Some days we feel like we’re banging our heads against the proverbial brick wall. Treading water. Building a house in quicksand. Feel familiar?

Other days our businesses feel like a train we’re running behind, desperately trying to catch up.

Or maybe there’s a rocket pack strapped to our backs and the business is soaring, but there’s a voice in our heads reminding us that we need to build the proper foundation beneath this success in order to sustain it.

I’ve been a handmade product designer for fifteen years and I can say – without a drop of shame- that I’ve felt all of the above… sometimes all in a single week. Entrepreneurship is like funny like that.

The brand owners I work alongside are craving clarity. Sage wisdom. Actionable advice. Connections to resources that help them tackle their “to do” list, and advice on where to focus next. Each year, I enjoy an opportunity to help makers + product designers from all over the world build smarter, more successful brands and I’d love to do the same for you.

I love working one-on-one with creative entrepreneurs because it provides an opportunity to move your business forward by quantum leaps in a deliciously short burst of time.

If you feel like Moses wandering around the entrepreneurial desert, imagine how helpful it will be to have a direct line to a successful entrepreneur who has blazed the trail before you and is willing to share openly and honestly the knowledge gathered along the way.