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Independent beauty brands: If you’re struggling to understand what the FDA expects or are interested in building a solid manufacturing process that can scale, then my GMP on demand class slides all of the necessary tools right into those sexy hands of yours.

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Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are a set of a parameters designed by the FDA as a part of their regulatory responsibility to safeguard public health by ensuring that the cosmetics and personal care products consumed within the U.S. are of a high quality. While the federal government isn't in the practice of designing the actual production systems, they do address the end results.


The good news? The FDA isn’t going to tell you precisely how to fill a bottle of lotion/ jar of eye shadow/ bottle of nail polish without contaminating it, though they do mandate that your lotion/ eye shadow/ nail polish meet a very specific set of criteria before you can release them into the marketplace.


The bad news? There’s no government-issued handbook that details precisely how GMP manufacturing should be performed for micromanufacturers operating from their homes or small commercial workshops. Essentially, the FDA says "You're on your own kid, but you'd better get this right."


Over the past decade, I’ve developed a detailed the path to compliance, designed especially for independent cosmetic and personal care manufacturers. I first developed this system for my own apothecary brand, but I'm doing-cartwheels-excited to share my methodology with other beauty brands on the move.

This class series simplifies each regulation and teaches, in words and pictures, how even the smallest of companies can be fully compliant. It's the same system I've used to sell millions of dollars of my beauty products in all 50 states and through distributorships in the European Union, Scandinavia, the Middle East, South Africa and Asia. This is the only program of its kind, detailing precisely how to tailor complex federal regulations to fit your budget, your space and your sanity.




Ready to grow your beauty brand? GMP is the ticket to scale-able systems, sustainable growth and product quality that's the envy of your peers. Through my GMP on demand webinar series, you'll...

• Sleep better at night, knowing you’re compliant with established federal regulations.

• Be poised grow your company by laying the foundation necessary to scale.

• Help limit your company’s future legal liabilities.

• Boost your brand's competitive edge in the increasingly crowded indie beauty marketplace.

• Improve the efficiency of your production process.

• Protect your customers by ensuring your products enjoy complete trace-ability + are safe for release.

• Sell with more confidence and open the door to new markets.




Through this class, I'll walk a small group of savvy makers through a series of carefully constructed (and oh-so-pretty) curriculum slides which explore:


• How being GMP will compliant boost your competitive edge + position your company for growth

• The exact criteria FDA inspectors are examining when inspecting a facility

• A 12-month road map for full GMP implementation, so you can tackle the project bite-by-bite

• Strategies for making your workshop GMP compliant (Yes, even if it's in your house!)

• 98 behind-the-scenes photos from my Bella Lucce workshop, illustrating practical GMP protocols implemented on a shoestring budget

• How Standard Operating Procedures improve batch consistency + help scale production (plus: how to write them)

• How to design + complete thoughtful Batch Records

• My system for creating complete trace-ability of every ingredient in each product that you create

• How to develop your own in-house microbial testing procedure to ensure products are free from mold, fungus, yeast and bacteria before release to the public

• Templates that take the guesswork out of implementing procedures and protocols. It's the closest I can get to writing them for you!

I've spent thousands of hours developing and articulating this proprietary system, so you don't have to! I've done the thinking, laid the foundation, and built the framework for you, empowering you to be up + running in record time.



This class series includes everything you'll need to implement GMP. And when I say "everything," I mean everything. I'm with you every step of the way...


• Enjoy 8+ hours of meticulously-developed curriculum. We're walking through GMP from A to Z!


• I'll share my shopping list for supplies, my label templates and every last scrap of paperwork associated with my GMP system. I'll provide edit-able templates so you don't waste time reinventing paperwork, and I'll also slip completed forms into your hands so you have tangible examples of GMP in action. There are more than 35 handouts and "done for you" templates in total.


• I'll tuck the presentations + handouts from the class series into your personalized Lucky Break Virtual Classroom, so you'll have access to them 24/7, forever.


Want to take your GMP program to the next level? Add on a Private Strategy Session with me and we'll spend a power house of an hour together, fine-tuning your documents, answering your questions and getting your GMP program in tip top shape.




This class blends on-demand flexibility with guided support... the best of both worlds. Each Saturday in March (March 2, 9, 16, and 23), I'll release another module of study into your personalized classroom here on the Lucky Break website.  Dive in when ready- you can watch the videos while on the subway, on the treadmill, or in the comfort of your office. Just keep a pen + paper nearby to capture your questions.


Then mark your calendar for two group Q+A calls where I'll tag in to help clarify curriculum, answer your questions, and make recommendations. We'll meet together on Thursday March 14 at 8:30pm EST and again on Thursday, Match 28th at 8:30pm to ensure that you're crystal clear on how to tackle GMP. Dial-in details will be provided, but go ahead and reserve those dates now. You can submit questions in advance and both calls will be recorded in case you can't join us live.  

This is the one and only live run of 2019...grab your seat! The only things you need to participate are an internet connection and a phone line. 



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04/10/2017 - 08:18:14 PM
This is the class your business needs!
I'm in the implementation stage If you want to add legitimacy to your business, if you want to be able to scale up your production and if you're ready to take your business to higher levels then taking GMP Made Simpler is exactly what you need to do to accomplish those goals! This class will walk you through step by step to get your business GMP Compliant. All of the Lucky Break Consulting courses/classes are worth more than their weight in gold!
Reviewed by
02/09/2017 - 09:14:14 PM
Holy Cow!!! This is the real deal!!!
Lela's GMP class is excellent! She (again) goes above and beyond to help you get your Manufacturing Processes on lock. She shared helpful templates and documents that I can adjust for my business. Now I don't have to try and wing it by creating something that might work because these have worked in her own facility. I am eternally grateful to Lela for sharing with us her knowledge and experience. I had no idea where to start before this class, but Lela did all of the hard work and readily shares it. ♥
Reviewed by
02/08/2017 - 08:48:13 AM
Need GMP help? Let Lela guide you!
Lela is truly a Master when it comes to helping you get GMP compliant by making it easy to understand the concepts and how to put them in place. In other words, she gives you the why, the how, and better yet the power to become compliant in an easy, understandable way!
Reviewed by
06/29/2016 - 04:25:49 PM
Excellent- GMP- Made to Understand!
I have just finished the GMP class and I want to thank Lela for such an excellent class, the amount of work, knowledge and time put into the making of this program is priceless!
Every handcrafter in cosmetics and soap who wants to be GMP compliant should take this class. The information presented has taken years of "learning the hard way" off of my plate. While at times during the class I felt like I had been sipping my bath water, in the end, all of the information presented came together in a clear, concise and more importantly understandable road map that is totally doable.
Angela L.
Reviewed by
02/14/2016 - 10:59:13 PM
Your GMP May Be Good & It Probably Could Get Better
If you're looking to improve your current process then this GMP course is a worthwhile investment. It is comprehensive and helps you make the connection between your production process, employee training and complying with regulations. The document samples show you how you can create a better documentation process. Best of all this system is one that you can grow with. Lela shares her knowledge from years of actually using these methods.

I recommend making an effort to be on the live calls and reviewing the materials so you can take advantage of the live question and answer sessions.

Your GMP may be good at the moment but it could be great. Learn from someone who is actively doing it.
Reviewed by
02/14/2016 - 11:40:16 AM
Invaluable for B+B Makers!
If you're feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by the thought of tackling GMP (I haven't met one person that isn't) then this course is an absolute MUST!! Lela is a gifted teacher, engaging and super witty, which makes learning this stuff so much easier! She's distilled her years of experience and endless hours creating her own GMP program and masterfully breaks it down and presents it to you in a detailed roadmap complete with an invaluable supply of resources. She turns the daunting into the doable!! Thank you Lela for all the incredible support and generosity you give us!!
Reviewed by
02/12/2016 - 01:06:44 PM
GMP truly made simple
Once again, Lela nails it. This class simplifies a topic that had me wondering where the heck do I start. This class is presented in a logical, easy to follow progression with details and handouts to help you implement what you really need to do.
Lela recognizes it is not an overnight job and gives you an implementation plan to work through the steps to get you GMP compliant.
If you wonder if you should take this class, YOU SHOULD TAKE IT! It truly is made simple (maybe not easy, but do-able). Highly recommended.
Reviewed by
02/12/2016 - 11:04:07 AM
GMP Made Simple(r)
GMP is not easy…no matter how you slice it. I originally bought several books thinking that I could figure it out myself…I ended up overwhelmed. This class has really broken GMP down into digestible chunks. Lela has taken her usual step by step method, clearly explaining everything along the way. Not only does she explain the "how to" but she is also very clear about the "why", which I think is very important in implementing GMP. FDA requires that we implement GMP, but it doesn't tell us HOW to implement. For me, figuring out HOW to implement, what process to develop, what steps to take, and what forms to create is 90% of the struggle. Lela, by way of her own skincare company, already has all of that vetted and figured out. Though out the class, she provides all the necessary forms that we would need, and she actually gives examples of those forms being used. Having the forms and the process already figured out is PRICELESS! Thank you, yet again, Lela. I am going to eat that elephant, bite by bite!
Reviewed by
02/12/2016 - 09:56:49 AM
On the Road to GMP Compliance!
Lela has once again helped me immensely in my quest to improve my company and my brand. Her depth of scope regarding GMP is unmatched by any book, person or website on this subject. Even though GMP is a incredibly daunting task, I’m ready to hit the ground running because of all the information, roadmaps, templates and resources that she provides in this 4 week class. Lela is a rockstar when it comes to teaching, and you will absolutely get your money’s worth and more when you take this class! Not only does it show you how to make your business become FDA compliant, it makes you think more about process in general, supply management, and efficiency. Thank you Lela for making my business life easier!
Reviewed by
02/11/2016 - 11:27:32 PM
This truly was an amazing class and worth every penny - plus some!!

Lela presents a mind-blowing amount of information, but she does it in a very systematic and well-thought-out way. She delivers the big picture (correction: HUGE picture) and then she delivers a clear methodology on getting it all done. The templates, samples, resources and implementation plan are worth their weight in gold. And, the class videos are available to review for a lifetime!

I've tried to implement GMP in pieces over the years, but this system is far more comprehensive and easier to implement than anything I had come up with. Plus all these snazzy forms/templates and record keeping systems have already been created for me. Oh yeah!!

...And, in true Lela style, she manages to take a very dry subject like GMP and make it entertaining. Thanks, Lela!
Reviewed by
02/11/2016 - 11:11:28 PM
GMP? Let Lela guide you!
After taking LBU, I knew I needed to take the GMP class. I also knew that becoming GMP compliant was not going to be easy. I'm so thankful that Lela has this program on lock to guide the rest of us through. I'm not going to lie - the class itself is like taking a required college class, not fun but necessary. Lela gives you all the tools you need to become compliant if you're willing to do the work. She created an Implementation Plan that breaks down your to-do list into 7 monthly bites which is so helpful after drinking from the fire hose of information. Once again, Lela and team have poured heart, soul and intellect into helping makers achieve greatness. Thank you!
Reviewed by
02/10/2016 - 04:50:05 PM
So much more than I bargained for!
Due to my background as a scientist in a pharmaceutical company, I thought I had a pretty good handle on GMP and all that is needed. Lela brought so many things to the table that I had never even thought about. Her organizational system, templates provided, and the insight she provides are a life changer. I will definitely sleep better knowing that I have all the systems in place to be GMP compliant.

Lela presents all the material (so much material) in a very professional manner. You can tell she really cares about the people she is teaching and strives to make sure that everybody understands the content.

Highly recommend!
Reviewed by
02/07/2015 - 11:46:59 AM
A Difficult Process Made Simpler
Becoming GMP compliant can be a daunting task for any maker--but Lela's class is one of the best ways out there to make the process one that is both easier to digest and easier to implement. Lela, as always, provides incredible resources with each module, and the breakdown of each class is perfectly timed so that each session is rich with information without inducing a paralysis from being too much at once. I love Lela's teaching style, love the look of all of her slides, and wholeheartedly endorse her programs. Thank goodness for Lucky Break!
Reviewed by
02/06/2015 - 09:35:42 PM
Amazing Class!
This was such a well-organized, information jam-packed class which Lela teaches effortlessly and keeps it interesting and engaging. The sheer amount of information that is shared and dissected for us is over the top. Clearly well worth the time and money and I can't wait to put this newly-obtained knowledge into action!
Reviewed by
09/02/2014 - 01:15:08 PM
Start here.
Do you make personal care products? Do you sell them? Start here for EVERYTHING you need to know about GMP and how it can strengthen your business top to bottom. I am so impressed with this webinar..., its my second training with Lela and I am just blown away by the attention to detail and the thoroughness of this system..., because that what this is, a step by step system to get your GMP butt in shape. Do yourself a favor and make this webinar a TOP priority for your beauty brand.

Thank you Lela!

(I forgot to add that I was sooooooo scared/overwhelmed by the thought of implementing GMP before, I thought there was no way I could accomplish it- but with this training under my belt, now I know I can)
Reviewed by
09/01/2014 - 10:59:42 AM
Fantastic Class!
This class is an amazing resource! Lela has created a curriculum that covers everything related to GMP. Not only does she deliver an amazing curriculum, she uses her own experience to illustrate the main ideas, gives countless handouts that can be used as templates, and also gives handouts that can be used as guidelines when filling out templates. She also gives countless resources (web sites, dictionaries to important terminology, etc.) to help make GMP work for specific businesses. I always felt like GMP was an impossible mountain to climb but Lela lays out a realistic path towards this important goal. Just want to note that live participation on all webinars is not required. The experience is much more valuable if live participation is possible but it certainly isn't required.
Reviewed by
08/29/2014 - 08:58:36 AM
How do you eat an elephant?
Bite by bite...intimidated by the FDA, GMP and microbial testing? Lela has it down. This was the missing link in my business and my confidence. You will learn step by step how to's to get your business in shape. What was daunting is now manageable thanks to a secret weapon she arms you with at the end of class. PRICELESS!!! Thanks Lela and crew you spark my passion for my business.
Reviewed by
08/28/2014 - 11:58:37 PM
Information Awesomeness!
If you thought you were in compliance with GMPs, think again! This class was far and away beyond my expectations for how to improve our current system. Well worth your time and expense -- in fact, I think Lela should charge more for this one! Eternally grateful for my newly acquired knowledge and goals!
Reviewed by
08/28/2014 - 11:18:45 PM
This Class is A Must!!
The requirements the FDA puts out there for GMP are many and difficult to interpret. Lela has a gift to be able to not only interpret these requirements but also the creative genius to figure out how to put them into practice in a small business.

When you take this class be prepared for a professional, fast paced lecture format with visuals online, homeworks assignments and all the resources you need to put GMP into practice for your business.

I am so glad our company invested in this class. The records we will be able to generate with the many forms and checklist provided will not only help us to be GMP compliant but will improve our manufacturing process, save us money and most importantly help us provide a superior product to our clients! Thank you Lela!

Should you take this class? YES. It is a Must!
Reviewed by
08/28/2014 - 09:53:39 PM
Chalk another one up for GREATNESS!
Second class taken from LBU and I am so happy I took this class (in a masochistic kind of way). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 7 month action plan to put this tremendous amount of information to REAL use. A ton of clarity on this mountain of information. THANK YOU LBU! I know what I will be doing for the next several months! ;)
Reviewed by
08/28/2014 - 09:45:03 PM
Amazing Class!
Lela blew this class out of the water. It was so worth the time and money I spent to take this class. I really wondered if I really needed it since I had already read all of the FDA regulations. However, Lela taught me so much more than I knew. Thanks Lela!!
Reviewed by
08/21/2014 - 09:32:12 PM
Best webinar you'll ever take
I've previously taken classes with Lela in person, and she was incredibly informative about all information involving wholesale, spas, etc. For GMP, there's a ton of information, as well as very handy templates and sample documents for me to use. Also, the webinars are available to you infinitely, so I can always go back and remind myself of any information that I forgot. Thanks so much Lela, learning about GMP was a lot less scary than I thought it would be. Take this webinar, you won't regret it!!
Reviewed by
08/21/2014 - 09:23:39 PM
So Worth It!
Lucky Breaks' GMP class is so worthwhile to take. I would have drowned trying to figure out all of this on my own, if I ever figured it out at all. Lela's years of experience lay it all out for you. Wonderful class.
Reviewed by
08/08/2014 - 08:03:36 PM
Lots of information!
Another top notch info packed class from Lucky Break. GMP is soo important for indie beauty businesses. Lela generously shares her knowledge and experience as she helps guide you in setting up and implementing a GMP system for your business. It would take a lot of time and effort to do this on one's own without her guidance. Thanks Lela! :)

Any maker considering this course - its definately worth the investment!
Reviewed by
03/20/2014 - 10:02:18 PM
Mind Blown!
Lela, words cannot express how grateful I am that you were mindful enough of us (independent beauty biz) to create a class to teach and share with us about how to protect ourselves and our customers. I truly believe that there's no way, once one becomes fully compliant, that it'll make us all better entrepreneurs, boost our bottom lines and honestly make us better people! I know, sound corney, but take the course and you'll see what I'm talking about:)!
Reviewed by
03/14/2014 - 12:50:37 PM
Doing it right the first time!
As I started out in my business, I wanted to learn the right way to make my products safely and have a good record of my production. I muddled along designing a batch record and a couple of other things, but it is definitely not my area of expertise. I would of never thought of the many records he FDA would like my company to have or how each record is tied to another record to create a paper trail from the finished product back to the raw materials.

GMP for Small Beauty Manufacturers explains everything you need to know to become GMP compliant very quickly! Lela has blazed this trail for us....her instruction, graphics, sample records, template records, and Q & A session after each webinar ties everything together to provide us with an excellent basis to build great production records that will make the FDA very happy!

I am not going to lie, the course is intense and there is a ton of information, but I am much more secure knowing what is expected of my company and me. When I see all the templates that Lela gives with the course , I say...thank you, thank you thank you, and I am so happy that I don't have to design them myself! Just one more thing off my plate! Whew!
Reviewed by
03/13/2014 - 10:33:33 PM
GMP - Week 2 - Oh my!
Just finished 2nd session of the GMP class with Lela Barker!

I do not know how she fits so much needed information in each session. This class is everything + so much more about GMP.

You will not find another class out there that is this comprehensive that breaks down GMP into tiny little chunks making it very doable for all small beauty makers!

Reviewed by
03/07/2014 - 07:21:05 PM
GMP: Good for your customers, your business and your profits!
After just one week of GMP it is clear that implementing GMP not only protects the safety of customers, but it also protects makers and can be used as a tool to boost sales! Who doesn't want that?

I am SUPER EXCITED about using GMP compliance as a selling point to new wholesale accounts - thus IMPROVING our bottom line! Woo hoo! I see increased profits in the future!

I know that we will quickly recoup the cost of this class with new accounts. Happy happy!!!