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Heads up beauty brands! If you're looking to increase revenue + boost brand cachet, then this on demand class is designed especially for you. It teaches the exact blueprint I used to take my company from zero dollars to 1500+ spas around the globe.

Spas and salons have unique needs and knowing how to satisfy those needs is the key that unlocks a world of luxury resorts and famous-name spas. You can’t successfully sell to a spa in the same way that you sell to a local indie shop or a big-name department store, but do you know the difference?


I've been working intimately with spas for more than a decade and my Bella Lucce brand is sold through more than 1500 spa properties worldwide, from the Trump Soho in New York City to the Armani Hotel in Dubai. I've built a 7-figure spa brand from scratch and in this class, I share specialized techniques and strategies that I developed, each of which will empower you to intuitively serve spa managers with more elegance and ease.


Join me for this rare look inside the world of the $14 billion dollar a year spa industry and learn how to position your products to capture a piece of the pie! Bid farewell to theory... this class is built upon a wealth of experience and I'll show you exactly what I did to succeed. This detailed roadmap to spa success isn't available anywhere else!



Each year, I guide savvy beauty brand owners deep into the heart of the spa market through this innovative class series. You'll emerge with an increased knowledge of the industry, the confidence to move forward, the skills and tools to elegantly serve spas, all while sparking fresh creativity and enjoying a wealth of new ideas. I'll teach you how to think like a spa manager and how to build a powerful competitive edge into your business, so you can run circles around your competition.


Together, we'll discover:

• Why you can't sell to spas in the same way that you sell to everyone else

• How to package, price and label backbar products for professional use in spas + salons

• How to build facial, body and mani + pedi treatments using many of your existing products

• Where to look for inspiration when designing signature treatments

• How to write treatment protocols that take the guesswork out of your line for the big decision makers in spa management

• How to write MSDS/ SDS sheets (hint: these are required by all spas operating in the U.S.)

• Strategies for building an alliance with a local spa property to help with development of your professional spa program

• Tricks for offering product training on a shoestring budget

• Ten tips you need to know to keep spa managers happy (and ordering!)


My step-by-step curriculum is organized, detailed, and easy-to-follow. This class is designed specifically for bath and body artisans who create products that can be utilized during spa treatments. Regrettably, it won't prove as helpful for entrepreneurs who create other products that might be sold through spas or salons (think: nail polish, hair care, color cosmetics, robes, herbal teas, etc.)



In this flagship class series, I share the exact blueprint I used to penetrate the spa market as a young and scrappy startup working with very limited resources. Reserve your seat today and you'll enjoy on demand teaching and a plethora of valuable, carefully cultivated resources. Want to take your spa program to the next level? Add on a Private Strategy Session with me and we'll spend a power house of an hour together, fine-tuning your documents, answering your questions and getting your spa program ready to land in the hands of buyers.

This "on demand", class series includes:

• 5 hours of wisdom-infused, information-rich curriculum taught by yours truly

• Worksheets which guide you through the process of building your own line of unique signature treatments and price them appropriately

• A Resource List that opens my personal Rolodex to show you precisely where I buy supplies and how I run my training program

• An MSDS/ SDS template so you can quickly and easily prepare the paperwork needed to sell to spas

• 3 plug-n-play treatment protocol templates for facial, body and mani + pedi treatments

• Infinite access to the class materials so you can revisit them again and again, as often as needed

• You can listen in on the Q+A attached to the most recent live run of this program, gleaning wisdom from the questions asked by others


This is my proprietary system and you won't find this information anywhere else...



Join me virtually from anywhere in the world! Reserve your seat and I'll slide your curriculum right into your hands just as soon as you complete your order. You'll have immediate access to every hour of curriculum, every handout, and the recording of commonly asked questions and answers that you might find yourself scratching your head over, too.


Scroll up and click the purple ADD TO CART button at the top of this page to enjoy instant access to my vault of spa goodness!


Reviewed by
05/04/2016 - 09:49:10 AM
I feel like I've got all the secrets to boost my business!

I really did not know what it took to sell to spas, and I thought it was similar to wholesale. Boy was I wrong.

My position is strengthened with this informative class. Hastag dominate the spa with the right sizes, treatments and more!

Reviewed by
05/01/2016 - 03:24:09 AM
The Spa Market Demystified
I cannot recommend this class enough. If you are considering entering the spa market or even if you're already in it you will not be disappointed. The depth of info you will take away from this class will blow your mind. Definitely worth every penny! Heck, it's worth way more then Lela charges.

Lela is such an amazing teacher! She truly pours her heart and soul into her lessons. I am so in awe of her!
Reviewed by
04/29/2016 - 07:34:27 PM
Everything I expected!
This class, just like all of Lela Barker's classes are designed with your business success in mind!

I have been making spa treatments for our spa parties for many years now and I always knew that I was missing key elements that are needed to elevated our treatments into professional status.

Any class you take with Lucky Break Consulting will give you the CORRECT tools you need to help you run your business in a professional manner.

I loved this class, the format, the curriculum, and the instructor!
Reviewed by
04/29/2016 - 04:51:52 PM
As always Lela goes beyond providing exceptional resources and information, she is a powerhouse of knowledge. I have been on the fence about entering the spa market but after this class I am undoubtedly sure this is the route I wish to go. Lela has laid a beautiful road map on how to enter the spa market, provided wonderful resources, handouts, templates and the courage. Thank you Lela!
Reviewed by
04/29/2016 - 03:11:08 PM
Take My Money Lela!!!
I'm so glad I took this class. I assumed all the information I learned in LBU would translate to the spa / salon market, and it doesn't. I wouldn't have known the important differences between the two markets if I weren't for this class. If you want to enter the spa market this class is necessary. Lela takes the time and care to answer each and every question.

Lela is one person I will happily give all my money too LOL. She is worth it and over delivers on everything she does.

Thanks Lela and the Lucky Break Team.
Reviewed by
04/29/2016 - 02:49:54 PM
Great class, valuable info!!
If you are interested in selling to spas, then you will LOVE this class.

Lela provides a blueprint for how to set up products that spas will want, how to approach them, how to win them over, and how to keep them coming back. In addition, the customizable templates provided are GOLD!

If you already have great products and are needing help tailoring them to sell to spas, then this is the class for you!! You will save yourself a crazy amount of time and stress!! So glad I took this class. Thank you, Lela!!

Reviewed by
04/28/2016 - 11:13:41 PM
Always the BEST from Lela!
I adore Lela Barker but I'm IN LOVE with the information she teaches in her classes and workshops. I took this class specifically to learn how to write MSDS sheets that my wholesale spa clients require. Not only did I learn how to confidently tackle this arduous task but I learned so much more than I expected. The wholesale portion of my business is really good but Lela taught me how to make it even better without going broke or bald. I highly recommend taking this class if you want to get your products into the spa market AND keep these valuable clients coming back for more! THANK YOU LELA!!!
Reviewed by
04/14/2015 - 10:37:16 PM
Invaluable Class!
Don't think this 4 hour class is short and sweet. Oh, it's sweet but jam packed with information which will help you master strategies for entering the spa market. As is the case with all of Lela's classes, the customizable forms are worth the tuition. I am a licensed Esthetician although I haven't worked in a spa or salon in many years. I was more interested in ingredients and started making products instead. I still keep up with industry news and can honestly say that I would have never felt comfortable approaching a spa with my products without first taking this class. Lela takes the guess work out of entering the spa market by guiding you through the process and sharing resource information. This class is exciting and I highly recommend it if you want to market your products to the spa industry.
Reviewed by
04/14/2015 - 10:09:24 PM
Excellent Class
I really enjoyed taking this class, and learned something new in each session. The amount of information and detailed guidance from an expert like Lela was fabulous and I have already put my new knowledge into good use. I highly recommend taking this course if you plan on targeting the spa market. Money well spent, once again!
Reviewed by
04/12/2015 - 03:21:18 PM
Lela does it again!!
Selling to the spa market is packed with valuable, comprehensive information and strategies. This class is a must if you're thinking of entering into the spa arena, it will save you time and money!! Lela is like the Apple of the consulting world (I happen to love Apple products)...She consistently delivers high quality, innovative products and courses. Lela has an extraordinary capacity to integrate her wealth of information, her gifted teaching style, boundless enthusiasm and incredible responsiveness to each student. There really aren't enough superlatives to convey how amazing this woman is and all that she offers to the Maker community!! I am eternally grateful to her.
Reviewed by
04/10/2015 - 08:23:12 PM
I'm ready!
If you are ready to hit six or seven figures, then Mastering the Spa Market is the class for you. Lela gives you the nuts and bolts about how to market and sell to spas. The spa market is a different animal and the key takeaway was that you have to make the spa operator's job easy by developing innovative treatment protocols with products that sell. This class is perfect for those with a facial or body care line looking to expand to new markets. If you own a salon or spa, you may already be familiar with back bar products and treatment protocols but you will also learn valuable information that will save you from costly mistakes. Lela is also very generous with the information she provides during the Q&A portion of the call. If you want to reach new heights, you must learn from the BEST. Lela walks the walk and talks the talk. I can't wait for next week's class!
Reviewed by
09/18/2014 - 01:08:57 AM
Mind. Blown.
Where do I begin...from the incredibly generous handouts, to the plethora of detailed information...this webinar was easily worth three times the actual price. Lela has not only made me realized that I already make most of the commonly used spa products, but has also opened up a brand new revenue stream for my company!! THANK YOU!
Reviewed by
09/17/2014 - 10:27:19 PM
I feel like this will save me so much valuable time and prevent 'learning the hard way' mistakes. Just the information about what to include on my website for wholesale accounts, and how to make the ordering process easier for customers alone will translate into more sales...Lela not only has business strategies, but she understands human nature/psychology to help you appeal to your busy customers. I'm glad I have this information (and the handouts are priceless) in my back pocket for reference when I'm ready to approach the spa market. Not only that, but as my business grows, I'll have what I need already in place to make it an easy, painless transition. Thank my business grows, I'll be taking more classes!
Reviewed by
09/17/2014 - 10:12:14 PM
On a roll...
I purchased Price-O-Matic, then GMP, now Oh-la-la Spa! I feel like I am building from the bottom up with Lela. Prices down and the basics in place for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and now the FUN has begun...I L-O-V-E this class. Lela does not miss a beat showing you how you can offer backbar products (if you don't know what this is - you will) and a spa line from your existing line of goodies. And, of course, so much more. She is a PRO - priceless.
Reviewed by
09/12/2014 - 09:13:03 AM
Selling to Spas
This was my first class with Lela having learned about her consulting business via an online interview. I would highly recommend this course if you wish to be successful selling to the spa market. She is gracious, grounded and clearly possesses the boundless grit and enthusiasm of a true mentor. She has designed a course that is extremely well organized, interesting and comprehensive. It is clear to me why she has been so successful, and I am grateful for her willingness to openly outline the keys to her success.
Reviewed by
01/16/2014 - 11:23:36 PM
Spa Momma, LeLa!
Wowza, Lela! Another amazing class with you. My first one was in person in NC last January! You are an amazing wealth of information top with a lot of pizzazz! I learned a ton from your Selling to the Spa Market webinar and look forward to putting your knowledge to work for us!
Reviewed by
01/16/2014 - 10:49:12 PM
This class is GOLD!
I am so thankful I signed up for this class, I can't even begin to explain the value I received! Although it moves at a fast pace, it's incredibly comprehensive and provides all the missing pieces for those contemplating entering the salon and spa market Besides a great foundation, it is packed with insider tips and strategies to ensure success. I give it 10 stars!
Reviewed by
01/16/2014 - 10:09:15 PM
Great!! Time well spent
If you want to getserious about your business and learn what it takes to get into the world of spa's....then this is worth the time and money. I amso excited! I can't wait for next week!! rock!
Reviewed by
01/16/2014 - 09:49:59 PM
Money Well Spent
Oh la la... where do I begin! After participating in the 6 week Lucky Break University Wholesaling class (another super awesome session), I really wanted to tackle the nitty gritty of how to sell to spas. This class gets detailed (like, really detailed) on all the things you need to know. Whether it's math, sales, creating themed bundles, or all three, your mind will be racing with new ways to build your brand and grow your business.

Reviewed by
01/16/2014 - 09:41:19 PM
Bottom line on this one. Lela gives SO MUCH info and then to top it off, the questions were fab. This helped me 1000% more than I thought it would. And I"M an esthetician! This helps me to see WHERE to focus
Reviewed by
01/16/2014 - 09:34:42 PM
"Selling to the Spa Market" webinar is an absolute masterpiece for entrepreneurs that is jam-packed full of insightful advice and resources. Lela delivers a strong foundation for wooing Spa's in a fun and accessible manner. If you want to set your business up for success with selling in Spas, this class is a must!