information and I’ve never been so inspired to push towards greatness in my business.
Tamara Lewis
Zandra: New York
I have taken so many courses over the past two years and I should say this one has been the best! I listen to your voice every single day and I can literally feel the love and passion you have for our success. I may not be where I would like to be now but I’m feeling more confident and empowered and ready to take on the world with every day that goes by.
Karpagam Gobalakrishna
Jvaala's Jewels: India
Lela is gracious, grounded and clearly possesses the boundless grit and enthusiasm of a true mentor. It is clear to me why she has been so successful, and I am grateful for her willingness to openly outline the keys to her success.
Sally Leachko
Meadow Lake Farm: Ohio
This is one of the most valuable investments I've made in myself. Not just in my business, but in my whole person.
Danielle Vincent
Outlaw Soaps: California
The saying "you don't know what you don’t know" certainly applies here. I was on the fence before taking LBU, thinking that I knew it all because I spent 10+ years in high-end retail. So I knew that I would get something valuable, but your class oh-so-humbled me and I have to say that looking back, it has saved me thousands of dollars in mistakes I would have otherwise made.
Jennifer Waller
Celtic Complexion: North Carolina
The pitching skills I learned through LBU helped me get an immediate meeting with the owner of the Hyatt Resort Spa. Without hesitation, I would recommend LBU and every other program Lela offers. This is the third program I’ve taken through Lucky Break Consulting and I’ve found the courses and the information to be invaluable!
Christie Wanlass
Kohana Skin: California
I took quite a few business classes during graduate school and I am deeply impressed with the depth and well-designed tools Lela has created to walk her students through their tasks.
Annegret Pfeifer
Kettle Care Organics: Montana

You may have seen me in...
I called Lela and I honestly wasn't sure where to start. I had so many questions and I knew that I needed to ask the right ones, but Lela eased my concerns immediately. She knew exactly where I was in my business and she picked up the conversation confident in knowing who I am because she was there once before.

Her knowledge, guidance and leadership was something I really needed to move to the next step in my business.
Ieasha O’Reilly
Khoi: New York
This was THE best hour spent on my business! My head is still buzzing with all of the wisdom and ideas Lela shared with me. Once again, Lela has proven herself an expert in her field. This woman is BRILLIANT. Even though I just rebranded and felt 90% sure that I was on the right track with my target market, I still needed some assurance and guidance. Lela helped pull it all into focus, and blew me away with some really awesome ideas. In that hour, she put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, and “click.” Pure magic!

I’m so excited to put all of these ideas out there. She helped me nail my “About” page, and gave me TONS of ideas for my blog, which I have sadly neglected for far too long. After our call, Lela followed up with an email, which included helpful links and information pertaining to what we had discussed.

I highly, highly recommend a consultation with Lela. It truly is a Power Session, and absolutely worth every penny!
Lisa Buteux
Comfort & Joy: New York
Private consultations with Lela are like having your own entrepreneurial Bat phone.
Janis Emery
Pure Joy Soap Co.: Tennessee
I have a small granola company and have been stalking Lela for a while via Facebook. I found her blog posts and articles so helpful and I was itching to talk to her more about my business. I signed up for a strategy session and was so happy with the entire experience. I filled out a questionnaire beforehand so that we didn't spend valuable minutes on the back story. Armed with a list of questions, Lela and I worked through about 8 topics in our hour, from wholesale to my first trade show to a product name to expanding my operations. We covered quite a bit! Afterwards, Lela followed up via email with additional information and resources.

The experience was great. It was truly worth the expense and I think any small business owner would benefit from a call with Lela.
Hope Lawrence
Hudson Henry Baking Co: Virginia
How Lela manages to stuff all the important information into such a short session is crazy!
Rachel Najera
Rachel’s Plan Bee: Texas
While there are many steps one needs to follow to be successful, I think the most important is finding the right mentor. Lela, you have always been that person. From the start, you were unselfish at offering your circle of business friends for website design, graphic design, and photography. This made for a quick and efficient start to getting my business rolling.

Every time we meet, I always learn new and exciting ways of doing business. From driving more customers to my site and the best ways to keep in contact with customers, you consistently bring fresh ideas to the table that propel my business forward. I cannot thank you enough for all of the support and knowledge throughout the years. You’re always a positive force with a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done. I look forward to our next meeting!
Teri Pringle
Blue Flour Best Baked Goods: South Carolina
The single best investment I’ve made in my business.
Nicole OBrien
Unique PL8Z: Rhode Island
Super-awesome, empire-building Bible.
Stacie Cherubini
Halo Soap: Wisconsin
Complete, power-packed grad school for successful wholesaling!
Jayme Barrett
Zweena Body Care: California
The best business decision ever.
Megan Sincock
Wildly Natural Cosmetics: Kansas
A nurturing and eye-opening kick in the ass.
Melissa Wert
Print Therapy: Massachusetts
A high-level game changer.
Stacee Matheson
Birth By Earth: Washington
I feel clearer and more confident in what to do now with my business.
Mable Tan
Happee Monkee: Australia
I feel like I leave learned more in the past 7 weeks than in the last 3 years I have been working on starting my line.
Sara Runser
Lily de Mai: New York