Product Description Blueprint
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Product Description Blueprint

The battle for hearts, minds, and open wallets is fought on the battlefield of product descriptions. The right marketing copy can evolve a customer from "meh" to "Holy hell, I neeeed that!" A phenomenal product description doesn't simply describe a product... it sells it. Here, let me show you...

I know that you make some stunningly gorgeous things. 


I know how much of your heart and soul is poured into each one.


 But there’s something about sitting down at a keyboard in an attempt to describe those products that leaves you… 



The writer’s block is real and the right words often prove elusive. Sometimes all you can manage is either a paragraph of adjective-infused (but meaningless) fluff or a list of facts about your product, which are almost equally as meaningless.

Because today’s marketplace is so incredibly dense and crowded, you need something far more powerful than that if you’d like to move hearts and open wallets. 

Trying to sell creative products by relying on fluffy marketing copy or simple lists of what your products have or do is like showing up to a gun fight with a butter knife. 

That’s not going to get you where you need to be, kitten.



You may well create the most beautiful widgets on the planet, but if you can’t tell me why I need your widget, then I’m not compelled to open my wallet and exchange a portion of my livelihood for the fruits of your labor. 


Making sales is about boosting your relevancy. It’s about connecting with your customers in a way that’s both meaningful and powerful. In a way that positions you to solve their problems and enrich their life by making it more simple, more abundant, more healthy, or more beautiful. 

Now more than ever, the brands who cleverly cut through the marketing noise and get to the heart of their customers are the same brands whose bank accounts are in the black, whose teams are growing, and whose products get picked up by editors. It’s not magic or blissfully good luck... it’s strategy, and I happen to have heaps of it on tap for you. 


Here’s the gig: you tag me into the ring through this workshop, and I’ll teach you how to evolve stale marketing copy into soul-stirring manifestos that compel your ideal customer to invite your brand into their lives. Through 42 beautifully-designed, information-rich pages, I’ll dissect successful product descriptions piece-by-piece and arm you with the building blocks needed to build your own.


Together, we'll explore...

  • The best way to crawl inside the mind of your customer to understand how to position your product for maximum relevancy 

  • The six critical building blocks of a wildly successful product description 

  • Simple SEO tricks to get more eyeballs on your product pages 

  • Tips for creating more effective imagery to accompany the product descriptions

  • Easy copywriting hacks that boost the potency of your words 

  • How to format a product description to increase readability so your customers are drawn deeper + deeper into the sales page 


This isn’t about infusing more “cute” into your marketing copy, but it is 100% about infusing more dollars into your product copy. I know how to do just that and I’d love to share my strategies with you!


Also included? All of the tools you need to put these principals into quick action, including...

  • My "Product Description Blueprint" which guides you through the process of cleverly constructing marketing copy for any creative product on the planet. 

  • A "Product Description Audit" checklist to put your current product descriptions through the grinder to see what needs work. 

  • "Cultivating My Brand Personality" worksheet, brimming with thoughtful exercises to help you infuse authentic character into your marketing copy. 

  • A glossary that contains 380 of my favorite sensory words for crafting compelling product descriptions. Forever banish marketing "fluff" like innovative, beautiful, unique, original, and exclusive from your brand copy.

  • Four examples of my Product Description Blueprint in action: a perfume, a body cream, a greeting card, and a service. 

  • Links to dozens of companies with juicy product descriptions and stellar product images. Your cup runneth over with inspiration! I've curated a tightly edited collection of shining examples across a variety of product categories, including: apothecary, paper + gift, apparel + accessories, food + spirits, and housewares.

When I say this is “everything you need,” I mean it. Immerse yourself in the workshop materials, stroll through the writing exercises, and I pinkie-promise that your product descriptions will be more compelling, more relevant, and more successful than ever before.


Look for an email the moment you reserve this workshop. Here’s what happens next...

1. Open my email.

2. Click the download link. 

3. Pour a cup of coffee. 

4. Roll up your sleeves and dive in.

5. Toast with a celebratory glass of champs and soak the evening away in a hot bath tonight, knowing that you're creating meaning for your customers and building a fulfilling livelihood for yourself in the process.

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07/06/2017 - 07:57:44 PM
Praises be!
This was so thorough and easy to follow. My descriptions now have my client built in and my personality. So much good stuff in here. Thank you, Lela.