Meet the Maker 2016 Roundup – Part 1

Chloe Tate

Meet the Maker 2016 Roundup Part 1


My team and I had a crazy-good time with our weekly “Meet the Maker” series this year! Each Monday, we introduced you to another product-based business that’s creating beautiful things and making waves in the process. We write each post in the hope that…


1. They inspire you to keep at it on days when your business feels like a bit of a struggle.


2. These “Meet the Maker” posts help widen your network.


3. That they help you keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the maker movement.


4. That they introduce you to a different mindset or new business tool that enables you to propel your brand forward.


As we wind down the year, I wanted to take this opportunity to once again share each of the amazing makers who played with us on our MTM feature this year.  We’re so grateful for their willingness to share the journey!

I hope you’ll snuggle up with some hot cocoa or a glass of vino and dive in to the first half of a fun retrospective… I pinkie-promise that your inspiration cup will runneth over. Stay tuned for our second half of our Meet the Maker 2016 Recap next week!



Scott and Margi Higdon of Ms. Betty’s Original >>

bad-ass soy candles


Meet the Maker - Ievgeniia MoonDome Jewelry

Ievgeniia Zlotar of Moondome Jewelry >>

raw gemstone accessories


Collin Garrity

Collin Garrity, Woodworker >>

playfully minimalist wooden items


The Vintage Honey Shop

Jennifer + Melissa of The Vintage Honey Shop >>

teething and nursing jewelry


katya valera

Kacie Fleming of Katya Valera and KV Wishbox >>

elegant, vintage-bohemian jewelry


Meet the Maker - Leela Hoehn Robinson of Native Bear

Leela Hoehn Robinson of Native Bear >>

original illustrations and block prints


Brooklyn Jewelry Artist Izaskun Zabala

Izaskun Zabala >>

high-end costume jewelry


Meet the Maker – Blue&Grae

Josef and Grace of Blue&Grae >>

artisan leather goods


JACKSON AND HYDE Genevieve Monroe

Genevieve Monroe of JACKSON AND HYDE >>

one-of-a-kind handbag designs

Renan Kennedy of Sans Skincare

Renan Kennedy of Sans Skincare >>

pure and simple skincare


Rewined Candles

Adam Fetsch of Rewined Candles >>

recycled wine bottle candles


Jane Pope Jewelry

Jane Pope of Jane Pope Jewelry >>

gold + gemstone artisan jewelry


Allison and Adam Grossman of The Seaweed Bath Co.

Allison and Adam Grossman of The Seaweed Bath Co. >>

seaweed-based apothecary


jodi lynn burton

Jodi Lynn Burton >>

pen and ink illustrations


happy spritz meet the maker

Michelle Hutchinson of Happy Spritz >>

modern and functional aromatherapy


See Part 2 of our Meet the Maker Recap right here!

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Once described as “relentlessly cheerful,” Chloe is a lover of all things colorful and practically every fruit known to man. She lives in Atlanta and divides her time between supporting Lucky Break clients, keeping shop at a local artisan market, and event planning for business conferences. She’s also working on the launch of her skincare line while finishing her degree in Organizational & Leadership Studies. True story: Chloe shares 50% of Lela’s DNA and is poised to inherit her obscenely large shoe collection.

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