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Ready to expand your team? This packet of instantly-delivered, done-for-you applications, manuals + contracts will make the process infinitely easier, establishing the framework needed to build relationships, minimize turnover and protect your tuckus.

For many entrepreneurs, the process of hiring that first employee proves more intimidating than college finals. More nerve-wracking than their first kiss. More daunting than a bikini wax. Yee-ouch! 

There’s an art to transforming your one-woman show into a two-or-more-person show. The keys to success? Clear expectations.  Establishing consistent systems. Healthy boundaries. And because as women we often possess hearts as big as the moon and deep souls brimming with compassion, we’re pretty fantastic at so very many things, but HR management often isn’t one of them.  

Most startup creative ventures don’t have the resources to outsource hiring and management. That means this gig is up to you, sweets. 

This is my white-hot HR arsenal, and I’m packing major heat.  Fab interview questions, a sample application, scripts for gently declining an applicant, plus a myriad of tools to standardize policies and get your new teammate(s) up and running in record time. Culled from my own research, consultations with employment lawyers and my decade of experience managing a team of more people than you have fingers and toes, this knowledge has been simmered down to its essence and compiled for your convenience. 



In sixty seconds or less, I'll slip all of these HR tools into those sexy hands of yours.

• Employment Application

• Interview Score Card

• “Thanks But No Thanks” scripts for applicants you won’t be hiring

• Nondisclosure Agreement

• Drug Use Policy + Testing Wavier

• IT Acceptable Use Policy

• No-Compete Agreement 

• Employee Handbook

• Employee Incident Report

• Employee Performance Review

• 46 pages in all, most of which you can brand with your company's name + logo


BONUS: 8 Truly Fabulous Interview Questions You Need to be Asking 

(plus 5 Things You Absolutely CAN’T Ask)


It's an HR manager. In a box. For less than a single Benjamin Franklin. BOOM!

Reviewed by
06/29/2016 - 12:49:18 PM
Helped Exponentially.
I bought this before I even needed it, and boy was I glad I did! I've been able to utilize almost every single piece of this product within the last 8 months as I hired my first contractor and later employees.

Worth the investment--every penny!
Reviewed by
06/20/2014 - 08:06:26 PM
Oh how I wish I had this two years ago!
I just, as in literally 2 hours ago, purchased this and it magically appeared in my Inbox after clicking purchase. I love that. But, onto what is even more awesome: the CONTENT of that download. Holy tacos, Batman! This would have saved me a lot of drama (and dollars) if I had only had this before my last two horrors, er..., hires. I have already edited all the editable docs, except the Handbook, (it has some heft to it!) and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 8 questions to ask. So telling, they will be. I feel better already about our next hires and need to print out our new policies and employee forms for our currents to sign and then file away for safe keeping (not only the documents and signatures, but our company too!). Can't highly recommend this packet enough. Best $99 dollars you will spend. Think of it, that is just a toner cartridge for all that peace of mind and empowerment! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Lela!
Reviewed by
02/28/2013 - 09:43:42 PM
Getting ready to make our first hire has had me trembling! This bundle has calmed my racing heart, and I actually feel prepared! This will save me so much time, so much angst, and I now have files labeled "HR" ready to go! Thank you so much Lela for sharing your brain with us!
Robin Deresh
Suite406, a modern skincare studio
Raleigh, NC