Lucky Break is all about life, liberty and the pursuit of an empire. Whether you're developing a new brand or on a quest to transform a spark of success into a full-on solar flare, I bet lunch and a pedicure that I can help.
My name is Lela Barker, and I'm a business strategist for makers and product designers. I foster emerging creative brands by infusing your passion with wisdom and strategic tools to evolve that passion into a sustainable business. I collaborate with moguls-in-the-making on wholesale strategy, product pricing, brand development and more. The result? You enjoy more traction, make more money, sleep better at night, and put more beauty into the world while building a business that makes you doing-cartwheels-excited.

Entrepreneurship is a wild ride and an intoxicating adventure, but it needn't be a white-knuckle affair. I'd be honored to help you work smarter this year by infusing your brand with nimble small business strategy. Make yourself at home and discover all the ways in which we can collaborate. I'll be cheering you on!
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