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Think you need a fancy-pants public relations team to get your products into the glossies? Au contraire! You can do this yourself, darling, provided you know the secret tricks shared in this live webinar. It’s a detailed roadmap to PR success.



Have you ever wished for a crystal ball that would tell you precisely what magazine editors are looking for?

Or wondered how certain brands become darlings of the press?

Would you love to see your brand grace the pages of your favorite magazines or have influential bloggers sing your product’s praises?

What if you could invest a little time making that happen, but spend virtually zero dollars?

The most effective media isn't the kind you pay for, it's the kind you earn.


I’ve landed complimentary features in more than 100 magazines and blogs worldwide and I haven’t paid a penny for any of it. I’m sharing my secrets in this live public relations webinar designed especially for makers and product designers on a shoestring budget. Learn how to romance the press, score plum mentions and create buzz around your brand!



Over the course of two evenings, I'll teach you the ropes of this media game, including:


• How to refine your company narrative + brand story in a way that captures attention and gives editors something to sink their teeth into

• What editors are really looking for (and how you can crawl into their mind to deliver it right on time)

• Strategies for finding “good fit” publications that are most likely to feature your products

• The low-down on interacting with the press: who to call/email + what to say

• The steps you should be taking now to prepare for media attention

• My “secret weapon” for creating an extraordinary competitive edge with press professionals



This webinar includes everything you'll need to know to jumpstart a PR plan for your business!

• We'll meet virtually on two different Tuesdays in February for 120 minutes of audio/visual teaching direct from me.

• You'll enjoy a live Q+A on every call. This is a unique opportunity to have your specific questions answered without turning over handsome chunks of change for a private consultation.

• I'll share my toolkit of thoughtfully cultivated PR resources. From worksheets to referrals and templates, I slip the tools into your hands so you can tailor the curriculum to your brand and put the ideas into quick action.

• I'll tuck the recordings + handouts from the class series into your personalized Lucky Break Virtual Classroom, so they're ready for review as needed.



Join me virtually from anywhere in the world! Reserve your seat, save the dates and I'll be in touch 24-48 hours before the live event with a U.S. based dial-in number and detailed instructions for connecting at the appointed time.

At the start of the webinar, you'll be pulled into a live conference where you can view the curriculum on your screen and listen in via phone as I teach. At the end of each session, I'll open the lines for a live Q+A among this small group, providing the opportunity to clarify and tailor the curriculum to your unique needs.

Live outside the U.S.? I have local dial-in numbers for more than 60 countries and I'm happy to pick up the tab for the calling fees to make it as easy as possible to join us. Reserve your seat, then drop the Lucky Break Client Concierge a line to let us know where you're based and we'll forward a local dial-in number if we have one available for your area.

This webinar was part of our 2015 live webinar series. Registration is currently closed, but this live program will  return in 2016. More soon!

Can't join me live? No worries! I'll tuck the recordings + handouts from this webinar series into your personalized Lucky Break Virtual Classroom, so they're always at the ready when you need them.

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02/25/2015 - 05:02:23 PM
Romancing the Press Webinar
If you have any hesitation with regard to taking the Romancing The Press Webinar, throw it away! You will feel enthusiastic, highly motivated and empowered with knowledge. The information provided will knock your socks off, and motivate you to take on the press at their own game.

The live conference call was easy to connect to with clear and crisp audio, whilst the screen shots shown were detailed and highly relevant. Lela was a joy to listen to with her Southern accent and easy tone, and the handouts are detailed (OMG the detail) and easy to follow.

I would have no hesitation recommending anyone signs up instantly for the next course of Romancing The Press Webinar by Lucky Break Consulting.

Jo Haslauer
Reviewed by
02/25/2015 - 11:04:31 AM
You can do this!
This webinar has saved us. We had been thinking on hiring a PR agency of the last few months. Many of the proposals we received included so much of what this webinar taught us how to do so much of it ourselves, saving tons of money. DIY isn't for everyone, but here we learned how to sit at the table. We are now armed with the information necessary to move forward with confidence. Lela has done it again!
Reviewed by
02/24/2015 - 09:46:58 PM
A plan, tools and a kick in the rear too!
AGAIN, Lela not only tells you how, she equips you with the tools YOU need to get this done for your own brand. Totally practical, completely insightful (she's killed it for her own brands) and organized for you.

The calendar and resource lists alone are worth the price of the class. Hearing her experience and the "secret" behind Bella Lucce's own press success, the cherry on the top. I can't sing this lady's praises enough. So glad I took the leap of faith to take the LBU class last year and follow up with several more courses to build our own arsenal of tools.

Lynn Elko
Emma's Friends
Reviewed by
02/26/2014 - 06:02:14 PM
I'm ready for my close up
If you, like me, have often stood in front of the magazine racks at the local bookstore wondering how can I, an artisan crafter, get my products in the glossy pages of O Magazine, or Martha Stewart Living or even Better Homes and Gardens. Do I need to be related to the editor? Do I send them my product and wait for them to be amazed? Do I have to hire a PR firm? The answers are all found in this webinar. Lela guides you step by step, from media kit to how and when to contact editors. I am so ready to be famous. How about you?
Reviewed by
02/19/2014 - 07:01:16 PM
Everything You need PLUS More
Every one of Lela's classes are precise, to the point, FULL of information and clear. She talks from experience and gives the student all of the information that you need to even think about approach editors and publications. This information is not out there anywhere and for makers, this is priceless information!
Reviewed by
02/18/2014 - 10:16:27 PM
Lela is amazing!
How Lela manages to stuff all the important information into such a short session is crazy! The resource list provided as part of this class alone is awesome, but having Lela tell you what's what and how to get it done in a fun, interactive way is the best part. Thank you Lela -- looking forward to next week!
Reviewed by
02/18/2014 - 09:57:22 PM
Worth every penny and then some!
This webinar is literally and figuratively, jam packed with loads of useful info on how to work through the steps to have a drop dead looking press kit ready to go in an instant. You can't go wrong!

The optional assignments, where Lela helps you specifically, are the icing on the cake.