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BHB Case Study: Rebekah Jensen of Sanara Skincare

Chloe Tate

I *love* a good transformation. And my favorite kind of professional transformations are those that are sparked by personal transformations. Such is the case with Rebekah, who overcame imposter syndrome to step into her power as a Latina woman, both as a human and as a brand, too. I can’t wait for you to meet her!

If you’ve been wondering what they do with the momentum and new-found knowledge they discover during this 9-week brand development mentorship, then I hope you’ll get comfy and dive in for another installment in our “BHB Case Study” series.

Getting to Know Sanara Skincare

LBC: Why and when did you originally launch your company?

Rebekah: I officially started my company 3 years ago under the name Bek’s Soap Co. My sister-in-law introduced me to soap making and- as any soap maker can tell you- I became obsessed. I have Psoriasis and wanted to clean up my skincare so learning all the oils and healing botanicals was fascinating. I started selling my soaps because I had so many!

LBC: At what point did you know it was time for a rebrand?

Rebekah: I never really loved Bek’s Soap Co. but I had “cute” branding so just went with it for about a year. I was selling at local farmers markets. God bless those that make a living out of farmers markets, but it was just so much work and not something I could see myself doing in the long run. Bek’s Soap Co. worked fine at local farmers markets, but it was when I realized I wanted to create a brand that you could see at a spa or at a major retailer I knew Bek’s Soap Co. wasn’t it. I made the decision the night before my first IBE in Dallas in 2017.

LBC: What significant realizations about the nature of branding did you discover through Brick House Branding?

Rebekah: That I had no brand story, a brand that someone can sink their teeth into. And who was my customer? “Everyone” is not the answer to that question, btw. I learned that through Brick House Branding.


LBC: How did you allocate the workload? Did you tag in professionals for some pieces and DIY other facets of the brand redevelopment?

Rebekah: This starting a business gig is expensive, and I do as much as I can, but there are those instances where DIY isn’t going to cut it. My friend is a graphic designer and specializes in packaging, so I lucked out in that department (little caveat: I paid her! Even if they are your friends pay them! Especially if this is how they make a living.) Of course, I went through Lela’s course which really gave me the confidence to go in the direction I’ve gone in ultimately. About a few months after the course I hired a business consultant and marketing/product development consultant that helps me stay on course. You know us creatives can go all over the place. Photography – that’s another one I tag in for my professional images that I use on my website or printed material. I still do my own Instagram photos.

LBC: What was the biggest obstacle you encountered during the rebranding process?

Rebekah: The imposter syndrome, so really myself and getting over my own insecurities. My branding is very personal to me, and I felt as if I was giving myself away and opening myself to criticism. I’m Hispanic, born and raised Texan, and my brand celebrates Latin American botanicals which I am so proud of. But the fact that I don’t speak Spanish has always made me feel like an imposter. Lela helped me get over that and realize that is a part of my story, too.

Sanara skincare product line after rebrand

BHB: How has your own perception of your brand evolved since graduating from Brick House Branding?

Rebekah: It’s grown so much. BHB was the catalyst but I had to let it simmer a bit before realizing the full depth of my brand. Going through BHB, Lela gave me the confidence to go the route of my Latin roots, especially since Sanara means, “you will heal” in Spanish. It wasn’t until months later that I implemented that message into my formulations as well. I realized, so many brands celebrate France or clean products in general or Africa but what about Latin America? I haven’t seen that and with the recent political climate where Latin Americans are being villainized, I want to share the beauty of Latin America through Sanara. I’ve always known I didn’t just want a skincare line, but I want to create a brand with a cause bigger than myself, and I feel in my gut Sanara is that.

LBC: Are your products are being received differently by others since the rebrand? How has their reaction evolved?

Rebekah: People’s perception after the rebrand has confirmed that I’m moving in the right direction. Before Sanara, I would get: “oh that’s cool, you should do this.” (mainly giving product suggestions). They were all welcomed, of course, but it wasn’t like it is now. When I talk about Sanara people’s eyes light up, and I know I’m striking a chord. I was recently awarded “Buyer Favorite” at IBE Dallas, and that is clear validation that I’m on the right path. I tell you what though, had I not started “Bek’s Soap Co.” I wouldn’t be Sanara.

Sanara skincare styled shot

LBC: Can you share a recent win that you’ve enjoyed now that you’ve rebranded?  

Rebekah: Oh gosh- there are two! In May, I was asked to speak about being a conscious entrepreneur for the We All Grow Summit in California. A go-to professional conference for Latina changemakers with about 400 in attendance. It was amazing, and I literally cried when they asked. Then again in May, IBE Dallas I was voted “Buyer Favorite”, and let me tell you- I had the smallest booth there because that’s all I could afford. But that’s all you need to make your mark.

LBC: How did the Brick House Branding experience help shape your brand development process?

Rebekah: It helped shape it entirely. I remember contemplating if I should take the course because- let’s be honest- it’s a little chunk of change. In my mind, I had my name and brand colors and what else is there? I had no idea! With the depth Lela goes into branding she earns every bit of it and she doesn’t just deliver theoretical information, she offers tangible and practical information. I wouldn’t be where I am without BHB.


LBC: What advice would you give to someone who’s getting ready to start the brand development process?

Rebekah: Don’t get overwhelmed. It’s going to take work, but discovering the place it takes you when you combine BHB branding education and your gut is so rewarding.

LBC: What’s next for your brand?

Rebekah: We launch September 1st on our website! That’s right! Since the BHB class in 2018 and rebranding/relaunch I could have birthed a baby and in a way, this is my baby. I’ll be focusing on the spa market for now with the help of my business consultant and my website. It’s a journey and I’m on this train that I won’t get off until I see where it takes me.

Sanara skincare in the bathtub

We *love* what Rebekah has created with Sanara Skincare! Want us to be a part of your branding journey? Brand development just-so-happens to be our specialty, and Brick House Branding is our most celebrated program. Enrollment for the January 2020 of this 9-week brand development mentorship is open September 3-13. Mark your calendar, and join the waitlist to receive an advance “heads up” on enrollment!

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