Lela is one person I will happily give all my money to! She’s worth it and over-delivers on everything she does.

Femme Noir | Georgia

You’re adorable and approachable and you made me feel like nothing was off limits to ask. I learned so much from you being open with your business experience over the last 10 years.

Inkling | Australia

I keep going back to Lela for business advice because it’s so nice to have a sounding board from an objective third party that knows the ins and outs of handmade business AND that I trust is in my corner! She has helped me figure out ways to increase revenue, steer me in the right direction for business decisions, and cheer me on with my wins.

Bathhouse Soapery | Arkansas

Every time we meet, I learn new and exciting ways of doing business. From driving more customers to my site and the best ways to keep in contact with customers, you consistently bring fresh ideas to the table that propel my business forward. I cannot thank you enough for all of the support and knowledge throughout the years. You’re always a positive force with a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done.

Blue Flour Baked Goods | South Carolina

You simply can’t sum up Lela’s personality, knowledge, and expertise in a paragraph. The enthusiasm she puts into her life and business is contagious. Lela shares abundantly, gives tremendously, lives boldly, teaches enthusiastically, fights for her peeps passionately and does it all with enough grace to live as an open book. Count your blessings and grab onto Lela’s coat tails for the ride of your life!

Ology Essentials | Tennessee

It amazes me how Lela is so insightful to MY brand even though she works with so many brands. She’s no “cookie cutter” coach. Lela takes into consideration each individual business and helps guide you to where your business will succeed. She has an amazing gift to be encouraging, helpful, honest and guiding while being a personal cheerleader. My business continues to grow and improve from the courses, workshops, tools and guidance that Lela provides.

Cindy’s Suds | Michigan