Raising Prices Without Tears or Tequila
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Raising Prices Without Tears or Tequila

You know it’s time! Those prices need to head north, but the mere thought of a price increase has you sweating bullets. Put down the tequila and dry those eyes. This is my step-by-step action plan for raising prices without triggering a mass exodus of customers. You can do this… I’ll show you how.

That lump in your throat. 


You know it all too well, don’t you? 


You’re confident in the beauty of the things you create. 


You know how much they’re worth. 


But you’ve been charging too little for too long. Working damn hard but not clearing the kind of profits needed to make your creative business sustainable. The next move needs to be a price adjustment. 


Ah, but then there’s that lump. 


There’s an art to announcing a price increase and the way that you position this critical communication will make all the difference in the way that it’s perceived. 


And yet there’s the persistent frustration as you struggle with the best way to share the news with your customers. The right words (and your courage) seem elusive. 


I’ve been there, sister. Truly. But if those prices need to move north to keep your business on solid footing, then every day that you don’t make a price adjustment is another day of missed opportunity and increased financial vulnerability. 

It’s time to drag those Big Girl Panties out of the drawer, summon your courage, and get the pricing needle where it ultimately needs to be. 




What if you knew precisely how to time the announcement of a price increase? 


What if you had the confidence to proclaim it loud and proud? 


What if you could frame the announcement in a way that actually felt like a win for your customers and collaborators? 


What if you could inform your customers of a price increase in a way that makes you want to toast it with champagne, rather than drown it in tequila? 


I pinkie-promise that it’s possible! I’ve been a maker-in-the-trenches for almost 15 years and I’ve weathered more than a few price increases through my own apothecary brand. But I truly had no idea how gut-wrenching and intimidating this process is for others until I began coaching makers and product designers through Lucky Break. In my very first class, it became readily apparent how many of us know that a price increase is inevitable, but we’re paralyzed by fear and hesitant to pull the trigger. 


That’s precisely why I created this workshop: to reconnect you with your cojones and slip the tools you need to get this thing done right into those capable hands of yours. I’ve had the honor of coaching a few hundred brands through the process of raising prices over the years and I’d love to make this process a painless one for you, too. 





Reserve your workshop and I’ll instantly beam all of this guidance to your inbox: 

  • How wholesale + retail price increase announcements differ 

  • The difference between a price increase + a brand repositioning 

  • How to time the release of the announcement  

  • The essential steps you must take before raising prices 

  • My tips for framing the news as a win for your customers 

  • Step-by-step action plan for sharing the news with wholesale partners 

  • Strategies for retaining your most important customers through this transition 

  • What to do immediately after the announcement is made 

  • Why raising prices incrementally is a fantastically bad idea 

  • Guidance on how often you should be reviewing costs + raising prices 

  • My “cut + paste” price increase announcement blueprint 

  • Examples of my price increase announcement template in action 



 Look for an email the moment you reserve this workshop. Here’s what happens next:

  1. Head on over to your Virtual Classroom (use that shiny gold button you see up top!).

  2. Pour a cup of coffee.

  3. Roll up your sleeves and dive in.

  4. Toast with a celebratory glass of champs and soak the evening away in a hot bath tonight, knowing that your hustle game is smart and strong.