Meet the Maker – Alice Huang of Mei Vintage

Chloe Tate

Meet the Maker - Alice Huang of Mei Vintage


This week in our ongoing Meet the Maker series, we’re getting to know Alice Huang, the ocean-and-donut-loving, California-based handbag designer behind Mei Vintage.


LBC: What inspired you to take your leap as an entrepreneur?

Alice: I studied graphic design and marketing communications in college, and have always been attracted to beautiful bold graphics – particularly those of vintage textiles.  I began collecting vintage kimonos during my college years in Hawaii, and knew one day I would make great uses of my collectibles.  Shortly I moved to California, I started sewing small clutches as a creative outlet and eventually decided to create a handbag collection to showcase my love of vintage textiles.


LBC: When you first got started, how did you envision your business would be defined?

Alice: I envisioned creating a beautiful timeless handbag collection using earth-friendly materials that women can appreciate.


LBC: How would you describe what you create?

Alice: A sustainable, functional, colorful handbag collection handmade in California.


LBC: Where can we find your products?

Alice: Online at my website,, as well as Scoutmob,  Open Sky and Wolf & Badger.


Meet the Maker - Alice Huang of Mei Vintage


LBC: Walk us through your typical work day.

Alice: There’s no set schedule. I tackle my day as I see fit. Ideally, my work involves visiting my sewing factory and sourcing materials in downtown LA, processing incoming orders and brainstorming for upcoming collections.


LBC: When you’re overwhelmed, what brings you back to focus?

Alice: Whenever I have a rough day or feel overwhelmed with my business, I take time out and spend it with nature. I enjoying swimming in the open sea and going on short hikes. Nature grounds me and it helps me see things in a new perspective.


LBC: Tell us about a few of the best business decisions you’ve made to date.

Alice: One of the best decisions I’ve made to date is staying true to my design by combining recycled or organic pieces in my collection. It’s not the easiest or the most cost-effective way to create a collection, but I believe it sends a positive message to my consumers  and promotes sustainable practices, and that’s pretty important to me.


LBC: Please share one mistake or obstacle from your business experience. How did you bounce back/overcome it?

Alice: I was so eager for people to see my line that I spent tons of money on tradeshows. I think it’s important to let your brand grow organically. Understand and get to know your customers by during local events and get direct feedback from them in the beginning stages of your business.


LBC: What are 3 essential resources in your business toolbox that you can’t do without?

Alice: 1) Adobe Photoshop to edit my photos and create ads.

2) Evernote’s Scannable app to scan all my receipts and documents.

3) TED talks to get ideas and inspiration from industry experts.


Meet the Maker - Alice Huang of Mei Vintage


LBC: Suppose we had a time machine. If you blasted ourselves forward a few years, where would we see your company?

Alice: I would like to see my company grow to where I have my own factory and workshop so we can produce everything in-house.


LBC: Share one of your guiltiest pleasures.

Alice: I love donuts.


LBC: If you could hire someone to do just one thing that you sort of loath doing, what would it be?

Alice: I would love to hire a full-time sales rep. I love designing, but selling is not my favorite thing to do.


LBC: Tell me a few of places on your travel “bucket list”.

Alice: Greece, Tibet, New Zealand, Australia and India.


LBC: What’s your favorite quote and who said it?

Alice: “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” –Dr. Seuss


Thank you, Alice, for sharing your talent with us!  We absolutely love your work and we look forward to all the wonderful things ahead for Mei Vintage! We’re cheering you on…


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