international craft shows

International Craft Shows

Chloe Tate

After zig-zagging all across the United States, we’re jumping across the pond to highlight some of of our favorite international craft shows. In the grand finale of this series, our journey of building the ultimate a craft show directory takes us to Australia, Canada, England, and Germany. We encourage you to dive in and find one to support near you!


The Finders Keepers – Brisbane
The Finders Keepers – Melbourne
The Finders Keepers – Sydney


Metiers D’art Du Quebec – Quebec
City of Craft – Toronto
Got Craft? – Vancouver
One of a Kind – Toronto
Make it – Vacouver
Make It – Edmonton
Make It – Calgary
Royal Bison Art + Craft Fair – Edmonton


Renegade Craft – London


Holy Shit Shopping – Berlin
Holy Shit Shopping – Cologne
Holy Shit Shopping – Hamburg
Holy Shit Shopping – Stuttgart

I’m relatively certain that we’ve missed a few of your favorites. If so, please drop us a line in the comments below so we can build the ultimate list of international craft shows!

If you missed the earlier part of the series, you can catch all our favorite maker shows by region from the South, West, Midwest, and Northeast!

Crafts shows in the South
Crafts shows in the West
Crafts shows in the Midwest
Craft Shows in the Northeast


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