Can we get real for a minute?

When I first started my product-based business over a decade ago, I guessed at my numbers.

I didn’t know what it truly cost me to bring a product to market.

I followed the crowd when it came to pricing.

I ran promotions and offered volume discounts without knowing if there was actually money left in those deals at the end of the day.

And I lost my ass. Far more often than I care to admit…

I was spinning my wheels more than necessary and making less money than I should have been. I was stressed the hell out and missing key opportunities.

Until one day when my sweet, brilliant husband eventually asked (ever-so-gently, as husbands sometimes do when they want to be helpful but aren’t sure how a suggestion will land) if perhaps he could help. Christopher is an engineer at a major tech firm, which means that numbers and software light him up like a Christmas tree. Now I ask you… why had that man not proposed to help a few years earlier?

Christopher rolled up his sleeves and got to work, developing a software solution which became my secret weapon in building a seven-figure, product-based business. It radically changed the way I operate and now I’m doing-cartwheels-excited to share it with you.

Price-O-Matic is my cost-tracking, profit-ensuring, price-strategy-defining weapon of mass satisfaction. It’s my go-to-tool for funneling creativity into dollars. For quickly and almost effortlessly determining if a new sales channel is going to drive me mad or help put my kids through college.

And lest you worry that a page full of pricing data will make your eyes cross and your brain crave a cocktail, think again. I’ve made the wealth of data created by Price-O-Matic deliciously easy-to-digest. Think: A beautiful interface, color-coded profitability results, easy-to-read pie charts, and clutter-free screens that enable you to process the information without blowing a circuit.


  • Calculate the cost of raw materials, packaging, labor, payroll taxes, overhead expenses and delivery fees. I’m talking truly comprehensive product costs in a way you’ve probably never seen them before.
  • Empower you to develop a pricing strategy that ensures profit. Aren’t you tired of leaving money on the table?

  • Put the selected pricing strategy into action to further develop pricing structures for retail, direct wholesale, commissioned sales and international distribution. You can click a few buttons and know- within seconds- if a potential deal would prove profitable. You won’t believe how good it feels to negotiate from a place of power!

  • Pivot into value-based pricing structures with the “Reverse Pricing Tool.” Tell Price-O-Matic what price tag you want to attach to the finished product and you’ll enjoy an instantly-delivered product development budget to guide the process of creating new products. Developing a product and then thinking about how you’ll price it is putting the cart before the horse… and we’re going to flip that equation on its head so that you can develop viable products that are poised to thrive in the marketplace.

  • Understand how to price smarter. “Help” pop-ups are embedded throughout the software, and there’s book’s worth of pricing wisdom held within those pop-ups. Product pricing is one of the most mystifying pieces of business, and I’ve infused the software with as much guidance as possible.

  • Highlight the top cost drivers of each formula so you can quickly + easily recognize opportunities to save some moolah.

  • Determine the potential profitability of promotions.

  • Track product development costs and reveal how they affect profitability.

  • Generate printer-friendly product expense and profitability reports.

  • Create + maintain a database of suppliers so you can order raw materials more quickly and with ease.

  • Build and store product formulas (if you create anything, you have a formula)… hello organization!

  • Save your sanity while getting your business safely in the black.

Within the first hour of using it, you’re totally going to want to kiss the developer (who just-so-happens to be my husband). Please don’t… though I’ll be happy to pass along messages of appreciation.


This system has helped more than 1500 makers and product designers get control of their business. More than once, creative entrepreneurs have said that they speak about their business in terms of “before Price-O-Matic” and “after Price-O-Matic.” Putting this software into action is a defining moment on their entrepreneurial journey.

Many of us are naturally brilliant when it comes to product development. That’s where our passion and innate talent lies. But the business end is a bit messier, and we ignore the numbers because we’re not entirely sure how to get a handle on them. As someone who’s enjoyed a peek inside thousands of product-based business, I can tell you this: If you don’t get a handle on those numbers, then it will be impossible to run a profitable venture in the long-term. Regrettably, there’s no amount of good luck that can carry a brand indefinitely.

But that’s where Price-O-Matic comes in: This software simplifies the process of pricing your products with strategy and intention, while planning for the growth of your business and the possibility of adding new distribution methods to the mix.

Price-O-Matic will...

Calculations that once took hours will now take seconds. Product launches are easier and faster. When the cost of one of your raw materials increases, you can tell Price-O-Matic just once, and the software will automatically find and update every finished product which contains that specific raw material.

CAPTURE THE FULL VALUE OF YOUR PRODUCTS: If the sum total of your pricing strategy has focused on formulas you’ve read on blogs or heard in entrepreneurial circles, then your product costs have been in the driver’s seat for too long. They need a seat in the car, too be sure, but the value that you deliver to your customers should hold the place of honor behind the steering wheel. Price-O-Matic empowers you to pivot to a value-based pricing strategy, so you can charge more and clear healthier profits.

INCREASE ORGANIZATION: All of your pricing data is centrally stored and brilliantly arranged. MINIMIZE FRUSTRATION: Say "farewell" to calculators, scrawled notes, and pricing headaches.

BOOST YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE: You'll know exactly where you stand with those numbers, enabling you to be nimble and accurate when vetting potential deals. This is the most robust pricing tool available for makers and product designers, and I’m immensely proud of it. I know the power that it holds to build confidence, shift mindsets, and help you finally get control of your business.


Over the last decade, I've grown my tiny, home-based apothecary brand into a bustling small business with $10+ million in sales, a 7500-square foot workshop, and an amazing team who count on my employment to pay their rent and put dinner on the table.

Though I live for the hustle and call myself a “dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur,” I shrink away from spreadsheets like Little Miss Muffet when she sees that damned spider. Somehow, I married an engineer (long, beautiful story!) who delights in mathematics, synthesizes information with ease, and gets excited about data management. He’s the yin to my yang and one of the secret weapons in my entrepreneurial arsenal.

Together, we’ve created a robust pricing tool designed with artisan brands in mind. I know the path of a product-based entrepreneur intimately, because I’ve been deeeeeep in these trenches for 15 years as a full-time maker. Christopher and I have invested thousands of hours studying the businesses of my consulting clients and developing ways to elegantly help you tighten your grip on the financials of your business.


Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your business financials with Price-O-Matic and you’ll enjoy access to all of this goodness…

This 2-hour video workshop decodes the mystery of crunching product costs and offers sage pricing advice.

Every piece of software has a learning curve, but I’ve kept the curve delightfully low. Enjoy comprehensive video walk-throughs of the software's features and functionality so you can hit the ground running.

You can now build, cost, analyze, and strategize any creative product...without ever picking up a calculator.

Once you get your hands on Price-O-Matic, you'll be entitled to any future versions we launch. We're perpetually exploring new ways to help!

From the most handsome and patient man I know. Christopher designed the software and knows it like the back of his hand.

Imagine discovering your true products and finally understanding how to mint money like a mogul. And you can do it all with a glass of vino in hand, snuggled into your pajamas, and with complete confidentiality.


When I first launched Price-O-Matic in 2013, it was an Excel-based program that didn’t play especially nicely with Mac systems. In 2017, I tagged in a whip-smart software development team to rebuild the entire program from the ground-up… and just wait until you see the new version!

We poured some serious blood, sweat, and tears into the program and I’m thrilled to share that Price-O-Matic is now universally compatible, cloud-based, and accessible from anywhere on the planet via an internet connection.

You don’t need any special software to unleash the power of Price-O-Matic.

You don’t need to worry if your computer is compatible. Price-O-Matic is now embedded in a top-secret portion of this website. Which means that if you can see this page, you can use the software.

You don’t have to send up a flare if your computer crashes. In the days of old, you needed to touch base with the Lucky Break team and request the dispatch of a new software system. With the release of this new version, your data is always tied to your Lucky Break client account… it’s impossible to lose and will easily survive computer switches and upgrades.

Your information is automatically saved each time you push a button, so the system is tracking right alongside you. And that data is 100% secure, shielded even from the eyes of the Lucky Break team.


How do I know if Price-O-Matic will work for my product?
If your product is a tangible “thing,” then Price-O-Matic has the power to revolutionize the way you price it. While POM isn’t designed to help price digital products or service-based endeavors, it’s deliciously flexible and designed to work with every physical product and manufacturing style under the sun.

More than 1500 makers and product designers have tagged Price-O-Matic into the ring to help. Here’s a sampling of what those entrepreneurs are creating: scarves, t-shirts, baby shoes, dresses, handbags, cosmetic pouches, stationery, calendars, art prints, journals, coffee mugs, tote bags, jewelry, pet beds, pillows, furniture, ceramics, perfumes, soaps, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, beard balm, granola, vodka, jam, even chicken treats. That is not a joke. CHICKEN TREATS. If you can make it, then Price-O-Matic can price it… promise.

I don’t live in the US… can I use Price-O-Matic?
Indeed, you can. The new version works in 5 separate currencies:

  • U.S. Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • British Pounds
  • Euros

You’ll be invited to set a default currency, and- with the click of a button- initiate an instant currency exchange update, ensuring that you’re always working with accurate market exchange rates. Once you set a default currency, you’ll still enjoy the flexibility of working with any of the five currency rates listed above. You’re never locked into just one. You can buy one raw material in Euros, another in British Pounds, and a third in U.S. Dollars. Price-O-Matic can handle all of it.

Price-O-Matic also enables you to selectively add GST/VAT where needed, so you can capture those expenses, too.

Is this accounting software?
It’s not. Price-O-Matic is the leanest, meanest pricing tool on the market, but it won’t tie into sales platforms, it doesn’t track inventory, and it’s not designed to process non-production related expenses. There are great accounting systems out there already (try: QuickBooks, Wave, and Xero), but I designed Price-O-Matic because there was a serious shortage of pricing tools available for product-based brands. And I’m still confident that none of the pricing systems available today provide the wealth of knowledge and carefully-tailored tools that Price-O-Matic offers makers and product designers.

Is Price-O-Matic hard to use?
Not at all. To be clear: Any new software that you tag into the ring to help grow your business will have a learning curve. But I’ve kept the learning curve of Price-O-Matic as low as possible. The design is surprisingly intuitive and there are several dozen help pop-up’s embedded into the program. If you hit a snag, look for the question mark icons and you’ll receive instant, easy-to-digest instructions.

A series of video tutorials is delivered alongside your Price-O-Matic system, too. Hit “play” on any of those tutorials you’ll learn new functions while watching me perform them within the software. Those help pop-up's and video tutorials are available 24 hours a day, so you can work on your schedule.

How secure is the data that I enter into Price-O-Matic?
I take the sensitivity of your information Fort-Knox-serious. Buckle up for on an onslaught of tech speak about the nature of the protections infused into this website…

The Lucky Break site is built on a PA-DSS compliant platform. That means that it’s passed the most rigorous testing imaginable to ensure the secure transmission of credit card data. And that’s not a “one and done” affair. This site is routinely audited by compliance scanning companies like Trustwave, who continually visit and test the site to detect any potential security issues (think: SQL injection, XSS vulnerabilities, outdated software, etc.) Those companies make it their mission to ensure that sites like this one are virtually impenetrable by hackers.

This site’s cloud-based, PCI compliant server is also routinely scanned to ensure that it’s running the most current and secure versions of the core software. This includes a firewall which only allows web traffic through, so there are no security holes which can be exploited.

Rest assured that the data you enter into POM is not visible, editable, or accessible in any way by any member of the Lucky Break team. Any hacking attempt on the administrative end would be futile for two reasons:

a) The system locks out any Lucky Break teammate after three unsuccessful login attempts.

b) Those admins can’t see your data even when they’re logged in.

Also worth noting: All login attempts (both clients + administrators) are logged and monitored. All data is automatically backed up hourly. And the entire site operates over a secure server in https mode.

I told you that we don’t mess around! *wink*

Is my data locked into POM forever + ever?
I wouldn’t even dream of holding your data hostage! If you’ve ever used cloud-based software and worried about whether or not your information would be eternally locked inside, then please allow me to put your mind at ease: You can export any information out of Price-O-Matic in 60 seconds or less. My team built export functionality into the software and you can take advantage of it whenever you need it. The data is smartly organized and easy to manipulate and re-import, if you so choose.

What do I need to power POM?
A computer and an internet connection… that’s it! Price-O-Matic is easiest to navigate on desktops and laptops, but can be used on tablets, too (some of the tables are large, which means that you’ll have a bit more scrolling on a tablet). Though POM will work on a smartphone thanks to its responsive design, I always return to my laptop for ease-of-use.

Price-O-Matic is cloud-based software, which means that it’s universally accessible from anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection.

The software works on Macs and PCs and you don’t need any special software to power it.

How soon will I receive the software?
Faster than you can snap your fingers and wiggle your nose. Seriously. Price-O-Matic is instantly delivered the moment you request it. After reserving a copy here on the Lucky Break website, you can immediately log in and get started. Instant satisfaction is a beautiful thing!


Your purchase of Price-O-Matic software is subject to the "Limited License of Use for Digital Products" parameters as described on the Client Concierge page.
Reviewed by
04/25/2018 - 09:54:19 AM
Thank the Heavens!!!
I am a newbie owner and am so grateful I stumbled upon this program. I tried Craftybase (I think that's what it is called) and purchased SoapMaker 3. I make bath and body products and my main concern was figuring out costing of products, profit margins. This is the software for those of us who are tired of scrawling on pieces of paper we lose...tired of using a calculator and replugging numbers in over and over...tired of trying to figure out whether you should offer promotions. This software shows you your real COGS cost and gives you the tools to feel more sound about pricing your goods. It also allows me to COGS projects before I make them, which I wasn't doing before because it was so time-consuming. Thank you so so much! This has really been a godsend!
Reviewed by
04/14/2017 - 08:07:22 PM
An essential tool!
Price-O-Matic is one of the best tools I've purchased for my business. An essential, must-have!!
I consult this program ALL THE TIME. I run every potential new product through POM and then tweak accordingly to figure out the most cost effective batch size, ingredients, etc. So easy to do "what if" scenarios. Now when I price a product, I am 100% confident that it is accurate, profitable, and cost effective.

I LOVE IT! Thank you for making this wonderful program!!
Reviewed by
04/14/2017 - 04:22:14 PM
Best Thing Ever!
Price-O-Matic is a must have for your small business! Not only does it make sure that I am making money on all my products, but it keeps me organized with materials and vendors. I thought I was pricing my products correctly until I used Price-O-Matic and really saw what my pricing should be and where I need to make improvements in my business.
Reviewed by
04/14/2017 - 02:21:12 AM
You can't afford to not own Price-O-Matic
Price-O-Matic is the bomb!

Don't think twice about purchasing this amazing package. All the guesswork is taken out of COGS. I don't even make a product without consulting my Price-O-Matic to see the numbers. I save ingredients by checking first to see if the idea is viable. I can tweak the ingredients on the numbers and put the product into production knowing that it will be profitable from the get go.

I can't speak highly enough about Price-O-Matic and I urge you to purchase this amazing software tailored to makers who make.

I LOVE IT and I know you will too.
Reviewed by
01/12/2017 - 03:06:37 PM
Really Like this Product
Very handy costing, pricing, profitability, volume discounting system.
Reviewed by
04/27/2016 - 03:15:55 PM
Whoop, There It Is!!!
DO NOT start a business without this! Knowing your numbers is Priority One.

Pop your info into POM and Whoop, There It Is! You'll instantly know if your product is profitable. Spend a little time with the tutorials, gather your info and you'll be on your way in no time. I can't stress enough what a lifesaver this program is. I wish I had bought it software several years ago.
Reviewed by
04/22/2016 - 04:20:24 PM
No you didn't create something soooooo good and soooooo juicy for my business.

Why Yes You Did!

I thank you ten times over.

I have been losing money for a long time now and the POM showed me just that. I was able to adjust my numbers for booming profits.

I really thought I had my numbers in the bag but I was wrong. If you don't get the Priceomatic just imagine how much money you're throwing away in the trash.

Grow your money with The Priceomatic!


Reviewed by
04/04/2016 - 03:43:45 PM
My Hairdresser Thanks You
Price-O-Matic has not only saved me time and money, it has saved me a lot of gray hairs! It has changed the trajectory of my business savings account upward and the stress level way down. Being able to rest knowing I have all the bases covered is a fantastic feeling and the fact that you'll always get the newest and greatest version makes this purchase a no brainer!
Reviewed by
02/25/2016 - 04:30:17 AM
Words can not describe how happy I'm with price-o-matic, I used to go crazy trying to calculate my products cost, and after hours and hours and months…just to find out that i had so many mistakes, i was definitely stock not just once but over and over again!!! i used to hate calculating my products cost, but now I'm in haven!!! it is so easy and fast. I definitely recommend this software
Reviewed by
01/26/2016 - 05:16:44 PM
Significant Time Saver
Thank you so much for creating this wonderful program. I am a new business owner with very little knowledge of how I should price my items for success. Price-O-Matic has saved me time and stress, while giving me some needed confidence in discussing my pricing. Last, the program is fun.

Thank you, this program was such a wonderful and wise investment.
Reviewed by
08/24/2015 - 05:27:43 AM
So glad that I finally carved out some time purchase this system and discover what my numbers really are.
Things can get pretty crazy around the studio but I'm feeling much better about all of the work that goes on around here after entering my figures into POM and really getting a handle on my numbers. This program allows me to punch in the numbers where I want them to be and then clearly see where I need to make the neccessary adjustments to get them there. I love this program and look forward to being able to launch our new products without all the scary guesswork!
Thanks Lela and that brilliant husband of yours!
Reviewed by
03/12/2015 - 11:11:08 PM
Game Changer
I was spinning my entrepreneurial wheels for a couple of years before Price O Matic showed me that although I was putting in the long hours and doing the work, I had myself a very expensive hobby, not a sustainable business. This software is a game changer. Simple to install, simple to understand, simple to use. I do not do anything, ANYthing now without first consulting Price O Matic and knowing my bottom line before I start a project.
Reviewed by
03/12/2015 - 04:51:33 PM
You Need This Tool - trust me!
This is a must have for any maker that is trying to run a profitable business. I thought I was pretty good at pricing - turns out, I was only half as good as I thought I was. POM will have you factor in all sorts of important things that you never thought of. WELL worth the money. Love this tool!
Reviewed by
03/12/2015 - 02:21:46 PM
Game Changer
It's hard to be honest with ourselves about our COGS sometimes. In fact, the majority of makers I've talked to (myself included), vastly underestimated the cost of making their product before really sitting down and crunching the numbers. But here's the thing--even when we crunch our numbers, there are things sometimes we forget to take into account.

Overhead. Payroll taxes (or projected payroll taxes for that blessed day we'll be able to hire someone!). R & D time.

Price-O-Matic takes those things into account--and while the initial shock of those costs might necessitate a deep breath (and possibly a stiff drink), the benefits of working those costs into your pricing structure saves you oodles of $$ down the road. I know this, because I have two businesses. I got Price-O-Matic halfway through owning one and had to drastically change my prices after two established years, because Price-O-Matic helped me to understand while I was still barely treading water. I started the other business, however, with Price-O-Matic already under my belt. So from the get-go, I took certain things into account when pricing my products--and it saved me a ton of headaches down the road.

Price-O-Matic is a game changer. It's an incredible tool and can absolutely help you wrap your mind around pricing. In addition, its various tools to help you price for various distribution models can help you plan far into the future.

So, so, so worth the money you pay for it. And then some. Highly recommend!
Reviewed by
03/12/2015 - 01:58:58 PM
Game Changer
We wanted to grow, which means we needed to stop guessing. POM took away all the guess work and hard work involved in trying to figure out all the numbers. I feel so much more confident, thank you Lela!
Reviewed by
01/17/2015 - 06:59:39 PM
You need this!
Make sure you have a relatively new version of Excel to run this! I can't recall if the requirements were listed on the earlier version of this page, but I run a Mac and I tried this with Pages and then with OpenOffice -- you CAN run this, but you won't get the full experience! You can now get a subscription to Excel monthly, so it is worth getting it to run the full Price-O-Matic.

I already went through a big pricing upgrade of my products early last year, having not changed my prices in over ten years! (Yes, hanging my head in shame: I was busier than ever, but losing money!) The ease of reviewing prices using Price-O-Matic cannot be under-stated and with this, you have no excuse for reviewing your COGs and pricing structure.

My products tend to be ingredient heavy, so the only pain is to enter all the raw ingredients. Once that is done, its easy and intuitive to use every aspect of Price-O-Matic.

I would like to see: an easy way to change the batch size and a way to control inventory... both would probably be pretty easy to add in a future version.

Is it worth it? Despite the fact that I am a do-it-yourselfer in almost every aspect of my business and I am very spendthrift, this was a great investment! I now know that I am selling a few items at a loss at wholesale! I can't necessarily raise prices on everything, but I know what I shouldn't sell at wholesale. I also can see where I might cut some corners to make the numbers better.

Hat's off to both Lela and her husband for creating an easy-to-use product that truly lets creators get a grip on their pricing! The starving artist scenario sucks, and Price-O-Matic will help give you confidence to price you products appropriately to give your customer value and you an actual profit!
Reviewed by
06/26/2014 - 05:54:07 PM
I can use my Mac!
I really liked the first version of Price-O-Matic, but I am loving this Mac compatible version. Now I can do everything on one computer, super easy peasy and with beautifully fun graphics. Numbers have never been so much fun.
Reviewed by
06/18/2014 - 06:28:28 AM
COGS can be your new friend
I was blessed to receive Price-O-Matic last year. I had thought my pricing was OK & profits were OK but was still not making what I thought I should. This program is a real eye opener to all the intricacies of pricing & really building your empire. I cannot say enough good things but when you have all you need to know in one pricing program you are well on your way to ruling your business. I also just upgraded & the changes made to improve have made several tasks easier to manage. You gotta get it! Marilyn Ritual Waters
Reviewed by
06/07/2014 - 10:17:21 PM
Above my expectations
I have used several other programs to help figure out the cogs but this program in my opinion covered all of the bases. Immediately after running my numbers I realized that I made some major pricing mistakes which would have hurt me in the future. It is really worth the investment.

Reviewed by
05/31/2014 - 01:47:36 PM
Worth every penny!
This software takes all the headache out of crunching the numbers if you sell products. You will know your numbers with a click of a button (after a little data entry). I was in love with the old version, but the upgraded version is even better and now MAC compatible! It is so easy to use and a huge time saver going forward because it keeps all of your suppliers, products and numbers nice and tidy making edits/updates a breeze. Worth every penny!
09/16/2013 - 09:09:49 AM
One of the best purchases I've ever made for my business
When I first saw Price O Matic, I thought, eh, I've got my pricing down, I don't need that. But something made me keep going back to it. Although I had a formula for pricing that I thought covered all my bases, I still always had this nagging feeling that I needed to be sure. What happens when my business grows to where I want it to be and I'm selling though big stores and distributors - how do I figure out that type of pricing? I wasn't clear on that either. So I went ahead and purchased the software and am SO glad I did. There were in fact things I overlooked in calculating my prices and this software showed me that. It's so easy to use and comes with incredibly useful tutorials. Those alone are worth the price of the software in my opinion. And when I had a few technical hiccups, I received help right away. If you're on the fence about buying this, go for it. The ease with which you can create myriad pricing scenarios with Price O Matic will make your life so much easier and it takes every ounce of guesswork out of the entire process. Love it!
Reviewed by
09/15/2013 - 12:14:30 AM
Game changer
I've been in business for 7 years as of 2013. I started to hire contractors to help with piece work and recently saw that Lela had just released her new pricing software. Being in business for a while, I thought I knew what my numbers were. I've always had a handful of people saying I'm priced too high, so I started to doubt myself.

I bought Price-O-Matic and boy, it's one of the best investments I've made, and I spend a lot on business resources, ecourses and books, so that's saying a lot!

Lela provides amazing, in depth training on pricing. Then she gives even more training on how to use her program, which is by the way very cool. I have always loved and done everything in Excel but never knew you could take it to this next level of polish and sophistication!

Purchasing this software and going through the training has really FORCED me to reevaluate my pricing, especially the labor part. Since I am hiring help, it is vital that I pay my assistants the optimal rate, which this software will help me figure out.

I can't wait till I plug all my numbers together and reveal the answer to my big question... am I priced too low, or too high? That will be a major game changing moment for me.

I have to mention however that I have a math degree and a background in programming, so I had to hack the software a bit to make it work for my kind of business. One example: I don't pay my assistants by the hour, instead I pay by per piece. No big deal, just need to adjust the numbers to reflect my own system. But just though I'd put this out there that this software is not 100% one size fits all but will come pretty dang close.

Please do yourself a huge favor and get this software. Doing the math yourself with formulas on a piece of paper is not going to cut it, whether or not you're just starting out or you have your black belt in business!

- Mei Pak
Tiny Hands
Reviewed by
05/08/2013 - 10:55:09 PM
Know Your COGS!
Oh sure, we 'think' we know, until we actually crunch the numbers. ALL the numbers. You know, like overhead and labor? Yes, you DO have overhead and labor, even if it's just little ole you doing it all. Lela's Price-O-Matic software has helped me get the upper hand on pricing and profit margins...and without the guess-work. Once you know the truth there's no going back. Do yourself a favor and know your true cost of goods sold. I'm grateful to have this tool to make the process a whole lot less painful.

Debbie, Big Fat Soap