Entrepreneurship is an empowering ride, but it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. The Lucky Break community is brimming with creative product makers: jewelers, stationers, soapmakers, apparel designers, chandlers, ceramicists, and specialty food mavens- and that’s merely a taste of our brilliance.

We’re united by a desire to earn a living doing what we love and a passion for all things artisan. Another common thread? We share a desire to avoid the pitfalls that snare so many creative entrepreneurs. Each of us suffers from feelings of loneliness, frustration, and exhaustion at some point in our business. But we know that “going it alone” is the most challenging path to success.

And that’s where Lucky Break comes in. We support makers and product designers as they navigate the most perplexing facets of running a business:

  • product pricing,
  • brand development,
  • and wholesale strategy.

We bring decades of expertise to the table, and we intimately understand the daily challenges of an artisan business. Why? Because each of us has launched our own artisan brand.

Our experiences are forged from taking similar steps on the fiery walk of entrepreneurship. We’ve learned everything we know about business from deep within the trenches and from standing in that same pair of shoes you’re walking in at this very moment.

We know how to make your work more efficient, more successful, and a hell of a lot less lonely.  We want you to strut into your next pitch (whether it be to an editor, to a buyer or a vendor) feeling confident, empowered and prepared. We want you to know the answers to their questions before they even ask. We want you to be able to communicate your passion so elegantly that it makes them weak in the knees. We want you to sell more and sleep better at night.

Discover what makes us different from other business strategists and coaches, and then take the quiz below to explore how we can work together to build a smarter, more profitable, more fulfilling business!

Meet the Team

We’re women, artisans, and product-based brand owners, too. Our experience is diverse and vast, and almost nothing makes us happier than helping other women shine. Come say “hello” and get to know us a bit better!


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