E-Commerce Website Tuneup
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E-Commerce Website Tuneup

Your web presence is your 24/7 storefront, serving as “home base” for your brand. Its importance to both retail consumers and wholesale buyers cannot be overstated! As entrepreneurs, we must create websites that are both elegantly presented and infused with strategy. This workshop is designed to help you make simple adjustments that deliver BIG results...

Ever feel like you've been starting at your own website for so long that you've lost all objectivity?

Me, too, friend. Me, too!

E-commerce websites are our 24/7 sales venues. And everybody's looking at them: prospective customers, loyal fans, retail buyers, media editors, and industry influencers, too. 


Regrettably, designing strategic websites isn't where most makers + product designers intuitively shine. Don't get me wrong: we recognize that an easy-to-use, pleasing-to-the-eye, smartly-designed website is a business necessity. But creating that website definitely isn't what gets us out of bed in the morning.


You can't keep ignoring your website, crossing your fingers, whispering a prayer into the universe, and hoping that it works. It's time to take the proverbial bull by the horns and get your site on lock! 


I've created a process that offers a fresh pair of eyes so that you can see your site objectively. 

One that explain website strategy in plain English that you can actually understand. 

One that's brimming with easy-to-digest, actionable advice and simple steps that you can take to bolster your online presence. 


My E-commerce Website Tuneup is a wisdom-infused, self-guided exploration of your current site designed to quickly identify opportunities to implement small adjustments that deliver big results. 




There are two facets to this workshop, both of which are designed to help you idenitfy the Achille's Heels of your current website and develop simple action plans to fortify those weak spots. This project includes:

1. A detailed, guided self-audit to help you strategically move through your website with fresh eyes.
3. A collection of more than a dozen free tools to help increase your SEO rankings.

This workshop dives into each of these areas to help you raise the bar...
  • INCREASING ENGAGEMENT: The art of keeping visitors on your site for longer so that they absorb more content and subscribe to your email list, enable you to continue marketing to them.

  • PLAYING TO WHOLESALE BUYERS: How to lay tasty bait for retail buyers who are looking for fresh products to stock on their store shelves.

  • PUTTING YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD + BUILDING CREDIBILITY: My favorite tricks for quietly honing in on typos, unearthing broken links, and infusing your website with social proof.

  • INCREASING YOUR VALUE COMMUNICATION: Strategies for looking at your product photography with fresh eyes to better understand how your product collection reads to others.

  • STREAMLINING THE CHECKOUT PROCESS: Eliminate obstacles and improve the user experience to boost your bottom line.

  • IMPROVING YOUR SEO: There's an arena of simple strategies + quick strategies you can implement to tickle Google's fancy, leading fresh eyes to your site

Invest 60-90 minutes working through these detailed prompts and you'll have a clear plan of action for improving your website.



This instantly-delivered, self-study workshop will be available the moment you reserve it. It's an easy-to-follow, wisdom-infused, 9-page PDF that you can refer back to again + again. Here's how this works...  


  1. Reserve the workshop via this page.

  2. Pour a cup of coffee. 

  3. Head over to your Virtual Classroom (use that shiny gold button that's perched in the upper-right corner of every page of the Lucky Break website!).

  4. Roll up your sleeves and dive in.

  5. Toast with a celebratory glass of champs and soak the evening away in a hot bath tonight, knowing that your hustle game is smart and strong.