Since 2012, I've been rolling up my sleeves to help makers + product designers step up their business games. I've had the privilege of guiding hundreds of creative businesses as they fortify product pricing, strengthen policies, and shift deeper into a business mindset. But over and over again, I've seen makers lose their mojo when it comes time to talk to buyers.

It's far too easy to go down a rabbit hole that burns hours and our "to do" lists don't have much wiggle room.
We often spin our wheels by investing time in the pursuit of retail relationships that aren't a good fit for us.
The etiquette is unclear and we're not sure how to capture attention and then follow up without being a pest.
Cultivating these bonds necessitates that we continue to show up consistently, even while managing all of our other business tasks.
But it doesn't have to be.
Here's what fifteen years as a full-time maker have taught me: If you're serious about growing your business into an engine that's capable of sustaining you in the long-term, then you must get proactive and drive that growth. Contrary to what the "gurus" might tell you, there are no shortcuts or magic wands.

But there is strategy. I've developed a strategic method for streamlining the process of introducing your work to new buyers and managing retailer relationships.

One that makes the most of your time.

One that requires a minimum investment of dollars.

One that's wildly effective.

And one that's... dare I say... fun?

This snappy new service helps makers + product designers build and execute wholesale programs that attract buyers like bees to honey. Wholesale Matchmaker membership includes...

• A fresh round of store matches each month- selected especially for your brand - including a comprehensive profile + buyer contact information for each of the shops we recommend. The Lucky Break team will curate 15 stores per month just for you.

• A personalized monthly action plan to manage your outreach + followup efforts.

• The ability to launch personalized emails to buyers with the click of a few buttons via the proprietary customer-relationship management (CRM) software I designed from scratch especially for artisan brands who need to track orders, launch regular followup, and set goals for business growth.

• One 60-minute Q+A group call with me each month to troubleshoot your wholesale woes, keep you motivated, and ensure that you're always working ahead of the curve.

• Access to my Speed Dating Series: ten quick-but-juicy video workshops to get your wholesale program into tip-top shape, so you can put your best foot forward with retailers.

Access to my Little Black Book, brimming with generous discounts from some of my favorite peeps. Think: printing services, graphic design, product photography, web developers, and more. Each month brings a fresh opportunity to save serious moolah!
If you're a chronic procrastinator when it comes to pitching, then you'll be relieved to hear that Wholesale Matchmaker makes consistent buyer outreach far less painful than an hour in the dentist's chair. Less anxiety-inducing than lunch with your ex. Less stressful than renewing your license at the DMV. For reals.

Each and every step of the pitching process has been infused with thoughtful touches to keep you motivated and moving. As you complete tasks and build your business, you automatically unlock badges and release hidden dance parties. Yes, I said dance parties. Because they're something delightfully therapeutic and deliciously magical about a 3-minute dance break at your desk!

If you have a steady internet connection and a Wholesale Matchmaker membership, then you have the keys to your wholesale kingdom. You can log in from anywhere, 24 hours a day - no special software is needed, and you can access Wholesale Matchmaker from any device.

A team of seasoned software developers worked diligently to breathe life into this platform. Seven Lucky Bream teammates committed more than six months of research, design, and testing to ensure that the membership experience will leave you doing-cartwheels-excited. In the first few months post-launch, we've continued to expand the platform, introducing more than 100 upgrades in a relentless pursuit to make life easier for makers + product designers.

Worried that there's a steep learning curve ahead? Fret not. You'll enjoy immediate access to video tutorials that teach you how to easily navigate the platform. Wholesale Matchmaker is well-designed and intuitive and I’ve even included a screenshare tour to help you maximize the technology and make the most of this experience.

I can't tell you how many times I've wished that I had a way of knowing which stores were "right" for me. The task of finding stores seemed so daunting that I became paralyzed by the fear of never finding the "right" one. I absolutely love Wholesale Matchmaker!
Nicole O'Brien
Unique PL8Z | custom license plate art

I'm so excited about Wholesale Matchmaker. Wholesale pitching is the thing I most procrastinate on and this gives me something to feel accountable to.
Kristin Donnelly
Stewart & Claire | apothecary

This is going to be game-changing! The Wholesale Matchmaker platform has been brilliantly executed. It's an unbelievable offer for small businesses.
Handcrafted HoneyBee | whole-brain learning toys for girls

Having spent more than a decade as a full-time maker, I've cultivated some amazing relationships with other smarty pants who help entrepreneurs run clever businesses that polish up well. Think: copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, virtual assistants, label companies, professional printers, and product photographers who are crazy-good at what they do.

When I introduced them to the concept of Wholesale Matchmaker (imagine furious eyelash batting), they were eager to jump on board. So I took one for the team and asked them to extend special pricing that they don't offer to anyone else on the planet. The best part? THEY OBLIGED. And you reap the benefits! My Little Black Book is tucked inside Wholesale Matchmaker, and you enjoy full access to all the goodness as a member.

This is such a TIME SAVER! I've found it difficult and daunting to look up stores and find all of their info. But Wholesale Matchmaker keeps everything on track for me. The added bonus of having all of that info in one spot is so helpful.
Lisa Buteux
Comfort & Joy Apothecary | stationery

We LOVE the awards and the dance parties within Wholesale Matchmaker! It's a great way to keep us motivated and moving along. You're better than Santa.
French Bailey | jewelry

Wholesale Matchmaker is an answered prayer.
anne marie esposito
Sparklefly Candle Co. | candles

I love having all the necessary information for every store. It's so wonderful to have everything organized in one place.
rachel najera
Rachel's Plan Bee | apothecary

Q: What kind of products are best served by Wholesale Matchmaker?
A: The Lucky Break team has searched the U.S. from coast-to-coast to discover the hottest boutiques on the block. Wholesale Matchmaker currently boasts a portfolio of more than 2600 store profiles (each and every one of them carefully hand-cultivated by my own team), and we continue to add a minimum of 200 new stores each month.

The shops thoughtfully curate these kinds of products:
• Apparel + Accessories
• Candles + Diffusers
• Jewelry
• Ceramics + Tabletop Products
• Bath + Body + Beauty Products
• Stationery + Art Prints
• Food + Candy + Spirits
• Children's Products
• Men's Products
• Stuffed Animals + Toys
• Furniture + Housewares

Q: What does the matchmaking process involve?
A: Upon joining, I slip a Dating Profile into your hands. This simple questionnaire collects detailed information about your products, experience, and business goals. My team then begins studying both your brand and your product collection while you study my Speed Dating Series and polish your wholesale program.

When it comes time to tee up your first matches, we analyze your products, price points, brand aesthetic, experience level, and the geographic regions you'd like to work within. Every match is carefully considered by a Lucky Break team member and we pass the best-of-the-best on to you each month.

Q: How up-to-date is the store information?
A: It's true that stores come and go, buyers change, and product mixes evolve on the regular. Ever tried buying a store list? Those ridiculously expensive, horribly outdated compilations of stores that are usually most effective as firestarters? (Read here: not worth the paper they're printed on)

As you can see, I'm not a particularly big fan of those! In contrast, every single Wholesale Matchmaker store is diligently audited and updated 1-2 times per year. Which means that these matches are ridiculously fresh and delightfully effective.

Q: Can't I just find stores myself?
A: I freely concede that there's no magic here: it's quite possible to connect with shops and introduce your work outside of Wholesale Matchmaker. So why hop into the wholesale dating pool with me?

You'll save yourself countless hours of research... we've done the legwork for you.

You'll connect with the highest caliber stores... we've made certain of that.

You'll enjoy greater traction through your outreach efforts... we hand-selected each shop, especially for your brand.

You'll gain confidence... thanks to a robust series of educational videos.

You'll avoid costly mistakes... because you have regular access to a seasoned wholesale strategist.

You'll save money... stop blindly mailing catalogs + samples to buyers who are unlikely to be interested.

You'll more effectively manage wholesale accounts... custom followup plans ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

You'll be supported... building the kind of mental momentum that drives business growth.

Q: I'm not sure that I'm ready for wholesale. How will I know?
A: Your first ten days of membership will be spent working through my Speed Dating Series: ten wisdom-infused-but-deliciously- succinct workshops designed to get your product collection and wholesale program into fighting shape before you begin introducing your work to buyers. Through these professionally-produced videos, you'll learn about wholesale pricing, ordering systems, product photography, wholesale policies, line sheets, pitch emails, and more.

Keen on having me personally review your wholesale program? That just-so-happens to be my specialty! Reserve a one-on-one session so that we can roll up your sleeves and dig through the nitty gritty together in absolute privacy.

Interested in a more detailed mentorship where you and I explore the development of your wholesale program in fine detail? Grab a seat in the next semester of LBU Live and we'll work together in a small group setting over the course of eight weeks to create a customized wholesale roadmap developed especially for your brand.

Q: I've tried introducing my work to shopkeepers with very little success. How will this be different?
A: There's an art to creating a wholesale program that attracts buyers like bees to honey and I know it like the back of my hand. My ten-part Speed Dating Series (offered free as part of your membership) will show you the basics, putting various facets of your program under the microscope so you can tighten things up as needed.

Hit a roadblock? Hop on one of two monthly group calls with me and I'll troubleshoot right alongside you. I've personally cultivated 1400+ wholesale accounts for my brand and I've helped hundreds of smart makers cultivate thousands of their own, too. I'm refreshingly transparent and I'd welcome an opportunity to support your journey.

One other thing to consider: there's a better-than-even chance that you haven't been focusing your energy on the right kind of stores for your brand. Through Wholesale Matchmaker, my team pairs you with carefully researched stores that we're confident are a good fit for you. If all you want to date are hot thirty-somethings with a medical degree, a deep love of red wine, a ridiculously good sense of humor, and an appreciation of their mamas but you keep chasing twice-divorced fifty-somethings with a porn addiction, some seriously chauvinistic tendencies, and a job as a grocery store clerk... well, then things likely won't work out, no matter how much energy you put into the relationship.

I'll help you pursue the right accounts using the best strategies with an insanely competent wholesale coach in your corner. This is business dating as it was meant to be!

Q: Are the live calls with Lela recorded?
A: How did I know you'd ask? Indeed, they are. Call dates + times are announced at least two weeks in advance so you can plan ahead. I accept questions on a rolling basis throughout the month, enabling me to answer your query live on the call, even if you can't make it. Each call is recorded, and the mp3 recordings are posted so that current members can enjoy them at your leisure: while sitting in carpool, while riding the subway, while cooking dinner, or while running on the treadmill.

Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?
A: In consideration of the enormous investment my team makes in your brand as a new member and the wealth of resources you enjoy immediate access to, I do ask members to commit to an initial three-month term. After 90 days, you're welcome to cancel at any time with the click of a single button... you're welcome to pull the rip cord yourself or ring my office and a member of the Client Concierge team will happily walk you through pausing your membership.

And I pinkie-promise not to hold your store information hostage. You're welcome to export all of your shop suggestions at any time and I've designed a method for exporting all of them in 60 seconds or less.
Have another question? Chances are that you'll find the answer waiting in my fancy FAQ!

Reserve your membership and you'll be on your way to building a smart, efficient wholesale program in the next 24 hours! You'll gain immediate access to my Speed Dating Series- 10 video lessons delivered over the course of 10 days that speak to pricing, packaging, line sheets, outreach strategies, and more.

My Lucky Break team of retail experts will roll up their sleeves and get down to work scouring the country for "best fit" stores we think will be most interested in your work.


STANDARD Membership: wholesale Q & A calls, software access, 15 shop matches per month plus 5 custom store builds at your request

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07/28/2016 - 03:25:35 PM
A wholesale home run
Do you break out in hives trying to find stores, the RIGHT stores to reach out to? Does figuring out HOW to reach out to them make you break out in a cold sweat? Do you struggle with WHAT to say, or how to say? Do you feel lost in a wholesale jungle?

Wholesale Matchmaker is just the tool for you.

WMM cuts through the haze and sets you up to succeed. Starting with a series of 10 videos over 10 days, Lela and the Lucky Break Team make sure that you're ready to start your outreach to potential stockists. Then they set you up with a list of stores that are hand picked for you. And when I say hand picked, I'm not kidding. This amazing crew goes through and personally pulls from a list of potential stockists & lines you up with the stores that most closely align with your brand. Each month, that list will grow.

There is more, much more, than just lining you up with stores - and don't get me wrong, that's HUGE, but they add so much extra value. The program automatically sets up a calendar with follow up notes on it, so you never lose track of a store you've reached out to. It tracks your progress, and tucks little rewards in to keep you motivated. There are optional monthly projects that will elevate your wholesale game. I still feel like I'm just scratching the surface - they've packed so much in, and it still feels clean, simple and easy to use. Along the way they will inform, educate, delight and amuse you... I can promise that at least once WMM will get you up and dancing.

It's not a cure all - there's still work that you'll have to do, but Wholesale Matchmaker will put you on the fast track to growing your wholesale business.
Reviewed by
06/30/2016 - 07:53:06 AM
Lela and her team figured everything out!
We are enjoying our time with the matchmaker. The LB team made this process so easy. We now have more time to do pitching and follow-up because we don't need to spend as much time searching for prospects.
Reviewed by
06/29/2016 - 02:21:46 PM
Do you hear angels singing?
Major kudos to the Lucky Break Team for this genius creation!

For those looking to build their wholesale stockist list, you have found your answer! This program will help you get there, and save you oodles of time!

It's like having your own personal shopper hand-select stores that they feel are the best match for your brand. No more spending countless hours trying to figure out what stores to pitch.

They give you all of the necessary contact information, and even show you pics of the store's interior. How cool is that? The built-in calendar helps you keep track of the stockists you contacted, plus follow-up reminders/plans. A huge time-saver!

And, as always, Lela Barker makes herself available with monthly Q&A calls to help you with any questions you may have. Her guidance and wisdom are golden! The monthly projects are meaty, helping you dig deep and take your business to the next level.

Lela and her team at Lucky Break Consulting are second to none. If you are serious about building your business in the wholesale arena, look no further!

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06/29/2016 - 02:17:37 PM
What a life saver!!
Lela knocks another one out of the park with Wholesale Matchmaker. Just when I'm only a few weeks into the hustle of rounding up stockists, she drops this gem right into my lap. Hours are saved from researching new stores. I have access to all the important information on the buyers, social media links to check out, and more. So much more. Email pitches ready to go! One of my favorite parts is this program keeps track of my activity with each store and tells me what I need to do next and when! It's the online planner I have been craving! Thanks for such a wonderful and timely product!
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06/29/2016 - 01:07:23 PM
Does the hard part for me!
I love, love, love Wholesale Matchmaker.

Pitching is HARD work--but the hardest part for me has always been finding the right stores for me.

Not only do I have stores hand-selected for me, but I also get direct emails, names of buyers, social media handles, and interior pictures of those stores. This was always my pain-point, and now it is SUPER easy.

But the biggest plus for me? A calendar to help me keep it all straight. I know who I pitched and when I pitched them. I know what I need to do for follow up, and when I need to do it. I don't have to keep spreadsheets and phone reminders and all of that stuff anymore--it's all here in one place. I love, love, LOVE that.

Thank you Lela and Lucky Break Team! I'll be a Wholesale Matchmaker subscriber for a long, long time :)