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You’ve asked and I’m ready to deliver. My celebrated Brick House Branding curriculum is now available “on demand!”

BHB first took shape in 2015 as a multi-part webinar series. The following year, I expanded it into a full-semester program. Throughout 2017 and 2018, I fine-tuned the curriculum and put the polish on the experience (I can be a bit relentless in my pursuit of perfection).

I’m finally ready to release the oft-requested “independent study” version for savvy brand owners who didn’t move quickly enough to claim a seat in the live semester or those who need immediate access to a vault of brand development genius. I’ve married together the best of both worlds: move-at-your-own-pace study sessions with personalized support.

BHB “On Demand” delivers the full suite of my celebrated brand development curriculum with a single click. Enjoy instant access to all six modules, every Expert Interview, and the full library of resource lists and worksheets. You’ll be studying at your own pace, with the freedom and flexibility to start on any date and move through the program at your own pace. I’ll shimmy into your inbox with periodic updates, tips for making the most of the experience, and reminders to schedule your one-on-one strategy sessions, but the pace is entirely up to you, friend.

There are several key differences between the live-semester version of BHB and the on-demand version, and I want to ensure that you’re fully empowered to make the best decision about how you BHB…


Reserve the Brick House Branding “On Demand” program and unlock the keys to your branding kingdom. In sixty seconds or less, you’ll unleash all this goodness…

  • All six modules of the BHB curriculum: The full teachings, delivered in as much depth as the live version. That’s 20+ hours of professionally products video lessons.

  • Ten Expert Interviews: Enjoy insightful advice and direct-from-the-trenches tales from branding professionals and inspiring brand owners.

  • The full library of BHB handouts: 50+ workbooks, resource lists, and exercises to help tailor to these strategies to your specific brand.

  • Access to my consulting calendar: You’re invited to claim 3 spots for private, one-on-one sessions, giving us three separate opportunities to get answers to your specific questions. I’m also happy to review coursework and clarify curriculum.

So whether you decide to BHB as part of a group in the live semester or make it a solo effort via this “on demand” version, I’d welcome the opportunity to help you find your people, better communicate the value of your products, and build a strong foundation for your marketing!


Is there a specific schedule for this course?

The beauty of an independent study course is that you can move at any pace you like! There are no specific deadlines or milestones (though your private strategy sessions do expire within 12 months), so you can start and stop at any time.

On the other hand: The BHB Live experience moves at a very brisk clip. Participants typically dedicate 8-10 hours a week for eight solid weeks to their studies. Since the BHB On Demand experience doesn’t include the weekly Office Hour calls, I anticipate that the time commitment to be more along the line of 6-8 hours if you studied at the same pace as my live students.

All totaled, I’d estimate that most entrepreneurs are able to fully tackle this curriculum in 48-64 hours and you’re welcome to establish a comfortable pace for yourself. Access to the curriculum is infinite, so no worries there!

How do BHB On Demand and BHB Live differ from one another?

I made a fancy chart to highlight the difference. You just missed it… scroll up on this page for another peek!

What will the course teach me?

Short answer: Brand development from A-Z.

Long answer: You’re welcome to browse the curriculum by clicking right over… here.

How will I access the class?

Once you reserve the BHB On Demand program, you’ll receive an instant email notification with simple instructions for accessing the course materials. You’ll need an internet connection to make that happen, but you can log in from anywhere in the whole wide world.

I’m on the fence… help?

If you’re unsure if the BHB curriculum applies to the type of products you make: If it’s product-based, then BHB can help. We shine especially bright in the world of artisan products, whether or not you make them yourself or have them manufactured. BHB graduates have included: stationers, jewelry designers, apparel designers, candle makers, soap makers, brands selling home décor, pet supplies, specialty foods, and more. It’s worth noting that BHB isn’t designed for “personal brands” or service-based businesses.

If you’re unsure if BHB is worth the investment: Dozens of students have left unfiltered feedback about the live version of BHB and their words might help you decide if BHB delivers enough value to make this worth the while. To read more, visit the BHB Live page and scroll about half-way down until you see the starred reviews. And yes- I have published every single one that’s ever been left.

If you want to connect with someone from the Lucky Break team before reserving BHB on Demand, then I invite you to < a href="">be in touch!

I’m interested in the live version of Brick House Branding. When is the next one?

BHB Live runs as a limited enrollment, semester-long program twice per year. The class is 9 weeks in duration and it’s decidedly brisk in pace, but the results it yields are pretty incredible (if I do say so myself).

Classes are taught in January + February (for the winter semester) and July + August (summer semester). Enrollment opens for ten days at a time, approximately four months before each semester kicks off. Want to be among the first to know when enrollment opens? Make certain that you’re on my mailing list!

Can I preview the course materials? Or are refunds available?

Regrettably, course materials are unavailable for “sneak peeks” and refunds aren’t available. But seriously… have you read the reviews? And it may be of comfort that my batting average for BHB is 100%. I carefully survey each participant upon graduation and every last one (and there have been hundreds) has said that BHB was a wise investment for their business. I’m pretty confident that you will, too!

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09/30/2018 - 11:58:27 AM
A Wonderful and Enlightening Experience!
Having worked with Lela before we had high expectations for this program. We were not disappointed!

This is not to say BHB on Demand is easy. It requires a true gut check about your small business and an intense evaluation of the work you have done until this point. There will be many frustrated head-scratches, you will find your face occasionally buried in your hands and you may even do some ugly crying.

All of this is ok because on the other side of BHB on Demand you will have insight and understanding about your business that you couldn't have gotten any other way. You will know what your business is truly all about and you will have the tools you need to create growth well into the future.

The nicest thing about BHB on Demand is that you can move at your own pace. This doesn't mean you want to drag this process out. This is definitely a business boot camp and you want to get the pain over as soon as possible but we all know life happens. BHB on Demand allowed us to step away from the project for a week when the universe decided it had different plans for us.

If you are serious about growing your small business (or starting a new one the right way) then dive into BHB on Demand.

Wayne & Julia
Whispering Willow