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These are challenging days, friend.  Almost no one’s feeling the financial pinch as profoundly nor as swiftly as small business owners. If you’re feeling anxiety-ridden and overwhelmed, then you’re in good company. Though no one knows when the COVID-19 outbreak will be over, there are tangible things you can do right now to rally around your business and support the artisan community. We’ve been monitoring the impacts of the pandemic, talking to makers within our community, and thinking strategically about what small business owners can do right now- for zero dollars- to increase the resiliency of your business. We’ve published our best advice in service to and in honor of the creative community we love.

Put a pot of coffee on, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get down to business. To save your business.



Governments at both the state and federal level are opening up the coffers to throw a lifeline to the small business community.  We’ve rounded up up all those loans and curated a robust list of grants for artisan brands and women-owned businesses.

Hosting a sale is often our first reflex, but rarely our best answer. Learn how to trim expenses, infuse cash into your business, and protect your brand as we navigate this shutdown.

Taking good care of yourself is essentially taking good care of your business right now. These are our best tips for protecting your mental health, getting serious about self-care, and staying in a gratitude mindset.

One silver lining of the pandemic? The internet is bursting at the seams with free activities to keep both adults and kids busy. We’ve assembled a master list of offerings that won’t cost a dime… at least for the time being.

This is a challenging season for small business owners, but we can come out of the other side of this stronger if we use this time wisely.  This “Quarantine To-Do List” will keep you focused while staving off anxiety.

This pandemic threw the air brakes on wholesale for virtually every brand in the Lucky Break community. But we’ve developed six simple strategies for breathing fresh life into the wholesale arm of your business.

Consumers are still buying, though their behavior has shifted in the midst of a national quarantine.  Learn new ways to connect with your audience, rally them around you, and evolve them into customers.

Meet artisan businesses who are thinking outside-the-box in the midst of a particularly troublesome marketplace.  Discover how they’re implementing quick pivots that are keeping doors open and hopes high.

While there’s no way to completely insulate your small business from the effects of the pandemic, there are actionable things you can do right now to blunt the effects of this economic shutdown.

Dropshipping is a smart option for both brand owners and shopkeepers, too. It’s a life raft that can help keep your wholesale arm afloat while helping indie retailers stretch their dollars.


We’re women, artisans, and product-based brand owners, too. Our experience is diverse and vast, and we’ve weathered our fair share of storms. If you’re new to our community, then we invite you to learn the highs and lows of the story behind Lucky Break. Trust and believe: We use the lessons we’ve learned along the way to support our community of small business owners. We’re proud to be in the trenches right alongside you- and we think it makes all the difference. 



I’ve been a guest on several recent podcasts focusing on how the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting small businesses-  offering advice for how entrepreneurs can strengthen their chances for riding out the storm. Take a listen!

  • BIASED CUTS: I was honored to join hosts Lisa Anderson Shaffer and J’Amy Tarr for an episode of their Biased Cuts podcast. We talked about the importance of knowing your product costs always, but especially during a pandemic. If the financial health of your business is on your mind, then I hope you’ll give it a listen.
  • DEAR HANDMADE LIFE: At this time of year, I’m usually in Ventura, CA for Craftcation, my absolute favorite business conference.  Instead, I joined Nicole Stevenson- Craftcation’s founder and the patron saint of the craft community-  for a chat from my couch about navigating an artisan business in the midst of a national quarantine.  Catch episode #100 of the Dear Handmade Life podcast.