It can feel like online education companies are a dime a dozen these days. Ditto “gurus” and subject experts, but we hold ourselves to an especially high standard at Lucky Break. We’re passionately committed to our clients, and we intentionally shy away from the fluff and hype that often runs rampant in this corner of the internet. Instead, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and gotten busy breaking the mold of how a consulting company works. Curious about what makes us different? Read on to discover what we believe…

  • Building a business is hella hard, and we shoot serious side-eye at those who would have you believe otherwise. There are no “four-hour work weeks” in the world of product-based ventures. Building an artisan business means strapping yourself in for the ultimate roller coaster ride- one that will make you laugh and make you cry, sometimes simultaneously. Don’t believe anyone who tells you differently.
  • But it’s so damn worth it. The long hours. The blood. The sweat. The tears. The risks. There are easier ways to make a living, but we’re hard-pressed to imagine better ways of making a living. Entrepreneurship is a radically empowering affair that unlocks countless opportunities while cultivating deep self-awareness.
  • We work exclusively with product-based brands, and our community and strategies are intentionally tailored to artisan endeavors. When you tag Lucky Break into the ring, you’ll never waste time or energy sifting through and converting tactics that were originally designed for coaches, photographers, and bloggers. Working with a product-based coach eliminates the frustration of trying to retrofit those strategies to your business.
  • Free worksheets and “masterclass” webinars can’t take you to the next level. The most successful entrepreneurs tune out the cacophony of voices peddling free business content to squeeze you into a sales funnel. Quantum leaps forward don’t come from cherry-picking free content or listening to a chorus of divergent opinions that lend themselves to overwhelm. A smarter strategy? Invest in your business, get laser-focused, plug into a sage mentor who’s developed a proven system, and pedal like hell.
  • We under-promise and over-deliver as a matter of policy. Tired of all the fluff and hype in the world of online learning? Trust and believe: we’re frustrated by it, too. At Lucky Break, we’re too respectful of your resources to waste your dollars and too committed to your success to over-hype our skills. Our team of product-based strategists has built their own brands brick-by-brick, and we’re passionately committed to our clients.
  • We’ve never accepted a penny of affiliate money- and we don’t plan to start now. While many consultants rely on affiliate deals for the lion’s share of their revenue, we’ve chosen an alternate path. We make dozens of recommendations every day, connecting savvy entrepreneurs to copywriters, photographers, designers, attorneys, and web developers who do solid work. We don’t monetize any of those recommendations and consistently doing stellar work that our community raves about is the only way into our hearts.
  • There’s no single definition of success. Success might mean creating jobs in your community and seven-figures in annual revenue. Or it might look like a private studio, working part-time, and being an army of one doing what brings you bliss every day. Success is a deeply personal affair, and we’re devoted to helping you get there, no matter how you define it.
  • We believe in collaboration and community over competition. There’s room for all of us at the table, and we’re confident that another person’s success can’t possibly diminish our own. We operate in the spirit of generosity and cultivate a supportive community of women who cheer one another on every step of the way.