At this very moment, there are more businesses in
operation than at any other time in human history.
And as barriers to entry into the marketplace continue to decrease, new brands will continue to come into being. In the midst of this swell, have you wondered why some companies seem to garner all the buzz, collect raving fans, land on the shelves of the most amazing stores and the pages of the most coveted magazines, while others brands seem to be perpetually treading water?

To stand out in a densely crowded marketplace, you'll need to build a strong foundation of branding that's able to withstand the mighty blows of the Big, Bad Wolf. *cue childhood flashback*

Remember the story of the Three Little Pigs? Three young swine were charged with building their homes from scratch. Piglet #1 was quite the lazy creature, taking the shortest and cheapest route of home construction. He gathered straw, erected his house in a few hours, kicked up his heels, and popped open a craft brew. In very short order, the Big Bad Wolf arrived on the scene (hungry for pork, no doubt) and he easily leveled the straw house with a single puff.

Piglet #2 was a wee bit wiser, gathering sticks with which to build his home. He finished shortly after his brother, poured a glass of Malbec, and drew himself a hot bath. Lo and behold, the nasty wolf emerged that same evening. He huffed and puffed and blew that stick house in upon itself. Let's not speak of what happened to the poor pig...

Ah, but Piglet #3 invested quite a bit of time in his home. He drew blueprints, gathered bricks, mixed mortar, poured a solid foundation and then toiled away in the sun, building that house brick-by-brick. True to form, the shameful wolf arrived on the scene shortly after the conclusion of construction. He drew in a deep breath and exhaled with force. Nothing. Again and again he tried, drawing deeper and deeper breaths, but eventually, that silly wolf stroked the hell out and teetered right over.

The Big Bad Wolf? He's all those other brands that are flooding the market. You know the ones: the sellers who are crawling out of the woodwork with subpar products or shockingly low prices. In the midst of it all stand the brands who model themselves after the wiser pig. They're safe and sound thanks to careful forethought and the selection of strong building materials. That's the real power of branding. And I happen to know where to find a freshly baked stack of bricks and a seriously delicious set of blueprints!

If you're struggling to get traction and are tired of being ignored...

If you're exhausted by efforts to connect with and understand your customers...

If you're feeling like the competitive landscape is far too crowded...

If you're unable to charge what you know your products are worth...

If you're keen on building a sustainable creative brand that attracts legions of loyal fans and is celebrated as a leader in its category...

...then it's time to build your brand with bricks.

The emergence of a tsunami of fresh products and small businesses is a clear signal that it's time to get serious about transcending the commodity market.

Commodities are products that can easily be substituted one for another. Essentially, they're items for which a demand exists, but there's no qualitative difference across a marketplace. If your soap/greeting cards/candles/ceramics/apparel is viewed by consumers as a commodity, then it can easily be passed over for another product option that's cheaper and more readily available. Being perceived as a commodity is the kiss-of-death for creative products.

Brands, on the other hand, create differentiated products that are highly desired by their customer base. Brand customers have a degree of loyalty, seeking out these specific products in the marketplace, and they're less likely to substitute products based on price + availability.
Building a strong, effective brand creates loyal customers. These customers don't have a wandering eye that's tempted by the lower price or wider availability of other products. Not only that, but these customers are genuinely excited to spread your message to their friends + families. Since they understand your product's inherent value and crave the experience that only you can deliver, they're happy to pay premium prices for your offering. Three cheers for earning a respectable living from your craft!

Creating beautiful + functional products isn't enough to become competitive in the modern marketplace. In this economy, those products are simply the price of entry to the market. To build a brand that's poised for sustainable growth, you must clearly define your core values, understand your audience, cultivate powerful emotional resonance, and develop memorable customer experiences. I've been tilling this fertile ground for more than a decade, studying the mechanics of brand building and creating a few wildly successful brands of my own. In 2017, I'm ready to share the magic of effective brand architecture with a savvy syndicate of brands on the move!

I graduated three semesters of Brick House Branding in 2016, and every last one of them was filled to capacity. But I realized that some brand owners who desperately need the program weren't reserving seats because they'd already built the visual components of the brand. Yet they're still not attracting the kinds of customers they crave. They're struggling to eloquently share their brand stories in a way that wins the hearts + minds of those customers. And they're flying blind in their marketing efforts.

Even though those same brand owners reach out to me frequently for help, they hesitate to invest in Brick House Branding because they've already designed their visuals, so they don't need that component of the program. At the end of the day, their brand is pretty, but soulless... and they want a mentor to guide them through the process of building a strategic foundation beneath the existing aesthetics. Sound familiar?

I've completely retooled Brick House Branding for 2017, sculpting it into two separate legs. The curriculum layers and builds on itself and I strongly recommend taking the semester as a whole, but I've carefully crafted a path which elegantly serves those brand owners who need the strategy piece, but not the visual piece.

You have two options for joining me in BHB this year...
This is the first leg of the full semester, designed for brand owners who have their visuals + customer experience down pat, but are keen on increasing your unique differentiation and improving your marketing efforts by cultivating a deeper connection to your target audience. This abbreviated program includes 4 modules of BHB curriculum, 6 Office Hour calls with me, 7 Expert Interviews, and 6 weeks of daily Facebook support.
Together, we focus on...
• Discovering what you're really selling (heads up: your product isn't the alpha + omega of what your customers want!).

• Understanding- on an intimate level- your target audience + what makes them tick.

• Building emotional resonance that cultivates loyalty among that target audience.

• Determining how to select a strong + unique brand name that you can trademark.

• Learning how to position your brand within the marketplace by identifying competitive + complementary brand sets.

• Crafting a brand manifesto to serve as magnet for the people you most want to serve...

• Developing a compelling brand voice that builds connection with your audience.

• Clearly communicating your brand story to eloquently share your passion.

• Crafting a compelling "about" page + persuasive product descriptions.

• Designing an editorial calendar for your blog (no more "What in the hell am I supposed to talk about now?").

• Exploring which social media platforms best serve your brand + developing a content strategy for each of those platforms.

• Creating a blueprint for your email marketing efforts.

Reserve a seat in the full semester and we'll continue working together for phase two of the program, where we begin layering aesthetics + experience onto the strategic foundation we built in phase one. In total, these full-semester participants enjoy 6 modules of BHB curriculum, 8 Office Hour calls with me, 11 Expert Interviews, and 10 weeks of daily Facebook support.
Together, we focus on...
• Discovering the principles behind effective logo design + the psychology of color.

• Exploring how to work effectively with graphic designers to keep projects in budget + on an agreeable timeline.

• Curating a visual style guide to ensure that your brand aesthetics are consistently articulated.

• Understanding how to capture persuasive product images for your website + line sheets + media kit.

• Designing customer service policies + an enriched unboxing experience that spawn an army of raving fans.

• Peeling back the curtain on creative brands who are rocking retail, wholesale, and the media.

• Learning how to apply those same branding principles to your company, no matter how deep your wallet or how far along you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

I'd be honored to welcome you into either a partial or full semester and I promise to make it worth your while! This is the very last run of 2017 and tuition will be increasing by $300 in 2018. If you're waffling, then I hope you'll un-waffle and save yourself a tidy pile of cash.
I intentionally cap the number of participants in each semester to ensure that you received personal guidance + plenty of access to me as we unpack the curriculum together. Here's how that works...

On Saturdays throughout the semester, I release a series of information-rich video trainings, each singularly focused on a critical building block of brand development. Each module is accompanied by a packet of curriculum support materials, including detailed resource lists + deep-diving worksheets designed to help put the information into immediate action.

On Wednesdays, I introduce you to another member of my inner circle of branding pros, each of whom shares wisdom and insight in a spectacularly transparent fashion through my Expert Interview video series. These entrepreneurial powerhouses provide information and inspiration in spades! You'll meet some of the best copywriters, graphic designers, intellectual property attorneys, web developers, and PR pros in the business, along with several business rockstars who are cultivating successful product-based brands of their own.

On Fridays, we gather together for 90 minutes of Q+A on weekly Office Hours call, providing an opportunity to build community, tailor curriculum, and review coursework to ensure that you're on the right track.

Throughout the program, we roundtable daily in a private Facebook community, reserved exclusively for BHB students.

Lela packs in a ton of information, but it's not just stuffing to fill time. Every slide of the series is carefully selected and thoughtfully included in the presentations. Her obvious commitment to teaching makes me want to work hard to improve and use the lessons in real life! I'm working through the course materials and homework and I'm finding my way to a clearer vision for my company.
April May
Smudge Ink | stationery

This is my third program with Lela, and her classes just keep getting better and better! The handouts are on point. So many resources and so many ideas, but such clear structure.
Todos Organics | apothecary

Brick House Branding is a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions: triumph, fear, excitement, inspiration, panic, empowerment! Now that weve taken this class, we know our customer more intimately, feel ready to speak to her in a language that will resonate, have defined the direction of our visual brand identity, and believe we can tell our brand story with confidence and authenticity.
French Bailey | jewelry

This wonderful course provides all the information and tools to help small businesses dig deep and find their authentic brand voice. The information in this class is worth 10X the cost!
rachel najera
Rachel's Plan Bee | apothecary

• You're nurturing a product-based business.

• You're tired of shouting into empty caves, wandering aimlessly in search of customers, pricing below what you know your product is worth, and watching all those other brands become the darlings of store buyers + magazine editors.

• You're willing to play the "long game" and are keen on building sustainable success.

• You crave community, support, wisdom, and an array of business tools.

• You're committed to working hard. My brand development system is robust, and it requires both introspection + an appetite for action.

• You crave community, support, wisdom, and an array of smart business tools.

You don't have to be in the pre-launch phase to reap the benefits of Brick House Branding. In fact, the majority of my graduates don't consider themselves new brands at all. They've been at the grind for a while now, but they're not getting the traction they need. Not enough customers are engaging, not enough wholesale buyers are nibbling, not enough editors are talking about the brand, and they can't charge the prices needed to turn healthy profits and reinvest in the business. If that feels all-too-familiar, then it's an indicator that further brand development is needed.

This program is a detailed business diagnostic designed to build your knowledge base and reveal what facets of your brand need refining. It marries those new insights with fresh tools, a sage mentor, and a supportive community so you that can reinvent your marketing and position the company for record growth.
But I want to be clear: I recommend taking a pass for now if you're unable to commit 7-10 hours per week for two months to build a solid foundation beneath your brand. My clients are people of action, and we move through the coursework as a group. The richest insights happen when we work together in unison, so I need you to be ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy with an active tribe of serious entrepreneurs!

Finally, it's important to note that this program isn't designed for service-based businesses. But makers + product designers? Oh, yes.

Enrollment in BHB is limited, enabling me to answer your questions and come to know your brand intimately. You + I enjoy the opportunity to tailor this curriculum to your specific business, and I'm passionately committed to tag-teaming your way through the program.
When you reserve a seat in Brick House Branding, you unlock an opportunity to hear from a collective of seasoned branding professionals. Each week, I'll introduce you to another superstar in my entrepreneurial circle, and together we roll up our sleeves and dive deep into their area of expertise. These in-depth, exclusive video interviews support + expand key areas of the curriculum, providing inspiration, information, and fuel for your business journey. Roll over each of them below to reveal what these experts will be sharing with you!

I've designed every aspect of this program to fit conveniently into your lifestyle + calendar:

Curriculum Videos + Expert Interviews are available 24/7 in your personalized Virtual Classroom here on the Lucky Break website. You can study at your own pace, any time of day or night. The classroom is accessible anywhere in the world and from virtually any mobile device. Watch videos while parked in the carpool line, while riding the subway, while strolling through the grocery store, while sweating it out on a treadmill or while watching soccer practice from the sidelines.

New curriculum modules drop on Saturday mornings, enabling you to dive in on the weekends or work in the evenings. Either way, you'll be prepared for the Office Hour call at the end of each week.

The schedule for all eight Office Hour Calls is published months before the semester begins, so you can plan ahead and join me live as often as possible. And no worries if you can't make it to a call! Each Office Hour Call is recorded + uploaded to the Virtual Classroom as an MP3 file, so you're able to catch up at a time that's convenient for you.

Located outside the U.S.? If so, I might have a local dial-in number to minimize the cost of participation. I have local options for more than 60 countries, and I'm happy to pick up the phone bill for each of those countries.

Enjoy lifetime curriculum access so you can revisit the modules as often as needed as you continue implementing the principles taught in BHB after graduation of the live semester.

Tuition for the full semester program for Brick House Branding 2017 is $1500. Because I want to ensure that Brick House Branding is within reach, you also have the option to spread the tuition over four monthly payments of $400 each. Reserve your spot with a deposit today and I'll bill your final three payments through PayPal's recurring billing program.

Tuition for a seat in the partial semester of Brick House Branding 2017 is $1100. You're also welcome to spread tuition out over four monthly payments of $300 each through the magic of PayPal's recurring billing program.

My normal hourly consulting rate is $299, but BHB Live students enjoy...
  • 16+ hours of video teaching
  • 12+ hours of small group coaching by phone
  • 45+ handouts
  • Access to a series of wisdom-filled Expert Interviews
  • A supportive community
...for a fraction of what working together one-on-one would cost.

If I were to deliver this curriculum to brand owners one-on-one, the cost would easily top $7500. By assembling a small-but-mighty collection of makers + product designers who can work through the program together, I'm able to group-teach and keep the investment deliciously low without sacrificing the efficacy of the curriculum or the value of the experience.

Space is limited + there's a solid chance that all available seats will be claimed before then. If you know you want in, then I recommend reserving your spot now, as I sold out every seat in all three 2016 semesters!

I thought I knew and understood my brand pretty well before taking Brick House Branding, but I had no idea how badly I needed this course! If you're willing to do the hard work, this program has the potential to change the best possible way.
stacia guzzo
Handcrafted Honey Bee | DIY skincare kits
Before BHB, I felt like I had a company. After BHB, I know that I have a brand. I'm far more confident now about approaching retailers and distributors. This program changed my life! I've had other "coaches," and let's just say that I've been sorely underwhelmed with the results. But I've yet to make a purchase with Lucky Break that I've been even slightly remorseful about. The difference with Lela is that she's done it all, had all the successes and made all the mistakes, so she knows the ropes. She's my fairy bizmother and I trust everything she says about business as a maker. If she says to jump, you better believe I'm asking, "How high?"
Naturalicious | hair care

It does not matter if you have been in business for 5 minutes or 5 years, or if you have yet to launch, branding is a key part of being successful. This program is one of the best investments I have made, and I know that with these tools and some work, branding my business will help my sales go up, up, up!
Christy Rose
KBShimmer | nail laquers
I'm thrilled that Lela decided to focus on growing her branding course. It's not just expanded from its original inception, it's exponentially exploded on a nuclear level. Lela gets to the very heart of what makes a stellar brand and she takes you with her one step at a time. Brick by brick, each piece is explained in detail and builds a firm foundation for the next step. Anyone who commits to digging deep and doing the course work is going to nail (and nail hard) their brand messaging by the end of this class.
Frontier Angel Soap | apothecary

Before enrolling in BHB, many of my brand owners were trying to piecemeal their business by collecting information from around the internet, but all of that information doesn't necessarily apply to your business, creating frustration as you attempt to implement. And you might well be listening to a chorus of voices offering advice via forums or friends. The problem? It's either cookie-cutter advice that doesn't help you stand out from the crowd or experimental strategy that may or may not prove successful in the end game. In contrast, Brick House Brand is a comprehensive, proven marketing roadmap for success which is custom tailored to your brand.
"Here's what the class description doesn't tell you: Lela truly cares about everyone that goes through her courses and BHB is no exception. Lela's teaching style is straight to the point, but warm, no fluff and she doesn't waste time, which I personally love. Through AMAZING workbooks, worksheets and resources, Brick House Branding introduces you to concepts and ideas that aren't at the forefront of your mind when starting a business. Even if you're a seasoned entrepreneur, you'll still find tons of invaluable information that will save both time and money. The Q & A is an opportunity to confirm some of the elements you already have in place and get clarification on anything you don't quite grasp. It is a great relief to know that you're moving in the right direction. I cannot recommend this program enough- the only way you will regret this course is if you don't sign up!"
apparel + accessories

If you still have questions, then I invite you to download a comprehensive outline of my Brick House Branding program. There's a good chance that the answer to your query is tucked inside! Prefer to talk to someone about the program before enrolling? Reach out and say hello... we're happy to help!

Because access to BHB is limited to a select number of brand owners per semester, your reservation for a Brick House Branding seat cannot be cancelled or transferred... we're saving it especially for you! Please visit the Client Concierge page for complete details.

Many thanks for your interest in Brick House Branding! Though we're not in an active enrollment period, we may have a spot available. Please contact us to inquire about whether or not we can squeeze you in for the next semester.

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06/13/2017 - 12:42:55 PM
So thankful I found Lela Barker!
Brick House Branding is revolutionary! This class far exceeded my expectations in every possible way. I learned more about branding from this course than from 2 years of trying to DIY my brand identity piece by piece. I struggled for a long time and completely missed key elements trying to figure it out on my own. BHB has given me a clear vision of a niche brand identity and brand voice that will attract a focused target market. I'm now at the stage of implementing everything I've learned in this class. Instead of panicking from overwhelm, I feel more confident and determined than ever because I have a roadmap of exactly what I need to do to get where I want my company to be. This alone is worth the world to me. Thank you Lela!
Reviewed by
06/12/2017 - 12:45:28 AM
We all need Lela's "Come to Jesus" talk!
More than likely if you are reading these reviews, you are in the right place. Let the fear stop right here and take a step of faith and trust the process. Lela lays it all on the table, holding nothing back. She gives you a wealth of information, tons of homework, with lots of love, tucks under the chin, maybe even a tap on the back of the head until it begins to sink in.
She shoots straight from the hip with southern charm and grace.

If you are remotely thinking you want to join the BHB ranks, then honey, do it! It will be one of the most memorable investments of your time and money. Please be aware you will only garner what you are willing to give. This is not spoonfeeding. This is get down, in the dirt, roll around in the murky mud of befuddled branding and learn how to do it right. Lela and her team cheer you on every step of the way. Promise!

I thank you, Lela, from the bottom of my heart for every moment you thought of us and our work in and outside of our class. #BHBRocks
Reviewed by
06/09/2017 - 08:20:01 PM
I feel so smart for pulling the trigger on this!
Seriously, if you have arrived here, thank your Lucky Break Stars!
I had been looking at business mentors for about a year. Something kept bringing me back to Lela, and I'll tell you what that was; my trust-worthy gut.
I knew I needed help, but I came in thinking I needed help with product collections.
It was a shock to learn that I didn't even have a brand. Now that I know better, I am determined to do better. I believe that Lela's teachings, (along with the help of her attentive team) provided me with everything I need to create an engaging, cohesive new brand.
The investment may seem substantial, but that feeling dissolves after the very first learning module. Wow! You get every penny's worth and more. Lela Barker, I am so grateful for sharing all your wisdom, a million thank you's! I look forward to taking more courses in the future. #truth

Reviewed by
06/09/2017 - 03:14:04 PM
Game Changer for my business
I just completed this program and all I can say is WOW. It is very intense and to the point. Videos are VERY professionally done and the information is so 'right on' for my business.

I honestly believe that, because of my work with Lela, I will be able to launch a company that will not only be successful but I will actually have fun doing it!

Lela taught me so many ways to help my little company stand out from all of the 'noise.' Her ideas were fresh and very current. The value received has far outweighed the cost.

THANK YOU, LELA BARKER for being such a stellar resource for makers and handcrafters. You are THE BEST!
Reviewed by
06/09/2017 - 02:16:18 PM
I finally have clarity!
Brick House Branding is, by far, the most important investment I have made for my business to date. Lela made me dig deep for the pieces of the business puzzle that I never knew were so critical. This course is jam-packed with meaningful, thought provoking lessons and it has turned my business world upside-down in the best way possible! Lela gives honest, no-holds-barred advice and she knows how to get you thinking in the right direction. I've learned so much from this class and feel like I have a TON of extremely meaningful work ahead of me, but I've never felt so much clarity about my business to date. Thank you Lela for shining a big bright light on my path ahead - you are truly an incredible and inspiring lady!
Reviewed by
06/09/2017 - 02:05:22 PM
Finding my Path...
I have always felt so much was missing from my company. No direction, no guidance, the family can be of no help at times because they see you as,
This was by far the best investment I have ever made in my business. I have paid a lot for bad web design, logos, you name it.
Lela B clarifies everything you ever wanted to know not only how to get things off the ground but makes you understand you are stronger than you think.
I love integrating our families into the discussions. It feels like home. You are home.
She really works to get you to succeed and pushes you hard. But, at the end of that hard gym day, you are stronger, sweatier and know the goal is in focus.
Thank you Lela, I raise a glass of wine to you.
And thank you to all her AMAZING staff who holds up the foundation.

Reviewed by
03/10/2017 - 05:40:12 PM
Ahh ... Sweet Brand Clarity!
Taking this class before my relaunch has been the smartest investment I've ever made in my business. Before taking Brick House Branding, I would often find myself in that 'compare and despair' spiral of looking at a brand's online presence and quickly become overwhelmed by the "to do" list of everything I needed before I could compete on any level. I didn't know where to begin. Now, armed with what I've learned - and make no mistake, the curriculum is meaty and demands a serious time commitment, and Lela is going to challenge your assumptions with a velvet hammer - I feel like I've learned a new language, the language of great branding. I have a roadmap for my re-launch, and that's no small gift. So, thank you, Lela and the team of ladies of Lucky Break Consulting - you are AWESOME!
Reviewed by
03/10/2017 - 01:56:59 PM
Lela delivers on everything she promises BHB to be. Everything she covers includes practical application assignments which when executed, enable you to develop a cohesive brand. The weekly expert interviews are priceless, packed with helpful information. Well worth the investment!
Reviewed by
03/10/2017 - 12:41:17 PM
The best investment I've ever made in my business!
BHB was far and away the BEST investment I've ever made in my business! I came into the class thinking that I had a pretty solid understanding of my target customer, and also what differentiated my brand from my competitors. I honestly thought that I was just going to do some polish work on my brand. What I didn't anticipate was my reaching week 3 and having a bit of a brand identity crisis because I finally admitted to myself that my brand really wasn't as special as I thought it was. It was honestly the best thing that could have happened to my business. I ended up making the decision to do a total rebrand mid-course and I've never been happier - - I now know that I'm building a brand that I can truly stand behind and that will stand out from my competition. You will get out of this course exactly what you put into it. If you are willing to work hard, 'dig deep' as Lela says, and be open to feedback and constructive criticism, your business will benefit. Finally, I learned as much from my fellow BHBers as I did from Lela. It was great to have a mix of seasoned business owners as well as pre-launch businesses in our group. I am as excited for my classmates' businesses as I am for my own. I can't wait to see what we all accomplish in the future!
Reviewed by
03/09/2017 - 06:16:41 PM
I just completely the Brick House Branding course with Lela, and I felt I got my money's worth in just the first week!! It was so informative, helpful and mindblowing! Lela does such a great job and giving us her attention and care to grow our businesses and thrive as a creative entrepreneur. I have a new love for me brand and am now able to clearly share my mission of KidEssence with others. Lela is an amazing person and truly wants to help each and every one of us grow. Her dedication of time and resources and invaluable. Thank you so much, Lela.
Reviewed by
03/09/2017 - 02:03:26 PM
So Glad I Did It!!
This curriculum will make you dive deeper into your business that you ever felt possible. I came out of this course with so much practical knowledge and I found myself excited to share my brand with the world! The curriculum is very well thought out and easy to follow. Lela goes above and beyond to help her students and I'm so thankful she is willing to share her great enthusiasm for business.
Reviewed by
03/09/2017 - 09:36:24 AM
Amazing Investment
Initially I wasn't sure if BHB was right for me for being in pre-launch stage of my business, but boy, I'm so glad I took this class, it's probably one of the best investments I will ever have made. The way Lela unpacks everything related to 'Branding', which is such a complex topic is unparalleled. She is not just a branding consultant, she is a consultant that wants you to succeed and really takes the time to give honest feedback, which is imperative when someone is crafting their brand. BHB provides endless curated resources that will save you so much time, from graphic designer recommendations, to case studies that will help you understand what great brands are doing today and the reasons why they are successful. Lela I'm so glad I found you and I hope this will be only the beginning of our branding journey. Lela and her team are extremely polite and will do anything to address someone's concerns and needs at any given point in time. It's very hard to actually implement a brand in 8 weeks, but this time period will give you the tools you need to implement an outstanding brand, giving higher chances of success when you go to market or re-brand your business! Thank you Lela!!
Reviewed by
03/09/2017 - 08:23:03 AM
Brickhouse branding has been a monumental experience for my business and me personally. I did not realize the amount of work that needs to come from the maker internally. She has used amazing tools and strategies to help me pull out the understanding of my businesses core, inspiration and identity. I've taken my business back to the roots and starting from scratch, believe I have the right direction, insight and tools to craft a business that will be individually stylistic, distinctive and exactly what I want it to be. Because of it's incredible depth it will take a while to work through it but the process is fantastic you will love every moment! Thank you Lela Barker and the Lucky Break consulting team!!
Reviewed by
03/09/2017 - 01:23:16 AM
Stop sitting on the fence and just do it!
If you are wondering if this course is worth the investment, let me tell you it is worth its weight in gold! If you are wondering does Lela really know this branding stuff, let me tell you Lela is so incredibly witty and wise and so, so very generous with her time and her knowledge. She constantly amazed me with loads of insightful information and valuable resources. I saw the light bulb come on many a time during her course and it gave me goose bumps every time that light came on in my head, and brought a smile to my face. She can show you the path, too, you just need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and dig in deep. I mean really deep – but she will match you every step of the way. Amazing woman. Incredible course curriculum. Simply the best.

Just take the plunge and you will be ever so glad you did. Never a regret. Only wish I had done it sooner.
Reviewed by
03/09/2017 - 12:18:29 AM
Best decision - Ever!
If you want a roadmap to take your business to the next level then BHB and Lela Barker is where it's at!! All you have to do is work hard and trust in Lela. Her curriculum is set up to challenge you and walk your brand through 8 weeks of amazing information that will take your business from mediocre to a place you only dreamed it could be. Lela is an encouraging mentor and goes above and beyond in taking the time to help you succeed in her class. This was truly the best investment for me and my business.
Reviewed by
03/08/2017 - 10:00:25 PM
Finally! I have all the piece of the puzzle!
This branding course is by far the best investment I've ever made for my business. I have spent countless hours and dollars trying to figure out what my brand was missing. Why were my sales so low no matter how many Facebook ads I ran? Why didn't I have loyal customers even though I made beautiful products and had exceptional service? Lela opened my eyes to what branding really is. I have never felt so in control of my business. I now have all the tools, resources and knowledge I need to grow the successful brand I've always dreamed of. I will forever be grateful to Lela for sharing all of her insight and wisdom with me. She really is a fire-starter!
Reviewed by
03/08/2017 - 09:19:41 PM
Game changer!
If you are tired of trying different things and getting the same result let Lela and the crew guide you thru the journey of BHB. During this journey, there will be ups and downs, moments when you feel like giving up, there will also be glorious moments when you can clearly see which direction to go. By the end of the course your brand will be your best friend, you will know everything about her, you will grow together, and all of these is the result of Lela's mentoring, gentle prodding, and unbelievable support. Lela is the best hands down and this program is a game changer for sure!
Reviewed by
03/08/2017 - 07:49:01 PM
Think you know your brand? Trust me, you don't.
You may think you know your brand - that you "get it". You may think you know your customer. You may think you know your market.

Then you take Brick House Branding.

Lela & the Lucky Break Crew have crafted a course that systematically enables you to take your brand and not just look at with fresh eyes, but to take it back to its very core, stripping away every element of your brand & rebuilding it with a new, stronger focus.

• A deep dive into the mind of your ideal customer/MVP? Check.
• A mind-blowingly thorough examination of the actual words and themes you will use to engage your customers? Count on it.
• Quality time with content, with figuring out your newsletters, blogs & more? Yeppers.
• Helping you dissect your logo, colors, product descriptions, and ENTIRE website? Oh yeah, it's on.
• Practical, actionable insights into how to blow your customer away at every step? Child's play for Lela.
• Invaluable tips on how to get that oh-so-sweet media attention? She'll do that before noon.

Lela does all of this in an amazingly supportive environment. In addition to the weekly videos, workbooks and calls (and trust me, her southern accent is the most soothing thing on Earth), she loops all the brands/students together so that we can interact & feed off of each other, and her. She's in there every day, acting as a cheerleader, den mother, and guide. She will pull out your thoughts, feelings, and insights about your brand, and then help you focus & refine them. She will guide you & help you breathe new life into your brand. She won't sugar-coat anything. And let's be honest - would you want her to? But she's infinitely patient & insightful, leading you to the heart & soul of your brand.

Brick House Branding is, simply put, a vital tool for any entrepreneur who wants to really, really understand their customer and build a better, stronger, more focused brand. To paraphrase Lela - you'll be drawing them in like bees to honey...
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03/08/2017 - 04:58:27 PM
See Your Brand Through New Eyes
I can't appreciate enough the fresh perspective I have on how I present myself and my business to the world. This course is a challenge in the best way and it will force you to look closely at your brand in a holistic way to create cohesion and clarity. I'm going to be working through all the course materials and concepts presented for a while. The curriculum combined with Lela's personal feedback is incredibly helpful. BHB is emotional and requires a lot of time spent contemplating and thinking through all your decisions to ensure that each and every aspect of what you do is deliberate and with purpose.

This course is well worth the price. I wouldn't think twice about recommending it!
Reviewed by
03/05/2017 - 12:21:42 PM
Fantastic Life & Business Changing Class
Lela once again out does herself! She and her team are amazing. The detail of each module is mind blowing. She is such an encouragement and is so kind and generous.

What I found to be the true gold nugget was that Lela really is able to speak into so many different businesses. She gives so much of herself and is able to help each person with their products and goals. The expense of one on one calls you would need to equal what she gives in just her advice in the Facebook group and the live calls would make this program worth double your cost and a lot more.

I won't lie - it is hard work - this is not a class for wimps but the effort is well worth it! Personally I am a newer business owner and really had / have a lot of work to do at the beginning so I will be revisiting the first 2 modules again. Such incredible value to be able to come back indefinitely as I grow in my business. I really wish I would have taken this at the very beginning of my business to really dig into those core conversations.
Reviewed by
11/01/2016 - 09:15:59 PM
What An Experience! Do This.
What an experience! BHB is over but I have materials and ideas as a result to keep me inspired and focused on brand growth for at least another decade. You will not regret joining this program. Lela, who has an infectious energy and charm, truly takes an interest in each participant and her business plans and ambitions while simultaneously keeping the team focused and on track. I was amazed at how much detail she kept up with in regard to the group's various products and styles. She also infuses her core message with honor and integrity by encouraging business owners to give back through their brands - a winning proposition for all. I found the amount of material to be incredibly generous and enjoyed the multiple formats in which Lela delivered information: worksheets; videos; conference calls; Facebook threads of conversation and more. Lela, tuck me into your fan club for life.
Reviewed by
10/31/2016 - 03:57:37 PM
Why is this not required for every brand owner??
It should be! I shudder to think of where I'd be in a year from now without this course; because it's highly likely I'd be still spinning my wheels, gaining no traction, reacting to every new idea that pops up and having no actionable strategy in place to grow.

I took this course at my lowest as a business owner; discouraged, confused, tired of DIY'ing everything and teaching myself every facet of business through any free podcast or webinar that I could get.

This is where I should have been all along. Lela calms the crazy in us all. Her level-headed, experience-earned wisdom in building a brand is down to earth, honest and real, and she walks her talk.
You'll get more out of these 8 weeks than you ever thought possible, I only wish I could be a fly on the wall of every class to get a front row seat to the transformation in every BHB student!
Reviewed by
08/17/2016 - 02:05:52 PM
Best Investment
I can't recommend this course enough. It is packed with ton of information and resources that will help build your brand from the ground up. Lela is an amazing teacher and goes above and beyond providing feedback and advice for every single person in the course. Taking BHB is by far the best investment I made in my business.
Reviewed by
08/16/2016 - 07:30:21 PM
All I can say is "WOW"
This course totally went above and beyond my greatest expectations.

Eight great weeks chock-full of solid information (no fluffy fillers here), invaluable insight, and experiential knowledge. Priceless!

Lela is a great teacher and trusted advisor, not to mention she is smart, funny, sassy, and sweet (someone you'd really like to know). She genially cares about you and your business success.

Also, a shout out to Lela's staff. They are very friendly and welcoming, considerate and kind, and always available to give you a helping hand when you need it.

You will be doing your business and yourself a great service by taking this in-depth, enlightening and educative course. It's an investment that you will never regret.

I will definitely be taking many more of Lela's courses, and I can't wait!
Reviewed by
08/11/2016 - 04:34:44 PM
The Only Branding Class You Will Need...Ever
BHB will kick your butt, in a good way. Lela so thoroughly immerses you in the world of branding that you begin thinking about your company's branding morning, noon and night. She has thought of every aspect of tightening your brand and laid it all out in a step by step fashion. The interaction within the Facebook group by Lela and fellow BHB'ers is a huge community builder and helps you feel like you're not alone. This is the third class I've taken with Lela (LBU, GMP and now BHB) and she is the real deal.
Reviewed by
08/11/2016 - 03:11:17 PM
I took a leap of faith...
I met Lela at Craftcation this Spring and was instantly charmed by her. Not for her adorable Southernisms, but by her honesty and way of cramming in a ton of valuable content in a 2 hour lecture in a way that made sense.

I wanted to take this but knew my business had one foot in the product category & one foot in the service industry and didn't know if BHB would fit how my company operated (I do custom wedding stationery & calligraphy that's only sold once, there's no product before booking).

But, I took a leap of faith because she gained my trust at that conference when she told me something I didn't want to hear but that was absolutely the right move for my company.

I could not be happier that I did.

I have done years of courses, classes, & conferences yet never walked away with the clarity and deep understanding of my business & brand as I have with BHB.

If you're on the fence because you're not 100% product based or heading into the wholesale space don't fret--- there is so much here that applies and Lela does her very best to reach out to every student to tinker & tailor more specific advice just for their business.

Best investment I've made in my business, hands down.
Reviewed by
08/11/2016 - 02:09:38 PM
Want a ROCKIN' business? START HERE.....
I've been very fortunate to have attended several classes with Lela Barker over the past few years and also newly graduated from BHB. Lela has "wowed" me at every turn with her impeccable business strategies, her ability to turn "vanilla" into "pizzazz", and her dedication to "leave no one behind" is one of heartfelt, deepest desire to see every one of her students shine, to change the way they see their art, and to help them propel their businesses forward to a whole new level - and it's evident, she delivers on her promise! Make no mistake, this is not your grandmother's tea party - this is the tallest mountain and the deepest abyss all at once, this is business boot camp at it's best! Lela shares with so much passion, and pours out so much knowledge, sharing great industry tidbits along the way. She's taken the time to interview business entrepreneurs who inspired us with their stories every week. This was an incredibly comprehensive class, Lela didn't miss a thing! Ready to flip the switch on your business? What the heck are you waiting for? BHB is worth it's weight in gold!
Reviewed by
08/11/2016 - 12:20:34 AM
Money and Time Well Spent
We have had a children's clothing company for about 18 months. We've had an allied health company for 14 years. We quickly learned that retail is SO different than traditional business. Especially in a social media/ online world! Lela's course and personal guidance has proved invaluable to us. Her ability to quickly get to the take home point of her material allows you to optimize your limited time. This isn't like many webinars and courses out there with watered down info wrapped in flashy packaging. Lela provides real, tangible steps to help your business clarify your niche, express the core value of your company, and allow your products to shine. You put so much time, money, and effort into your company already. Spend these dollars on Lela's course and hone that time and budget and make your baby be the best it can be. We are so proud to have Lela in our corner, cheering us along on the path to success!
Reviewed by
08/10/2016 - 03:02:33 PM
Fantastic course! My only wish is that I had taken it sooner! So much information thoughtfully presented in a way to easily understand the ins and outs of branding and also the importance of branding to have a successful business. The investment is minimal compared to the dollars wasted having to rebrand, so much better to do it right the first time.

The interaction between Lela and her students was unreal. Countless hours were spent in the Facebook group as well as Friday conference calls. She wants to make sure you have everything you need to be successful in your business. If you do the work, you will not be disappointed.

The resources and inspiration that she provides were an unexpected perk that helped you see what good branding is all about. Plus, it allowed for some fun shopping along the way.

I highly recommend this class to anyone who is starting a business and not sure where to begin.

Reviewed by
08/10/2016 - 08:34:08 AM
Get started on the best footing!
Six months ago I decided to start a small business and 3 months later I thought "If I am going to have a business, I need a logo and website design". Wow, I got so much more than I bargained for in the best possible way! BHB has given my business a mission, helped me plan future product releases based on my best customer, and provided a guide post for many future business decisions. Do you want to sell a product or do you want to develop a long-standing conversation with your favorite customers that has them holding their breath to see what your business will do next? Lela and her team can help you take your business wherever you want to go!
Reviewed by
08/08/2016 - 12:54:49 PM
Worth far more than the price
This is the absolute most comprehensive course on branding that actually makes money that you will find anywhere. I have taken other such classes and not one has prepared me to take my business to the next level like BHB has. From the meaty video classes, to the engaging private facebook group to the deep diving weekly phone calls, I feel like I earned an MBA in branding from the Ivy League of branding schools in just a few weeks. I haven't been this excited about my brand in a long time and that's because Lela has literally provided the roadmap for us to follow. Most other branding courses talk solely about fonts, color palettes and visuals. Lela takes you on a very cerebral journey of getting inside the customer's head through your branding first, then working on the visuals to make it all come together. BHB is a genius course and I am so happy I took it. I highly recommend it!
Reviewed by
08/07/2016 - 07:00:59 PM
The BEST thing you could do for your brand
Don't hesitate on taking this will change your whole business. Lela helps you to really get to know your brand, your customers, and your goals. I thought I knew...I didn't. You learn so much, much more than I anticipated. Every aspect of your branding is touched on and explained in an easy to understand and inspiring way.
I promise you, you won't regret taking BHB. It has changed my business immensely and I haven't even really gotten started implementing the things I've learned! You come out of BHB more confidant, more clear and more able to communicate who you are and what you are doing. Priceless!
Reviewed by
05/05/2016 - 11:02:35 PM
Pursuit of Purpose
I CAN DO THIS! I have it in me…to think and work through the process. To create a brand for my company. I AM positioning myself 5 steps ahead of my competition. I AM setting myself up for success in this business and future businesses!

Most business classes are full of fluff. You take a lot of notes and when the class is over, you literally have a notebook of notes and handouts. And ALL of the real work begins after the class is over…not while in the classroom environment.

In Brick House Branding, we have videos, handouts, a Facebook group, weekly calls and real hands-on work! These lessons are MORE than what I hoped for and that is a GREAT thing! I login to my BHB classroom and do the work to become successful. The interaction among the students and Lela is a God-send. Those are the nuggets of gold. And then LB…you have the nerve to add the 6-Month Support Program for BHB Gradates!! WOW! I see billionaires in the future!!!
Reviewed by
04/27/2016 - 03:14:54 PM
Best Investment Ever
This course delivers more than you can ever imagine. If it was available before I started my business or very early on, I would have saved so much money, time and tears!

This course makes you take a microscopic look at your brand, and helps build or rebuild from the ground up, and if your brand is in a good place, it gives you the tools to propel it to an exceptional level.

This course in not for the faint of heart, but lets face it, if you own a business, you are not one of those.

I have no regrets taking this course, and neither will you. GO FOR IT!!
Reviewed by
04/27/2016 - 12:29:39 PM
Worth Every Penny
I love what I do and I love my products so I knew I owed it to myself and my business to do what is necessary to take it to the next level. This course will help you determine what you are really selling and exactly who you are selling to, how to effectively speak directly to your ideal customer in every aspect of your business, and give you the tools needed to create a business that people get excited about. With lifetime access to the worksheets, videos, and stellar expert interviews you're able to dig deep during the duration of the course but tweak things long after the course has ended. I still have much to do as a full rebrand is not possible in 8 weeks, but I know I have everything I need to succeed.
Let me be clear, BHB is tough. It's an intensive time commitment and absolutely requires you to be open to looking at things in new ways and adopting new strategies. But if you make that commitment fully you'll be amazed at the possibilities in front of you.
The most important element in all of this is Lela. Her genuine desire for her students to succeed is obvious in every piece of material and every interaction. It is an incredible opportunity to work with someone who possesses the level of expertise that Lela has, and having access to her guidance and honest feedback alone makes the class worth it.
Reviewed by
04/27/2016 - 09:14:51 AM
Deep, reflective, soul-searching for your brand!
Brick House Branding is a thorough, holistic exploration into your company's brand image. Working through the worksheets, videos and exercises I realized that I really didn't know my business - not even close. BHB has helped me look at my company objectively through the eyes of my customer, which is something I had never done before. With Lela's thorough and thoughtful approach I was able to excavate my brand down to the core. I now have the building blocks to rebuild my brand in a way that will resonate with my customers in a meaningful way. I now find that I am able to focus on what is important and stop wasting my time trying to own everything and go in too many directions.
Lela's passion for helping entrepreneurs is demonstrated every day in everything she does. She truly cares about all of her students and works to provide every single student with the help they need.
I cannot recommend Brick House Branding enough. It is a game-changer and a vital investment in your business!
Reviewed by
04/25/2016 - 09:49:31 PM
Is your branding on lock?
I'll bet it isn't. I thought I needed some guidance and a bit of tweaking. Who better than Lela Barker to guide me through? I'm telling you there's no one and there is no tweaking going on here. We're talking knocking down and rebuilding. It's exciting and scary and I am so confident that my business is going to be so much better for it.

This course will make you think and it will teach you things you didn't know you needed to learn. It's hard and you have to dig deep, but it's so worth it. If you want to create the most badass to do list you've ever seen and accumulate the info needed to execute it, sign up now.
Reviewed by
12/21/2015 - 10:45:21 AM
A Sex Bomb of Branding Brilliance
The Brick House Branding strategy allowed me to put my business in front of a gilded mirror of truth, dress it in neon hot accessories, and run out the door to a hot date with my customers...customers who always, of course, pay for the date.

By implementing a few simple changes suggested by Lela, I've quickly paid for the program. Lela helps you open your eyes to holes in your image. She gives you the tools to connect the dots from where you are to where you want to be in the most efficient ways.

Do NOT sit and wait for this session to sell-out. It's a rare opportunity to get a seat and soak in all this useful and constructive knowledge.
Reviewed by
08/04/2015 - 03:25:50 AM
Thank You!
I enjoyed the Brick House Branding class, the way Lela presents the information it's evident she wants us to succeed. I also appreciate that we have infinite access to videos and handouts, because it's a lot of information and being able to go over it more than once helps with processing and implementation. I only wish as we go through each step we were able to hand in our work to Lela for feedback.
Reviewed by
08/03/2015 - 02:14:48 PM
Priceless - A Game Changer
Webinar 3: Another stellar webinar, but what really knocked my socks off this week was the resources and other materials. They are Ahhhmazing. Analysis paralysis when it comes to vendors and suppliers can be my achilles heel. With Lela's recommendations, I know I am getting high quality, vetted companies. To make things even more awesome, she gives price range recos. I'll cheers to that!

Week 4: A few times during this webinar, I felt silly cause Lela brought up customer loyalty tools and concepts that I enjoy from vendors but hadn't thought of for my own customers. Then, i realized, that is what I paid good money for! You can't think of everything, no matter how awesome you may be. Lela covers ALL bases.

During this final webinar, she goes through the ins and outs of seven amazing brands. One improvement here could be to feature the early beginnings of one or two of these brands similar to how she showed the make-over of Lucky Break and the early stages of Bella Lucce in week 3. The seven amazing brands are super inspirational, but also VERY intimidating. Being a newbie doing it almost entirely on my own, I'd love to see the early beginings to know that I have room to grow and to remind my perfectionistic self that you cannot build an empire overnight!

OVERALL REVIEW: Lela said we would dig deep during this series, and she wasn't kidding. You go deeeep - like, get at your emotional core deep. It can be painful and frustrating at times, but you will be so much better for it - a zillion times better. There is no surface work here. You get way more than you pay for.

This series provides a recipe for success with room for your personal taste to shine through. It is well organized, engaging, and has resources and worksheets that are truly priceless. In short, it's all you could ask for. GET IT NOW.
Reviewed by
08/01/2015 - 12:05:53 AM
Excellent content, put me to work
For someone like myself, with lots of creative energy but next-to-zero business or marketing savvy, this class was fantastic. Lela does an excellent job thoroughly breaking down the heart and soul of good branding into digestible bits. Her worksheets guide you through the entire process.

I will say though, do not expect easy answers or quick fixes for your brand. After spending countless hours in the material, I feel like my work has only begun. (One hour a day for 30 days was NOT enough time for me.) It is very emotionally challenging to dig as deep as Lela suggests to discover your brand, but I'm beginning to see how worthwhile a task it is.

My favorite part of the class: Lela does a great job at providing an enormous list of resources that you can return to when you've reached the place of needing them. That has helped remove some of the mystery of how small creative businesses do actually survive and thrive. Knowing where to start finding answers for my business questions feels like a huge step forward.

My only critique was that I would have enjoyed the opportunity to interact with my fellow webinar-mates. It felt like a missed opportunity to be meeting together without getting to hear where in the branding process they were. So often, I think beginning business owners feel isolated and alone. I would have loved the chance to ask my classmates how they were implementing the material, what kinds of questions they were grappling with, and learn from their struggles and successes.

But overall, definitely a worthwhile investment. If you're considering the class and willing to rub on that elbow grease, you should go for it.
Reviewed by
07/31/2015 - 12:19:39 PM
Dshawn SECandleco
This class is beneficial for anyone looking to figure out WHO you are selling to and WHY. I fell into the trap of just making stuff, hoping it would sell. A lot of my products were all over the place and not creating a cohesive brand. This class taught me to think about "who" (am I selling to), "why" (would they want to buy it) and "how" (is it connected to my ideal customer and how does it make them feel). Her worksheets are full of valuable information and really help you delve deep into your brand. BUT, it is ALOT of work. It is not fluff. You have to be ready to do some serious work and put some serious thought into your branding. If you are ready to do this, then this is the class for you.
Reviewed by
07/31/2015 - 01:08:41 AM
Start here. Now.
This is my 3rd program with Lela, and wow, I really wish she had it available a year ago because I wish I took this class first! Her classes just keep getting better and better- the handouts are so on point. So many resources, so many ideas, but such clear structure. This class is not easy, there is lots to think about, lots of additional things to dive in, but all so essential to building a real brand. I can't wait to dive in deeper with all the handouts and the unlimited playbacks! The only downfall for me was the actual time of the live calls, I would always have to leave 45 min early to make dinner for my family (I'm in California, so the class times were 5-7pm for me).
Reviewed by
07/30/2015 - 11:22:05 PM
Wild Rollercoaster Ride of Awesome-ness!
Lela’s Brick House Branding webinar is a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions: triumph, fear, excitement, inspiration, panic, and down right empowering! Now that we’ve taken this class, we know our customer more intimately, feel ready to speak to her in a language that will resonate, have defined the direction of our visual brand identity, and believe we can tell our brand story with confidence and authenticity.
Reviewed by
07/30/2015 - 11:09:13 PM
Digging Deep!
Thank you Lela for another wonderful course that provides all the information and tools to help small businesses dig deep and find their authentic brand voice. The information in this class is worth 10X the cost. XOXO
Reviewed by
07/30/2015 - 10:52:22 PM
Busting at the seams
...with everything you need to build or re-build your creative brand. Avoid making mistakes that could cost you time, customers and money by investing in your business now.
Reviewed by
07/30/2015 - 10:48:05 PM
Sooo Deep
This is a very deep and intricate class! It covers branding in a way that I never even considered. As with all of Lela's classes, it's imperative that you take her classes when you can truly soak them up and apply it. The information is so rich and meaty, and I feel like I'll have a completely new company once I effectively apply everything that I've learned. Such a great class, if you're looking at hiring a branding professional, I would wait to take this class before you make that move...could save a ton of money!
Reviewed by
07/30/2015 - 10:16:41 PM
Money Well Spent
So many of us struggle to find clarity in our branding and our minds just spin. Lela has unlocks the secrets and really guides you from start to finish. She brought things up regarding branding that I had never even considered. Fabulous class, so much information, and helped me to truly give my brand heart and soul.
Reviewed by
07/30/2015 - 10:14:42 PM
Information + Homework = Results
As always, Lela packs in a ton of information, but it's not just stuffing to fill time. Every slide of the webinar is carefully selected and thoughtfully included in the presentations. Her obvious commitment to teaching makes me want to work hard to improve and use the lessons in real life!

I'm working through the course materials and homework and I'm finding my way to a clearer vision for my company. I'm getting a good idea about where I can improve my messaging and tighten up my brand presentation. I'm excited about making changes and seeing how people respond to my improvements. Thank goodness I'll have access to the webinar recordings, because I know I'll be watching them several times as I think about my target customer and the best way to connect with them.
Reviewed by
07/24/2015 - 03:25:53 PM
Want to feel confident? Empowered?
The timing of the second session of Brick House Branding (BHB) was serendipity for me! I had recently had a personal session with Lela and was looking into establishing trademarks for my company. Lela expertly introduces you to the ins and outs of this process in the second BHB webinar. I now feel confident that I will be make well-educated decisions when I file my trademark, including whether I will choose to tap-in an attorney to help with the tricky nuances of intellectual property law.

For people who are new to small/micro business ownership, Lela leaves you feeling confident and empowered in a world where its easy to feel overwhelmed and in over your head.
Reviewed by
07/16/2015 - 11:57:55 PM
Don't wait, buy this now!
I just finished the first webinar in this series and I already feel that I received my money's worth! I'm counting my pennies at this point, so that means a lot.

Lela is a wealth of information and a breath of fresh air. You receive a ton of information on the webinar, top notch resources in your hot little hands beforehand, and benefit from Lela's experience & fun personality throughout every aspect of the program. The community atmosphere of the webinar is comforting (you're not alone!) and the ability to ask Lela questions at the end of the webinar also makes this a financially savvy investment (Amen, to that!).

No matter what stage your business is in, you need this class. If you are pre-launch, or are considering starting a business, you ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS CLASS! There is a reason this class is called "Brick" House Branding. It is essential to building a foundation of success for your empire.
Reviewed by
07/06/2015 - 05:50:29 PM
I am a graduate of Lela's LBU course, and recently took her Brickhouse Branding Live Webinar. All too often, we as entrepreneurs start out by making the products, and then casting a wide net to capture customers. Along the way, we find out we cannot (and should not) appeal to everyone. With this foundational course, you will find out why you do what you do, and for whom you are doing it. Until we find this essential piece of the puzzle, we end up spinning our wheels. Once again, Lela delivers a meaty course packed with information to help you hone your brand and target customer. There is a lot to take in with each section of the webinar, so I appreciate being able to go back and watch the videos again to fill out the worksheets and help cement the information. This is a serious course for those who are serious about their business. I highly recommend it!
Reviewed by
06/04/2015 - 09:40:04 PM
Enjoyed the Material
I was looking for a course on building a brand from the ground up and this certainly helped. The worksheets are worth their weight in gold. Especially helpful is Lela's generous discussion regarding her branding experience with Lucky Break. The downside is that in order to have a workbook to refer back to I had to print the workbook each week when it was released post-class and then spend another 2+ hours watching the videos again to fill in the blanks instead of focusing on moving forward on my brand.
Reviewed by
06/02/2015 - 09:46:30 PM
This is a must!
Woweee! So much information. Really good information, not just words to fill the time. My brain is in overdrive. This class taught me so much. Not only about branding, but about myself. It was a combo of learning & therapy. Lela is so generously thorough. Can't wait to learn more from her.
Reviewed by
05/31/2015 - 02:44:57 PM
Outstanding Program!
Lela has knocked it out of the park with this class. Brickhouse Branding answered so many questions I had been trying to answer on my own. Lela's class provides you so much information, that helps you think and evaluate your business to really target your customer market.
Reviewed by
05/30/2015 - 12:06:41 AM
Branidng thought right!
Very detail branding class, teaches from figuring out who you want to serve as your customer, helps you find a personality and a voice for your brand, how logo should be designed, what thoughts should go into fonts you are choosing and these are just a tip of the iceberg. Lela has made this class so detailed and juicy! Class also includes lots of case studies that makes you start thinking differently for your brand to take it to next level of success. I really like the detail workbook so you can follow at your pace. resource lists are amazing , only clicks away from finding something right away. All I have to say is how much I appreciate Lela for putting all her branding knowledge in one place that empowers other small business owner to be successful.
Reviewed by
05/29/2015 - 07:36:24 PM
Don't regret it! Add to Cart.
Here’s what the class description does not tell you: Lela truly cares abut everyone that goes through her courses and BHB is no exception. Lela’s teaching style is straight to the point, but warm, no fluff and and she doesn't wasted time, which I personally LOVE. Through AMAZING workbooks, worksheets and resources, Brick House Branding introduces you to concepts and ideas that are not at the forefront of your mind when starting a business. Even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur, you will still find tons of invaluable information that will save you time and money. The Q & A is an opportunity to confirm some of the elements you already have in place and get clarification on anything you don’t quite grasp. It is a great relief to know that you are moving in the right direction. I cannot recommend this course enough. I know with what I’ve learned in BHB my brand will grow exponentially and yours will too. The only way you will regret this course is if you don’t sign up!

Reviewed by
05/29/2015 - 06:11:59 PM
You Need This Class
I wish I had this information before I started working with design firms because I could have saved thousands of dollars and many many months of frustration. This class teaches you how to hone in and be crystal clear with your vision of your company and have a common language to communicate that vision. Unless you already have a strong marketing and design background, you need this information
Reviewed by
05/29/2015 - 05:08:46 PM
So deep, so rich, you so need this!
Again, Lela knocks it out of the park with her deep, rich knowledge of business, specifically branding. The detailed worksheets week after week make you dig deep on who you are as a brand, helping you develop your brand voice, assets and nailing down your ideal customer so that you expertly communicate directly to them in a way that will build that brand loyalty we all crave. The un-boxing of orders placed with companies who have done this well to see what is working for their brands, in addition to Lela's own business experience in creating her own brands round out the coursework. Really rich content, overflowing, really, with tons of resources to help you implement. Tremendous!
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05/29/2015 - 02:21:04 PM
Transform your business

Lela’s class asks you to delve really deeply into what your company is about, who it is exactly you are trying to target (do you really know?), and what kinds of experiences you can offer them to demonstrate why they matter. Branding is so much more than just a logo and a tagline. You will leave this class with information and access to resources that will leave your head spinning. Branding is the cornerstone of your business. Having a good product alone is not enough. We all have to do something to stand out in the competitive marketplaces we serve. Plan to work to get the most out of this class, but it is a true goldmine!!!!!
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05/28/2015 - 11:00:46 PM
Two very minor suggestions: allow the printable material to be accessible hours before each session and have different case studies then what was included at the HSCG convention.

That said, it was well worth every dollar spent on the class and then some! Thank you so much for all the detail and time that went into it. This class was just the thing we needed to help us get to the next level in our business. Lela did an excellent job at presenting the material and breaking it all down in an easy to understand format. We are very excited to put into action all that we have learned! Again, this class was EXACTLY what we needed. Thank you!
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05/28/2015 - 10:47:20 PM
Spot ON!!
This was spot on for what I was looking for. I have been in business for 8 years and I have learned so many things from who is my ideal customer to the level of packaging I need to take my product. Honestly did not know if this class was for me. But was pleasantly surprised to see how much I learned. I am ready to tweek my line! Thanks Lela for the inspiration!
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05/28/2015 - 10:43:29 PM
Branding Decoded
Over 4 weeks Lela successfully empowers you to look at both the "Big Boys" and the "Bootstrappers" in order to focus your eyes on your own brand. Each Live call is filled with valuable information and resources that enable you to really see your brand as your customer does. Lela then helps you build your brand and your customer experience to promote brand loyalty. The final week pulls all the information together with real life brands and shows you how it can all be achieved by business owners of any level. Its a must take class. Branding has been demystified.
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05/21/2015 - 08:32:53 PM
A Must Have For Any Business Owner
It does not matter in if you have been in business for 5 minutes or 5 years, or if you have yet to launch, branding is a key part of being successful. Lela breaks down the basics of branding, makes you look hard at who your ideal customer is, what you want your customer to feel, and gives you tools to take that feeling and identity and grow it into a well rounded brand. It is one of the best investments I have made, and I feel with the tools given and some work, branding my business will help my sale go up up up!
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05/16/2015 - 10:13:22 PM
This class is a total must!! Really it is! Should you think that you know all there is to know about branding, then get ready for a reality check. But, do not worry, Lela will hold your hand through the whole thing. Lots of handouts and you get to relive your school days. Every single segment is so overwhelming with important information. You will be thankful that you can replay the classes. New gems every time! I am throughly impressed. It is so worth the $! Thank you so much!
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05/14/2015 - 11:01:06 PM
Informative! Challenging! Spot On!
In this world of a new soap maker and lotion maker popping up all the time I needed to know how to STAND OUT! This is thought provoking, information packed and challenges me to really flesh out who I am..who my business is and who I am reaching out to. I would encourage you to take this class. The money is well spent!!!!
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05/12/2015 - 03:42:02 PM
From the foundation up
I am thrilled that Lela decided to focus on growing her branding course. It's not just expanded from it's original inception, it's exponentially exploded like on a nuclear level. Lela gets to the very heart of what makes a stellar brand and she takes you with her one step at a time. Brick by brick each piece is explained in detail and builds a firm foundation for the next step up. Anyone who commits to digging deep and doing the course work is going to nail (and nail hard) their brand messaging by the end of this class. Highly recommended!